Top Ten Wedding Cakes Trends in 2016


Wedding cakes have become much more than white, tiered cakes with delicate sugar flowers. Today’s wedding cakes are unique and creative. Couples are very conscious of the changing trends in wedding cakes. If you’re trying to stay on top of the trends for 2016, check out these top ten wedding cakes that are all the rage this year.

Top Ten Wedding Cake Trends in 2016


Metallic Cakes

Metallic is very in for stationary and the trend has trickled over to cakes as well. Gold and silver are popular as they are very adaptive and work with any style and so many colors. You can do anything from delicate embroidered looks to art deco. If a full on metallic cake sounds like a little much, think about adding a bit of sparkle to the cake instead.


Ruffled Cakes

If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant and subtle, one of the top ten wedding cakes is sugar ruffled layers. The lighter feel of this trend makes it a more understated cake with a touch of class. It can be finished off with flowers on top or in between layers.


Naked Cakes

This deconstructed style is a great way to show off the inside of the cake. It is great for a summer wedding cake full of berries but it works just as well for any season. The exposed nature of the cake makes it all the more appetizing to the guests and is a unique take on the traditional dessert.


Painted Cakes

Marbleized or stained glass makes your cake a true work of art. Hand painted cakes are hugely on trend right now. It is completely a kind creation as the design can’t be exactly duplicated. If you’re looking for something truly special, this one will be the way to go. Keep it simple and have all the tiers the same size and shape.


Lace Cakes

Find an expert cake baker for this new trend. Lacy cakes are all the rage right now. It’s very popular to mimic the lace in the bride’s gown for the design of the cake. You can choose a design from your dress to highlight in the cake as long as you like. The trend works really well with just a little contrast between the lace and the rest of the cake.


Ombre Cakes

Ombre is a huge trend in everything from nails to hair. The trend has not gone unnoticed in the wedding cake industry. The subtle shift in colors can range from whimsical to full on color. Whether you want a strong contrast or something very subtle, the ombre cake is one of top ten wedding cakes. If you don’t want something bold, think about an ivory ombre effect.


Watercolor Cakes

There’s just something so beautiful about the swirls of color on this kind of cakes. This trend provides a softer and more understated looking cake. This can be achieved with both fondant and buttercream cakes, so you can still have exactly the cake you want while sticking to this artistic trend.


Pantone Cakes

Pantone is super on trend right now for wedding cakes. In this year, the pantone colors are mainly pinks and blues which sound like baby shower colors, but look fantastic on wedding cakes as well. This trend pairs really well with the watercolor cake.


Fashionable Textured Cakes

Textured cakes are growing in popularity. This style focuses on "the less is more" principle. Choosing a few elements to incorporate into the cakes design works best, since the cake doesn’t become too busy. Simple colors work best as well. These cakes have everything from lace appliqués to pearls. This style pairs really well with the metallic trend.


Black Cakes

Not for the faint of heart, the black cake is another one trend in our list of the top ten wedding cakes. This can be anything from a quaint chalkboard cake to a sophisticated design accented with gold. Combating the harshness of the cake color with beautiful flowers or accent colors is a good try.