Traditional Wedding Music for the Key Moments of Your Wedding Ceremony


Music is a huge part of any wedding, regardless of theme, style and venue. From the hip hop dance songs and the first dance song to the traditional processional and walking down the aisle songs, you’ll need just the right notes in order to set the mood and vibe you desire for your big day. Choosing the right tracks when it comes to traditional wedding music is not that challenging – after all, what you need is a few points and tips, plus your own personal preferences. Listen to some of the most popular choices that define each moment of your ceremony, then pick your favorites.

For the Prelude

Before the bride’s entrance, and even before the groom and his best men step down the aisle, there is about 15-30 minutes when the families and friends are gathering and greeting each other – this period of time is also called the prelude. And in order to set the right mood for the upcoming ceremony, you’ll need a few beautiful melodies. Here are some of the best traditional wedding music for prelude:

La Primavera from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi

Few tunes have the worldwide recognition this stupendous musical creation has – and there’s no way you won’t recognize it yourself. La Primavera is as joyful and as celebratory as it gets; full of high notes and happy vibes, it can elevate any mood. Perfect for your prelude!

Prelude in C Major by J.S. Bach

This masterpiece by Bach is the ideal ‘waiting’ song, filled with anticipation and emotions. And with the most fitting title, it makes the perfect choice for your before-the-I-Dos period.

For the Processional

The processional is that time when the wedding party proceeds slowly towards the aisle or their seats, starting with the officiant, then followed by the immediate family (grandparents, then parents), groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids, ring bearer and flower girl, all in anticipation of the bride’s arrival. Take a look at our selection of the best songs for this occasion:

Trumpet Tune by H. Purcell

You can’t go wrong with this song – as one of the classic and most popular traditional wedding music, you will definitely set the right mood during your processional.

March from The Occasional Oratorio by G.F. Handel

Lovely on an organ, but not limited to it  a song full of hope and with lots of celebratory vibes… certainly a choice the groom, the parents on each side and the bridesmaids will all enjoy as part of their big entrance.

For the Bride’s Entrance

No other moment is as full of emotion and tears as the bride’s entrance. And with so much emotional load, you need some seriously brilliant songs in order to capture the immensity of the moment. We’ve curated the top 3 choices for you:

Bridal Chorus by Wagner

No other song competes with this masterpiece when it comes to the bride’s entrance. Unofficially known as the Here Comes the Bride song, this classic creation is the number one choice and it is either played on an organ or a piano.

Canon in D by J. Pachelbel

Brides all around the world love this song when it comes to making their entrance; it’s a top choice when it comes to traditional wedding music, for sure. There are lots of versions out there, from the ones played by classic quartets to guitar versions – check out this combination between modern and traditional:

Rondeau by J.J. Mouret

If you’re looking for a tune with a royal feel, perfect for a spectacular entrance, then forgo the classic choices above and go for this upbeat, joyful yet very sophisticated masterpiece by Mouret:

For the Recessional

The recessional, aka the grand exit, is definitely a moment of joy – you’re married! And since the toughest part is now done, it’s definitely time to celebrate in style. And if you want to maintain the traditional theme, then opt for some globally-known, classic musical pieces. And what better way to celebrate this majestic moment than with equally majestic melodies. Here are some of the best choices out there:

Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven

This is a masterpiece that evokes a wide range of feelings from gratitude to hope and from joy to excitement. And this one right here definitely ticks all the boxes.

Hornpipe by G.F. Handel

This 18th century creation is perfectly fitting for an occasion like the one you’re about to experience, as it has all the drama and the excitement you could possible feel and desire – one of the best traditional wedding music out there.