The Bridal Notebook: Top 20 Ugliest Wedding Dresses


Wearing the perfect wedding gown is every woman’s dream. But while there are endless wedding dress inspirations that can enable you to embody class and elegance, there are also some wedding gowns that really went overboard. Well, if you want to learn from other brides’ wedding gown mistakes, you might want to take a closer look at the ugliest wedding dresses so you would know what NOT to do during your wedding day preparation.

The Bridal Notebook: Top 20 Ugliest Wedding Dresses

Top 20: It’s the Veil

Okay, don’t get us wrong—we LOVE Celine Dion. But let’s be honest: her wedding veil doesn’t really complement her the way that we want it to. It just doesn’t fit in the entire picture. Moral lesson of the story: Not everything that glimmers can make you shine.

Top 19: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

You may love snacking on cakes and icing, but hey, that’s not enough reason for you to make a gown out of your wedding cake. For one, it doesn’t just look weird; it’s expensive and inconvenient too.

Top 18: Let’s Dance at the Alps

We may not help but admire Emily Thompson, but this isn’t enough reason for her wedding dress to get pass our scrutinizing eyes. With all the prints and the wedding veil, we’re not sure if she’s really the blushing bride-to-be or if she’s off to a different ceremony.

Top 16: Ruffles Overload

Every woman loves laces and ruffles, but I guess going over-the-top can’t really help you look your best on your wedding day, don’t you agree? Don't get too exaggerated, otherwise you might make to some list of ugliest wedding dresses just like this bride did. 

Top 17: All Fur, No Glam

In all fairness, the wedding gown isn’t really that bad. But then again, things changed when the bride decided to stand side by side with her pet, making her look like mother sheep. So yeah, let’s learn from her mistakes, shall we?

Top 15: Florals and Overlays

Floral prints and embroidery can absolutely unleash that dainty side in you, but if the layering and the attempt to create 3-dimensional floral needlework go too far, you might just look like a woman on curtains and drapes—nothing more, nothing less.

Top 14: Ribbons, Laces and Everything Not-Too-Nice

Allegedly costing 17,000 USD, we can’t really say that the expensive ribbons, lace and heavy garment did a great job to bring out the best in the bride. Indeed, the best things in life don’t really need to come with a golden price tag.

Top 13: All the Wrong Layering

The heavy layering, along with the floral embroidery, may have meant weeks or even months of labor, but unfortunately, the gown doesn’t spell beauty in any way. So yes, let’s not forget that simplicity is always beauty.

Top 12: Orange Love

Let’s guess their favorite color, shall we? Yes, I think we have the same color in mind. Congratulations to us! And oh, before we forget, kudos to the lovely couple for garnering one of the titles for the ugliest wedding dresses.

Top 11: The Bridal Cotton Candy

Fluffy like a cotton candy—that’s something that you don’t want to look like as you walk down the aisle. Let’s just hope your designer has a better idea than to let you bounce your way to exchanging your vows.

Top 10: The Bridal Chandelier

You may be a big fan of Sia’s Chandelier, but can we please not make her song an inspiration for your wedding gown? Okay, great!

Top 9: I Love Rock n’ Roll

Lady Mary Charteris may have wanted to fuse her love for rock n’ roll with elegance when she decided to wear this gown, but unfortunately, the ruffles and the see-through design just didn’t quite cut it. But it did help to make to our list of ugliest wedding dresses.

Top 8: For the Love of Orange

Okay, so why do so many people love orange nowadays? Can somebody please enlighten us?

Top 7: The 2-in-1 Gown

If you’re marching down the aisle with your wedding gown-slash-lingerie on, then you got an inspiration down here.

Top 6: The Octo Bride

Let’s just sincerely hope and pray that she just used this on the runway, okay? 

Top 5: Weird to the Point of Creepiness

Too much work for nothing—that’s what we can say about this heavily embroidered wedding gown. But if it’s meant to make us feel nauseous, the designer did a great job!

Top 4: The Maternal Cut

As they always say, there’s nothing wrong with flaunting your baby bump. The problem is, we can’t even stand looking at this dress because of the creepy whole in the middle, making it at top of our list of the ugliest wedding dresses.

Top 3: The OVERLY Conservative Bride

Looks like this bride wanted to leave people with a lot of imagination. So yeah, congrats on your overly conservative wedding gown!

Top 2: The Thrifty Bride

Let’s not judge our bride down here. Maybe she just wanted to save from the wedding garments. We bet the wedding was classy!

Top 1: An A for Weirdness

Honestly, where do designers get ideas like this? What’s wrong with the world?