15 Things to Do After Marriage


Your big day might be over, but the tasks that accompany a wedding are still as numerous as ever if you want to keep the spirit alive. If planning all those big decisions and even the little details was great fun, then you will want to be able to bring those with you through the years as memories. Also, there are some legal and financial obligations you should get out of the way as soon as possible. If you don’t want to miss critical things to do after marriage ceremony and celebration, read on!

15 Things to Do After Marriage

Send your guests and loved ones thank you notes

They don’t need to be long letters that mention every little thing. Keep it simple by using a handwritten note card, and thanks them for their presence and/or present. This can potentially be a huge task, but it’s worth it for your day to be truly memorable for all!

Organize your gift pile

You can’t leave a mountain of wrapped boxes around too long! Get excited as it’s probably one of the only times you will get this amount of gifts at once. Take this time to properly decide what you will return, exchange, or donate. They’re the foundation of your future home!

Take down your wedding registry

While it might be safer to keep it up a few months after you wedding so that friends and family can still catch up on their wedding gifts, you should remember to schedule when to take it offline. You have to remind people that the wedding is over, too – remembering to close doors on what has passed seems to be one of the things to do after marriage, huh?

Organize your newlywed house

Now that your soon-to-be family is legally bound, you need to put together a fresh living space. It might be physically, emotionally, and financially stressful, but making a house a home is definitely an important adventure for the books.

Clean, press, and store your dress

If your mother offered you her own wedding dress for your special day, you will understand what this is for. Even if you don’t intend to create a tradition, preserving your wedding dress will fill you with glee whenever you need to unearth it again. It was tailored to become part of you for your wedding – it’s impossible to part with it so easily!

Create or order your wedding album

If you wisely chose a wedding photographer who took lots of shots, it’s also important to preserve those memories beyond Facebook posts or hard drives. Order an album that holds hard copies of all your favorite shots! It’s a wonderful time for houseguests to pore over in the living room as well.

Preserve your bouquet

Flowers are often thought of as disposable, despite being an important symbol in your wedding. Whether you don’t feel like taking care of plants or you already tossed it in the air to be caught by a single person, you can at least grab a flower or two to simply dry and press. You can Google those instructions quite easily. It’s just one of those things to do after marriage with sentimental value!

Send feedback to your vendors

If the businesses and services you contracted for your special day have met, or even exceeded your expectations, it would be a good idea to send you regards and give them some exposure through word-of-mouth. You will be helping them out with new ventures, at no more cost to you. How wonderful!

Dispose or donate the décor and other materials

While it’s nice to remember the details about your wedding, being overly sentimental will mean clutter. Do not be a pack rat – you might find it difficult to traverse your house if it’s too stuffed with wedding paraphernalia!

Organize all your legal documents as a couple

This would include filing together your certificates, permits, licenses, passports, and so on. Having these important documents put together as a couple will teach you to be organized and know when and where to retrieve important papers. You will thank yourselves when the time comes to pull out these documents!

Fix your bank accounts

Will you two be having a joint account? Or will you keep the two separate? Once again it is a choice that you can make. As a couple, you have to keep your finances in check and the best and most transparent way would be to join forces and find a place to put in all those cash gifts!

Attend to documentation of your last name

If you have decided to take your husband’s name, then this should definitely be at the top of your things to do after marriage checklist. This will be the name that should appear in all of your documents from birth, so you have to be diligent when fulfilling this task.

Review your assets

This is another important way to be transparent to your new spouse. By now you should understand the belongings of each other, but when it’s land lots, lodging, cars, stock shares, and so on, you may have to plan out what this big money is for and how to maintain and grow these funds.

Create a budget for your home

Lots of financial advice makes for quite a pricey occasion in mind. Sharing your life and sharing a wallet might make you splurge in happiness. Keep each other accountable and in check by fixing a budget together.

Relax and go on fun vacations

So the marriage has been feeling a bit clockwork and business-like after the wedding ceremony. Aside from the honeymoon, the newlywed couple must make dates and outings for now. This is all while they don’t have a baby to take care of! Enjoy the afterglow of the wedding, don’t stress, and make sure “have fun” is at the end of your things to do after marriage checklist.