Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower Essentials and Ideas


Planning the bridal shower leaves you with a number of options, and a tea party is one of the more intimate and traditional themes you can choose. A bridal shower tea party can be limited to host for just the bridal party or can include a number of the female guest who are attending the upcoming wedding. If you are the one who need to help the bride with a tea party, just read on.

Essentials for a Tea Party Bridal Shower Theme

Planning a tea party themed bridal shower will include some main items, such as decoration to your theme, tea, variety of teacups, a few large teapots, stands/serving dishes/containers for finger foods, sweets, cupcakes, fruits, sandwiches, cookies, biscuits, etc. But, the success or you bridal shower tea party will rely on more than just these main items; it will begin with the invitation and last until the final goodbyes.

The Invitation

The invitations to the tea party will be the first impression you will give your guests about the shower. Of course, you want the invitations to be inviting, sweet and cheerful as well. Here are some tricks: add in some personality with various papers, textures, colors and packaging.


The Food

Think cucumber sandwiches/salads, tomato sandwiches, salmon lox. One thing must be remembered is that foods should be refreshing and satisfying. Miniature scones and a variety of miniature sweets, such as mini cupcakes, are always a favorite. Traditional sweet cakes or tea cookies should be offered at the end. Presenting your mini food arrangements on tiered platters is a great arrangement.


The Drink

You can have a number of different drinks for your tea party bridal shower, while hot tea is a must of course. Choose a few flavor options for the tea and also a chilled sweet tea should be offered. You should also include a light refreshing champagne cocktail, such as a Bellini or Kir Royale.


The Decoration

The décor for you tea party can be a lot of fun to plan out. It is the ideal setting for mixing and matching in unique and creative ways. Have a solid cohesion of old and new, traditional and modern from the serving plates to the table covers. Do not forget the flower arrangements or eye-catching tea cakes and sweet tea display.


The Flavors

Light, delicate, simple yet flavorful finger foods should be what you strive to serve. Food flavors are often refreshing and well balanced. Consider seasonal flavors as well for tea varieties.


The Timing

How large your tea party will may decide when you choose to have the party. Traditionally tea is served at 4 pm, but it is very common for bridal showers to be thrown anywhere between the hours of noon and 4.

10 Creative Ideas for Your Tea Party Bridal Shower

You can let your creativity run wild when coming up with what to do with all the essential tea party necessities. Below are some ways you can let these elements stand out at your tea party bridal shower.

Replace the Spoons

A really creative way you can take care of your sugar and spoon supply is to find a two for one use. Sugar cane sticks, or candy crystal sticks can be used to replace the traditional sugar cubes and can be useful stirrers as well.


Recycled Tea Tins

Use a number of old or new tea tins for center pieces. You can create beautiful flower arrangements with tea tins as vases on each table. It keeps with your tea party theme and adds in a subtle hint of classic/vintage charm.


Tea Cups Decor

You can find ways to incorporate vintage and older tea cups into your table centerpieces for flowers, as candle holders or to hold the tea bags for each table. Tea cups can be easily to find or rent and can make for a more impressive addition to the tea party theme.


Tea Coasters

You can use a tea saucer to place your tea cups on or get creative and create some simple coasters. Make a pressed flower coaster using square pieces of glass and your favorite flowers. Using these instead of the regular tea saucer plates or for water glasses will be amazing. Let your guests take them home as favors after the tea party bridal shower as well.


Hot Tea Warmer

Have large caramel wafers available at the tables or at the tea serving station. Instruct guests to place the wafer over their hot tea to keep it warm. The wafer will soften while the tea stays warm.


Monograms Cookies

Create unique and delicious monogram cutout on your cookies for the newlyweds to be or get fancy with your icing skills. This is a simple way to personalize your bridal shower tea party.


Flavor Infused Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are always a must for tea parties, so give them a little more flavor? Try out recipes that infuse different flavors such as green tea or jasmine?


Tea and Cookie Box/Cup Favor

Send your guest away with a thoughtful tea and cookie box. Fill half a tea box with your favorite tea varieties and fill the other side with some special cookie treats or use a teacup instead and tie off with ribbon or tulle.


Cookie Bar Favors

Why not let you guest create their own favors? A cookie bar is an incredibly popular addition to any tea party bridal shower. Supply your guests with take home boxes so that they can fill with their favorite cookies from the cookie bar.


Tea Party Theme

When you hear tea party you think of old English style party most likely, but you can opt for other styles, which will lead to different food options, décor and tea flavors. Instead of a traditional English tea party, why not a traditional Japanese or Korean tea setting, or even a Mad Hatter tea party theme?