Types of Wedding Flowers


Flowers are one of the most essential elements in any wedding. Whether it is bouquets, boutonniere, reception centerpieces, or any other floral arrangements, no one can deny the role of flowers. Wedding flowers not only set the tone of the event by defining the wedding color palette, but they also are the best way to elaborate your personal style. There are numerous types of wedding flowers that are popular especially from wedding’s point of view. Here we have enlisted the top picks of wedding flowers for you.

Types of Wedding Flowers

These flowers have a language of their own. That is often referred as floriography. Since Victorian era, flowers have been used to express one’s emotions for another. Even today, these wedding flowers are being used, keeping in view the meanings and emotions associated with them.


Meaning: Roses are the symbol of love, joy and beauty.

Colors: red, white, yellow, pink, orange, black, white, bicolor, stripped roses, tipped roses.

Roses are the most famous wedding flowers since ages. These ruffled flowers, in so many elegant colors, are best used in bridal bouquets, boutonniere, as well as in centerpieces. Roses go great with any other floral accent or foliage.



Meaning: Happy times, passion, declaration of love, memory

Colors: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, peach, magenta

Tulip is a cup or a star shaped flower available in various bold hues. The bright hues of tulip make it most favorite motif for the spring weddings. Tulip can be used in centerpieces, boutonniere and bouquets, preferably alone, but they can also be used in a mix bundle of flowers.



Meaning: Bashfulness, happiness and determination, beauty, welcome

Colors: white, cream, peach, pink, burgundy

Peonies are elegantly ruffled, blousy-looking and sweetly fragrant flowers with soft and fluffy petals. Their large size easily fills the space in a bouquet or centerpiece, and wedding arches, especially for the summer weddings. An all-peony arrangement is a great option but you can use it with various other accents and foliage.



Meaning: dazzling charm (of the one you love)

Colors: white, yellow, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink

Ranunculus are quite like roses and peony in its ruffled shape. Many times people get confused between these three types of wedding flowers. It’s perfect for all type of wedding arrangements, from a boutonniere to the centerpieces. Even a simple ranunculus boutonniere gives a romantic feel.


Baby Breath

Meaning: innocence

Colors: white

Baby breath is a year-round flower. These are tiny ivory flowers that are best used as fillers with other flowers. But from a couple of years, baby breath bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres are getting quite popular. Baby breath are also quite cost effective, so those who are planning a budget friendly wedding, may fill their centerpieces with them.



Colors: white

Meaning: it stands for an invitation of love and togetherness, marital happiness

Stephanotis are tiny star-shaped white flowers. These are quite popular wedding flowers. They can be brilliantly used on their own, without any accents. Even a stephanotis boutonniere looks quite appealing. It offers a very traditional look. Combining stephanotis with other floral accents like white roses or peonies can also give a chic appeal.



Colors: white, green, pink, burgundy, purple, blue

Meaning: vanity, devotion, remembrance

Hydrangeas are big bushy flowers available in stunning jewel tones. These big headed flowers can be used in various styles; to fill the centerpieces, for decorating the arches, using them as a garland on the table runner or using them in a cascading style on a wedding cake, all ideas guarantee a distinctive look to your event.


Gerbera Daisy

Colors: white, yellow, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy

Meaning: friendship and protection

Gerbera is quite like a daisy flower with cut-shape petals. These are available in numerous bright shades. Combining multiple shades of gerbera in centerpiece vases or bouquets look phenomenal. At the same time, a gerbera daisy can also be accented with other flowers to get the best bridal bouquets and corsages.


Lilly of the valley

Colors: Ivory, rosy pink (quite rare one)

Meaning: delicacy, return to happiness, purity, luck

These are tiny bell-shaped spring-time florets. These tiny flowers are sweetly scented. These are one of the most expensive types of wedding flowers. That is why these are mostly used in bouquets and centerpieces as fillers or accents. This delicate flower is also known as ‘the ladder to heaven’.



Colors: white, yellow, green, orange, russet, red, burgundy

Meaning: happiness, long life, hopefulness

Chrysanthemum are big blushing flowers with pointed long petals. Using pure white Chrysanthemum in the bridal bouquet or table centerpieces gives a dramatic display. Or combine the various shades of it to create a bouquet of wondrous beauty and sweetness. These splendid flowers can also be combined with other species of flowers to brighten up the venue.


Calla lilies

Colors: light pink, dark pink, red, ivory, yellow, orange, burgundy

Meaning: splendid beauty, feminine, modesty

Calla lilies are charming trumpet-shaped tropical flowers. These are considered best for creating an elegant and classy feel. These look fab when used on their own for bouquets and in all other types of floral arrangements. But arranging with other flowers, would surely melt any heart.



Colors: apricot, pale pink, dark pink, red, burgundy, white, yellow, bicolor, flecked

Meaning: praise, purity of love, eternal beauty

These delicately ruffled flowers are best floral accents. With such great variety of colors, these are surely the perfect fit for adding pops of colors. Utilizing the simple carnation flowers on their own, in bouquets, boutonniere and other floral decorations adds a splash of colors.



Colors: yellow, orange, pale pink, dark pink, green, apricot, red, burgundy, white,

Meaning: lust, nobility and luxuriousness, love, beauty

Orchids are small star shaped flowers. Available in a number of colors, these can be used as accents in bouquets, corsages and wedding table centerpieces. On the other hand, a simple starry flower can also be plucked to create the most romantically arranged boutonniere.



Colors: purple, pink, pale pink, yellow, white, apricot

Meaning: everlasting beauty, activeness

Stock are small clusters of colorful, single and double blossomed flowers, grown on tall stems. These types of flowers can make the best fillers. Whether it’s a cascading style bridal bouquet or tall table centerpieces, stock can be utilized to get the most eye-catching results.


Sun Flowers

Colors: deep gold, orange, pale lemon, russet, brown

Meaning: haughtiness, loyalty, adoration

Sunflower is a large size cluster of pointy petals, encircling a dark hued center, containing the seeds. It’s one of the most favorite flowers for rustic or country side weddings. They give best results when used in mason jars as centerpieces. It can also be used in other arrangements like decorating the arches, chuppahs, as a boutonniere or even in a bouquet (combining with other floral accents).



Colors: Blue, White, pink

Adorning the climbing branches, tweedia are small star shaped flowers. The small flowers make best accents in bouquets and other floral arrangements especially in a boutonniere. Festive blue is the most utilized color for weddings, especially for the tropical and the beachside weddings. Use of these tiny blue flowers with rich green foliage, compliments each other.

Note: To get the best results from these wedding flowers on your big day, we recommended to discuss your vision clearly to the florist. Secondly, it is highly advisable to pick the types of flowers in season especially for a budget wedding. Though growers, these days, can arrange any type of flowers from the other side of the world, but that would cost you a lot.


More Types of Wedding Flowers

There are many other flowers that can be used in your wedding, like Anemone, Dahlia, succulent plants, Stephanotis, Gardenia, etc.