14 Ways to Say Thank You to Parents on Wedding Day


The wedding day is all about the lovely couple and their newfound life they will commit to build together. However, what about the life that they have left behind? While it is hardly a goodbye, the bride and groom’s parents are watching their precious child start their own family. This new family could not have been possible without them.

We are sure that you are thankful from the bottom of your heart for the superstar fathers and mothers that helped you through this exciting journey. State your gratitude and unconditional love through these ideas to say thank you for parents on wedding day!

14 Ways to Say Thank You to Parents on Wedding Day


A Thank You Note

A simple thank you idea would be a note or card. Now, it may seem like such a small token for such an important day, so it might be a good thing if you can design a special card and make a truly meaningful message or letter of love, filled with things you have always wanted to say.


Wear Your Mom’s Dress or Display It

To wear your mom’s wedding dress to your own special day will truly make her and your father break down in tears with happy memories. You may need to make a few adjustments to modernize the look, but seeing that same dress walk down the aisle is also a symbol of eternal love as a great thank you to parents.


Incorporate Old Family Photos to Your Bouquet

Bring out your inner craft girl and punch up your bouquet by applying tiny frames that house old family pictures. You will not disturb the elegance of the flowers if you can add equally elegant frames that blend beautifully into your bridal blooms. Remembering all the family who help get you and your fiancé where you are today is a nice gesture that will bring a smile to their faces.


Take Good Pictures with Them

Even if you have hired the best photographer in the world, do not forget to give them the proper direction. While the subject that they would be focusing on is the bride and the groom, you can give special instructions to have a full-fledged photo shoot with each set of parents. These photos can be blown up and displayed afterward as a nice thank you for parents on wedding day.


Make a Slide Show with Old Photos of Your Parents

The audio and visual presentation will tell the story of your young love and eternal commitment, but it doesn’t hurt to give a bit of background about each other in your youth. It would be great to see old photos of yourself and your parents in the same slide show. It gives a sense of “who would have known?” as we travel through two totally different lives that have come together.


Include Their Wedding Pictures in Your Wedding Photo

The wedding album would be a great place to store all the special memories of the wedding day. Incorporate the parent’s wedding photos to the album as a special page that commemorates their union that made yours possible. It’s a heartwarming addition that honors the sanctity of all marriages, plus it gives a cute throwback for your guests.


Include Their Wedding Song in Your Playlist

Songs have so much power in them. This can be proven through this next gift idea: During your reception, as the DJ hits up the tune they had their first wedding dance to, your parents are sure to perk up and remember their days of young love. Ask them to dance alongside you, to the beautiful melodies that have carried relationships from generation to generation.


Recreate One of Their Wedding Photos

Photo recreation is one of the cutest ways to do a throwback. Many people do it these days for other events, and it’s great to get ideas how to do super accurate and loveable ones over the internet. After you have finished shooting them, don’t forget to create a collage that brings together the old and the new. It’s handiwork that is sure to bring a smile to your parent's faces.


Give Them a Personalized Album

Just because it’s your special day, doesn’t mean it isn’t your parents as well. Put together a gratitude scrapbook that recounts your journey as a newly wedded couple, in the perspective of your parents. Include little paraphernalia and dates, to remind them that they were an important part of your story and will continue to be. Even encourage them to take up the hobby and fill in the rest of the blank pages!


Make a Speech in the Ceremony

It’s not very common to hear speeches, aside from the vows, from the bride or groom during the ceremony itself – the thank you for parents on wedding day is usually reserved for the reception. Make an exception on your overflowing gratitude and make sure they hear all about it!


Incorporate “Thank You” as Part of Your Décor

As soon as the reception starts, laid out on their place of honor at the head table is a gift that is part of their decoration. It is a gift that they will see immediately and an unmistakable thank you idea. Take it further by making mini versions of this décor for every seat present. It’s thoughtful and heartwarming, and no one ever says no to “thanks”!


Give Them a DIY Gift

DIY gifts are presents that belong to the bottom of your heart. Whether it is an elaborate pop-up card and note, or a woodworking project for your parent’s living room, as long as the lovely newly wedded couple was behind each step, every part of it carries so much meaning. This is a delicate and unforgettable thank you that is sure to bury inside of their hearts and memories.


Give Them a Ticket to Their Favorite Theatre

Treating them to their favorite musical experience is a wonderful thank you idea. The sentimentality and whimsy of the beautiful event will not leave so soon, as you will schedule them for a night of wonder and awe!


Arrange a Trip for Them

It does not have to be honeymoon time just for you and your new husband – now is the chance for both your parents to reclaim some time for themselves! A special trip for your parents would be a wonderful surprise as it allows them to relax after such a stressful and fulfilling wedding experience.