20 Unique Colored Engagement Rings


Diamonds might be forever, but sometimes what’s classic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you are a fiancée who loves to walk on the wild side of life, then what you need a peek at are unique colored engagement rings. That ring that ties you with your beloved must mean the world to you – all the more if it is a personalized wonder that is completely different from anything else in the world, or the market, for that matter! Don’t know anything about precious gemstones? Read on and find out more about amazing and exciting jewelry for your engagement.

20 Unique Colored Engagement Rings


The exciting red hue of rubies will definitely inspire love and passion. The opaque gem is a stunning sight, especially in its most striking, bright “pigeon blood” color.  It is the birthstone for July, so if your girl was born in July, this could be a brilliant choice.


Citrines have a dreamy color that ranges from pale yellows to deep oranges. They are actually a type of quartz crystal with traces of iron within the gem. The popular superstition is that it brings luck to one's financial life - that might be something to bring home!

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are vibrant and beautiful – perfect for those who bring sunshine to your life! Yellow sapphires are more uncommon than the blue counterpart, so this is definitely a stone that will set your engagement ring apart from the pack!


The peridot is a wonderful yellow green color, maintaining its consistency in one color, but still comes in varying hues. Not to be mistaken for emeralds, they are leaning towards the olive color. It is the birthstone for the month of August.

Smoky Quartz

The stony brown-gray, opaque look of the smoky quartz might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the hazy look and serious looking color make for some fantastic jewelry. Unique colored engagement rings need not be all bright, they could also be brooding and fabulous!

Green Tourmaline

The Sri Lankan tourmaline, found in a variety of colors. Some even have two hues - imagine a green and pink gem, which is actually found in natural places and called the watermelon tourmaline! But the green one is simply stunning.

Green Amethyst

The soft and subtle green hue of this amethyst is a unique colored engagement ring meant for understated brides. They are also considered a very spiritual stone, meant to balance the state of emotions. This might come in handy for your marriage journey!


With a bright and light blue color, it is named after the sea, so you might want to consider this for bride-to-be's who have a deep connection with water. It is connected with Neptune, the planet of oceans. It is the birthstone for the month of March.

Blue Topaz

If you are a fan of the turquoise color and would prefer a translucent gemstone on your finger, then you have the option of choosing a deep blue topaz. It is actually commonly used in jewelry and will be found in quite large cuts, if you believe bigger is better!


The deep blue hues that Tanzanite can be found in are wonders of nature. Named after the country of Tanzania, it is actually a common gemstone, but naturally forming ones are harder to find. It is the birthstone for the month of December.

Pink Sapphire

Here is another sapphire entry on our list! The pink sapphire is a wonderful choice among the unique colored engagement rings because of the brightness of the pink it comes in. Girly girls will appreciate the stone that Barbie would be proud of wearing as an engaged woman!

Pink Tourmaline

With colors varying from pale pinks to striking reds, it is another romantic color to choose for an engagement ring. As a healing stone, it is believed to aid in diffusing stress and provides comfort in emotionally unstable moments.

Pink Diamond

Diamonds come in a variety of colors aside from the usual clear depiction. The pink version can come in transparent baby pink hues, or darker brown and gray serious versions. All are visually stunning and will appease cotton candy-hue lovers!


Garnets have a more violet hue than rubies do. If you are in the market for a berry-like color, consider the garnet as the stone of choice for your loved one. It is also used for luck on a journey. It is the birthstone for the month of January and the stone for second anniversary.


Mined in Bolivia, this bicolor gemstone is a treat for anyone who cannot make up their mind about which stone to pick! It is actually a mix of a purple amethyst and a yellow citrine. The complementary colors make for intensely unique colored engagement rings!


This dark, opaque color is brooding and mystical. Sometimes they are of a singular color, while other times you will be able to see bands of other colors across the stone. It had been discovered and used in ancient times, maybe something for history lovers!


Opals are dazzling gems that come in a jade green base color, and reflect sparkles of different hues. The multicolor wonder when it reflects light can mirror unique qualities of your loved ones. It is the birthstone for the month of October.


Volcanic rocks might not be seen on engagement rings too often, but they come in some beautiful colorful varieties that could appeal to a bride. The layers picture the wonderful randomness of nature and would be appealing to a fiancée who loves unique looks.

White Sapphire

If diamonds are too tricky for you, consider a white sapphire instead. They reflect some beautiful patterns as well, due to internal properties. They are another option if you don't want to stay too far from tradition but would like unique colored engagement rings!

Black Pearl

If you are looking for a very unique colored engagement ring, the wonderful black pearl could be just the thing. If the bride to be is a lover of the beach or the sea, this could be a perfect complement to her personality.

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