Target Wedding Registry


Getting someone a gift, especially for something as important as a wedding, can be intimidating. Marriage wishes can be seen in whatever gifts you receive, so you can imagine how careful and practical friends and family can be when making the choice. To save you and your loved ones the trouble, why not consider getting into the Target wedding registry? Filled with wonderful quality products with great designs and amazing value for money, you can build your new home well.

Why Target?

Target is a great place to sign up for your wedding registry because of several perks.

1. The presence of Target stores. There are 1,700 stores, so almost everyone can easily find a Target store where he or she lives.

2. You can easily sign up on their reliable website This registry is also active for ninety days after the date of your wedding, so that is an ample amount of time for friends and family to pick up something for you.

3. In the embarrassing case of someone getting a gift you don’t like, the return policy is that it can be exchanged for cash or a Target gift card.

4. A 10% discount off the registry items will also be given to the couple after the wedding.

5. The Target wedding registry is popular for their kitchenware and gadgetry so it’s good for a growing family’s home!

What to Register: Wedding Registry Ideas on Target


Riedel Vivant Red Wine Glasses Set of 4

Everyone loves to unwind with a glass of good wine. Whether what you’re having is red or white, this Riedel Vivant set with decanter has got you covered to serve you and your guests perfectly well. It’s an elegant set made of quality glass, and will make every wine drinking experience enjoyable and memorable.



8-Cube Organizer Shelf - Espresso - Room Essentials™

Space saving shelves are a must, and this 8-cube organizer will make sure you find what you need, in style. In chic black, it will fit the aesthetic of most homes. It has a minimalist look so that you can fill it with whatever you need, categorizing so you won’t have a hard time find the thing you need.



Cake Boss 7 Piece Mixing and Prep "Icing" Bowl Set

This seven-piece bowl set is too cute for words. You should get this because it has a one-of-a-kind design, a unique Target wedding registry that helps when you prep up your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being a seven-piece set, you can bet that it is economical as you will have the large number of bowls to work on at the same time.



Bodum 8 Cup Press Coffee - Chambord

This one is for the coffee lovers out there. This Bodum 8 cup Coffee Press can prepare enough enticing cups of Joe to satisfy your mornings as a couple! Savor the intense flavor that this coffee press produces, easily at home. You don’t need to pass by your local overpriced coffee shop any longer when the ones you make at home are just as good.



Threshold™ 16 Piece Bamboo Pattern Dinnerware Set - Tan

If you have a more eclectic and oriental style, this 16 piece bamboo pattern set is yours for the taking. Featuring great materials and highly ergonomic styles, every breakfast, lunch, and dinner will feel totally gourmet.



Threshold™ Pinched Pleat Comforter Set

On the journey of decorating your room, you only want the best for the crowing glory: the matrimonial bed. The Target wedding registry has a great selection but this striking blue pinched pleat comforter is not just easy on the eyes, it's great and easy on the body as well. Heavy duty comforters don’t just come in stark white, but make your bedroom pop through the use of beautifully royal colors and equally royal designs.



Calphalon 7-Piece Gourmet Mixed Kitchen Utensil Set

Whipping up your favorite recipes entails a whole arsenal of cooking utensils. Save yourself the hassle of buying each and taking care of each one, through this special seven piece mixed kitchen utensil set. It pulls your kitchen together, and organizes it as well, giving you more time to focus on your special dishes.



Calphalon Kitchen Essentials 12 piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Beautiful stainless steel is important for all kitchenware, so be economical and start using this massive 12-piece set. Never be caught unaware when making a dish you didn’t know needed this saucepan! It’s a great base to your kitchen collection that you can start out at the Target wedding registry.



Rockland Melbourne 2 pc Expandable ABS Spinner Luggage Set – Orange

Your couple travels have reached a whole new level now that you are married. A great luggage experience is essential so that you can be worry-free with all your belongings. Forget the hassle of packing and traveling with a lot of things and love the ease of these bright orange rollers you will never lose!



Cuisinart Rotisserie Convection Toaster Oven TOB-200

Not all households can easily roast a chicken, but the Cuisinart Rotisserie convection toaster oven can make this possible. Watch your food roast to perfection in this wonderful oven made for home chefs. Create amazing dishes in the comfort of your own home – and feel like you’re a food show host while you are at it!



Joseph Joseph® Nest™ Plus 9 Piece Nesting Mixing Bowls and Measuring Set

Who said that kitchenware just had to be all steel? Now you do not have to sacrifice practicality for style because of the colorful selection at the Target wedding registry. Joseph Joseph introduces a valuable 9-piece set that also saves space in the kitchen by being organized and stackable.



Double Wall Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

Wine lovers' rejoice, your homes will now be complete for parties with this double-wall stainless steel wine cooler. Your great collection can now be enjoyed even at the table, outside of the fridge when you need it conveniently chilled. It keeps in the cold and maintains the fresh taste of your best wines.



Emoticons - Heart Throw Pillow - Surya

Fun pillows will brighten up your living room and your home. This heart throw pillow is perfect for symbolizing the new life and love between the two of your lovers. Come on, it’s absolutely cute, and is one of the fluff filled pillows you will enjoy relaxing and hugging after a long day at work.



Oster 6 Slice Convection Toaster Oven

Oven toasters are versatile appliances, especially for quick meals. If you are a busy couple, then this is for you. Pop in your favorite foods and watch them heat up and cook to your needs. Learn new recipes that only need convection oven toasters, and you’re all set in life!



Oster 2-Slice Toaster, Metallic Assorted Colors, TSSTTRJB

Cute and colorful kitchen appliances should be the norm now. This bread slice toaster is not only useful, but the color availability is a fun twist welcome in every kitchen. It will produce toast that is as beautiful as the appliance that helped prepare them!


How to Find a Target Wedding Registry

It’s best to remember to start early to fix it accordingly. The large online presence of Target will be helpful for both you and the gift-givers, so don’t worry! Target also has a built in quiz to help you determine the lifestyle needs as a couple and narrow down your choices! Have fun and shop together here.

Looking for the registry?

The first step that you have to do is to log on to the official Target website.

Find the “registries” option on the top and click on it to find the registry. After filling in the first and last name,  click “search” and it should pop out on your screen.