Toontown Roger Rabbit Themed Engagement Photo Ideas


The engagement is the first step on two people embarking on a new life together. Nowadays, the occasion is often celebrated through photo shoots and other ways to provide plenty of material for invites and wedding websites. When coming up with a theme, don’t be afraid to go unique – one of the most interesting (and fun!) engagement theme ideas is none other than Toontown Roger Rabbit.

Toontown Roger Rabbit Engagement Photo Ideas


Dress up

First thing first, you get to dress up. With a vintage vibe, you have the choice of going vixen with a Jessica Rabbit look, or just get a great 1940s style. Bowler hats are a must for men, and glamorous makeup for the women.


Get your "equipment"

Before a photo shoot, you have to make sure you have the right props. When it comes to our theme, items as simple as a suitcase – vintage, of course – and even an old camera are perfect. Old newspapers or magazines are also great for “candid” shoots on locations that stick with the theme.


Go to the old Union Station

The best pictures are all about the setting. For Toontown theme, Los Angeles is the place to be. Union Station is the perfect spot for both a romantic and vintage feel, and makes an excellent backdrop. Even better? Add in some characters with simple editing.


Or go to the Toontown in Disneyland

If you are really committed to the theme, then get to Toontown in Disneyland. You don’t even have to work hard to capture the feel of the movie, but add in costumes and use some vintage filters for after-editing and you’ll be in the movie. Or, simply just show up and get some help shooting the two of you with special backgrounds.


Use the light

You don’t need a vintage camera to capture an early 20th century vibe – just find the right lighting. Natural light is ideal for any engagement because it is the most flattering for people and has a dramatic effect when used creatively. Take some daring shoots that play with the shadows for a real noir look.


Take a black and white picture

Nothing is more noir than sepia and dark tones, so for a Toontown Roger Rabbit engagement shoots, you absolutely must take some black and white pictures. In the right vintage garb and with dramatic lighting, even a photo taken with your phone will look spectacular. The two of you should try different poses and looks for each photo.


Make up a story in your picture

You know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? Use your engagement photos to tell a story. Take inspiration from the movie, or just channel the time and feel of the movie, while telling the story of how you two met.


Include animation figures in your picture

Not able to make it to the park? Rest easy, with a little editing software – or the help of a friend – you can add in characters to your photos. You do want to plan this out before the shoot, so you can make sure to pose appropriately.


Let the animation figures goof around

When it comes to toons, you know they have to be wacky! When you’re choosing different poses, don’t just try and fit characters into the space, have them doing goofy things, and make it look as though they’re interacting with you. You can get as creative as you want at this point, and will have truly unique photos to remember.


Include Toontown toys or park character in the picture

If you go to Disneyland’s Toontown, you have to take some photos with characters in the park. Whether you’re in costume or not, interact with the characters in ways that relate to how the two of you met, and you won’t need to do any animation after the fact.


Show your passion

Remember, the engagement photo shoot is still all about the two of you and your shared love. Let your passion come through by acting naturally with each other, and letting the photographer snap away. You’ll have a great setting, all while capturing you devotion to each other.


Take some interesting shoots

You’re in an awesome location, and dressed in some fantastic outfits, so after you’ve finished with the traditional portrait shoots (even if those aren’t so traditional), take some that are more interesting. Got great shoes? Focus on those. Extra-special gloves and jewelry? Give them a moment in the spotlight. They look cool, and you’ll have a neat photo to display in commemoration.


Inject your humor into the pictures

If you’ve gone for a Toontown Roger Rabbit photo shoot, then you obviously have a sense of humor. Find ways to put this to work by coming up with props or objects that reflect the story you are telling in humorous ways. Creative and unexpected shoots can also be quick ways to inject humor, so don’t be afraid to let your full self out.


Create a happy ending

We all know how this story ends – with the two of you walking down the aisle. Get a jump on the happy ending by concluding your photos with one. Mimic the end of the film, or just have all the characters cheer the two of you as you walk into the sunset together.


​Take one shoot or several shoots for your “save the date” card

There is no better content for your save the date cards than your engagement photos – particularly if you’ve stuck with such an exciting theme! Plan out some poses for your cards, but be sure to try a few, particularly if you are going to incorporate characters in after you’re done (highly recommended!)

Shop Toontown Roger Rabbit Items

Now that you’re committed to the theme, it’s time for the right props. If you can’t get to California, recreate the setting using artwork based on the film. Even better, vintage movie posters from the film are both neat collectibles and can really enhance your backdrop. Not sure you want to worry about adding animated characters? Try finding figurines or toys made from the film’s characters. Place these around in a humorous and imaginative way to set the scene.

The same goes for costumes. You can go directly for masks or headpieces that you can wear, or look for vintage pieces that are similar to those of Roger and Jessica.