Twilight Wedding Dress – Get the Look


You might have seen the movie Twilight, and you were curious as to how to obtain the beautiful dress which made Bella look so stunning. Granted, a dress like that would make every vampire prince fall head over heels in love with you (again). Looking like a fabulous bride has never been easier, and once he sees you in that twilight wedding dress, your future vampire prince – I mean, husband, will be more than eager to hear you say your vows.

Twilight Wedding Dress

A Fantasy Wedding Dress

Bella’s wedding dress from the movie certainly did not fail to impress the audience. Designed by Carolina Herrera, who was chosen personally by Stephanie Meyer, the dress was made out of French Chantilly lace and crepe satin, featuring 152 buttons going down the back of the dress.

The dress also had 17 additional buttons on the sleeves, making it a very intricate gown. The dress was valued at around $35,000, and its creation took over six months, eventually making its way into Herrera’s 2012 collection.

How to Get the Twilight Wedding Dress

After Breaking Dawn came out, every woman that planned to get married wanted that exact same dress for her wedding, but not everyone had $35,000 to pay for a wedding dress. Luckily, Alfred Angelo made a replica of this dress which only costs $799! Yes, you can actually get married wearing that dress at this price. Alfred made it possible. Check out the website and purchase the twilight wedding dress that will make your most important day even more unforgettable!

Where to buy: Alfred Angelo

Get The Bella Look!

If you can’t get that dress, but you still want to look similar to Bella, here are some options for you which will still make you look like you’re ready to marry the most handsome vampire prince out there.

Tara Keely’s Long Sleeve Wedding Dress (Style 2405)

Designed by Tara Keely, this dress combines Bella’s classy look with a dash of sex appeal. The long sleeved dress has a very daring neckline and a sweeping, unstructured silhouette. It has all it takes to make it a Twilight-licious wedding dress, plus the plunge neckline that will make your own vampire prince go crazy over you.

Benjamin Robert’s Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress (Style 2505)

The long sleeves are what make Bella’s Twilight wedding dress so special. Since she was a tomboy bride in many ways, they reflected her modest personality and were a faithful touch to her character. Benjamin Robert gives a more feminine touch to the dress by making the sleeves see-through out of a beautifully detailed lace. Opting for this dress will make you feel like you’re wearing Bella’s wedding dress itself.

Lily Lou Lou Bridal’s Wedding Dress (Style “Bella”)

The reason why every woman wants to marry in Bella’s gown is because it looks so pure. They want to have that same satin feel over their skin, which is why the Lily Lou Lou Bridal dress sounds so appealing. The long sleeves, while not accompanied by the 17 buttons, are still similar to the ones on Bella’s dress, and the backline is also similar to the one our bride had. Its look is just like the dress is named: “Bella”.

Alfred Angelo’s Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Aside from the fact that Alfred Angelo made an exact replica of Bella Swan’s wedding dress, the designer can also create any sort of fairytale-like gown. This beautiful long sleeved mermaid dress captures exactly the charm of a fairytale wedding gown, with some beautifully detailed lace sleeves. By wearing it, you will definitely be “Bella”.

Demetrios’ Wedding Gown (Style 539)

This dress made by Demetrios is fit for a princess. It has a low-cut back that has almost the same impact as Bella’s dress, along with the mermaid silhouette that will complement every bride-to-be. The long sleeves are also beautiful and intricate, and the neckline will give off the same Twilight effect, with a touch of lace appliqués and chapel train.

Sincerity Bridal’s Wedding Dress (Style 3898)

This wedding dress mirrors almost exactly Bella’s Twilight wedding dress, from the mermaid silhouette to the beautifully detailed long sleeves and perfect neckline. Resist the urge to add jewels, keep your hairstyle and make-up modest, and being a beautiful bride just like Bella was with this sincerity bridal dress!

Badgley Mischka’s Short Sleeved Dress (Style “Eleanor”)

If you’re getting married in the middle of summer and can’t stand long sleeves in that heat, Badgley Mischka came with a solution so that you can look like a Twilight princess on your wedding. This dress captures the effect of Bella’s wedding dress, having a detailed neckline on an otherwise modest mermaid dress.

Justin Alexander’s V-Neck Lace Gown (Style 8812)

This dress just screams elegance. The lace appliqués on the body, the V-neckline and the see-through sleeves manage to capture Bella’s image and make it a perfect wedding dress for every bride-to-be out there.

Kenneth Winston’s Lace Wedding Dress (Style 1616)

This beautiful dress can make you look like both a vampire princess and an elfish queen. This gown compliments the silhouette with the V-neck, intricate lace and fluted long sleeves.

Suzanne Neville’s Backless Wedding Dress (Style Regency)

This dress designed by Suzanne Neville takes Bella’s Twilight wedding dress design and gives it a full cut in the back, giving a much more dramatic look. While the original dress looked just like a modern illusion, this one brought out the 100% backless reality while still looking chic. Still, remember that no matter what you are wearing on your wedding day, you will still look like a dashing girl who is about to marry her “vampire” prince.