How to Cover Up Tattoo for Wedding


Maybe one day when you were drunk in your college and you got the tattoo done on your body, or maybe you want to enjoy the funky style and are just fighting with your parents to get it done. Or you may be the one who truly loves the tattoo art and can’t come out of that even knowing the pain you have to face. But once your wedding is on the way, it becomes a worry, as a tattoo would not go well with the traditional bridal attire. It may destroy the look of an elegant bride. Sometimes, the tattoos are big enough and are clearly visible and thus you need to get some good tattoo cover up ideas.

Tattoo Cover Up for Weddings: What Can You Do?

If you decide not to show your tattoo during your wedding ceremony, you can easily follow some tricks that would help you to cover up them, giving the nice bridal look. Tattoos that you get on thigh, waist, hip or breast can easily be covered by wearing a suitable bridal dress. However, tattoos on your arms, hands and back would be difficult to hide using the dress and thus you need to choose some other ways to cover them up. In this respect, a concealer can be the best way to deal with making it easier.

Mentioned below are some tips on how you can make use of concealers to hide tattoos on your body parts:

1. Select the Right Concealer Color

The first step is to choose the right color of the concealers. It needs to be of perfect color so that it suits your skin and at the same time it should also be strong enough to hide the strong colors of your tattoo. You need to be very much careful about the concealers as opting for off colors will make your skin look odd.

2. Go for the Best Brand

Yet another major factor while choosing a concealer is that it should be of best brand. You don't want your skin to look dull after applying low-cost concealers. Using a cheap brand will probably worsen the situation and make you look like a fool in front of others. Obviously, a bride would not want such things to happen with her on her wedding day.

3. Concealer Coating

Successful tattoo cover up for a wedding will only be possible if you apply several layers of concealer coating on the particular area so as to make it invisible. The number of coating that you apply on the tattoo will help keep your tattoo hidden for a longer time.

4. Go for Extra Makeup Products

After applying concealers to the tattooed portion, try opting for the regular makeup products like foundations or powder so as to make it more natural. This will make the concealer more natural and at the same time, it will also avoid any unnecessary attention from the people around you.

Recommended Concealers for Tattoo Cover Up for Wedding

Now you have known concealers are good options for hiding tattoo for your wedding, here we just compiled a few effective concealers you can try before your wedding day.

M.A.C Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer

With water resistant formula, SPF 35 concealer is a widely opted concealer nowadays. It comes in pure orange color and has the capability to absorb the skin oil thus helping it to remain intact on the skin for a longer period of time. It can prove to be a good product for you if you have a considerably dark tattoo.

Cover FX Cream Concealer

This Canadian brand of concealer is also considered to be a great product when you are considering hiding your tattoo. Cover FX provides you a full protection in terms of covering up your tattoo without people knowing anything about it. It is possibly the best product and even people with sensitive skin can use it.

Judith August Killer Cover

This one here is another best product in terms of hiding your tattoos. It is widely used to cover up much stronger skin effects like eyelifts, facelifts, and rhinoplasties. So covering up a tattoo is no such big deal for Judith August Killer Cover.

Ben Nye Tattoo Cover

Looking for a strong concealer which will hide your strong inked tattoo for your wedding? Why don't you try Ben Nye Tattoo Cover? It is widely used by the theater artists during their shows to hide any tattoo. You can also try out this product for your wedding occasion.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

The concealer is widely preferred by the brides all over the world to hide their tattooed body part. It is available in all the major retailer stores. Although it is quite an expensive one to buy, but it might meet up your expectations perfectly.

Tatjacket Premium Tattoo Concealer

This product might prove to be the best one for tattoo cover up for weddings, though it costs more. If you don't want to make your skin look different by using regular makeup products on the tattooed portion, you definitely would want to try this one out. It is water resistant and reviewers on Amazon have given it a high praise.

Make Up for Ever

If you are facing difficulties in finding a suitable concealer which will hide your tattoo and at the same time match your skin color, then Make Up for Ever is for you. This brand is easily available in the markets and there is a wide range of shades which will definitely match your skin color.