22 Unique Engagement Rings


Without fear of contradiction, you’ll fall in love with any ring your fiancé surprises you with. However, that doesn’t mean it could hurt giving him a few hints about your ring preferences, and what matches your style best, would it? Whether you’re more inclined towards appreciating a sapphire, or a princess-shaped diamond cut, it’s up to you to choose your perfect match from the following unique engagement rings.

22 Unique Engagement Rings

Round, Classic Cut

There’s a reason why elegant and classic engagement rings will remain close to every bride’s heart. Such a ring complements each bride’s hand, and is easy to style, given the fact that it has a timeless appeal!

Where to shop: Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphires will always mirror a translucent elegance, which will never go out of style. Being offered such a ring will definitely make you feel like royalty.

Where to shop: EragemAnna SheffieldBrilliant Earth

Black Diamond

This beauty has earned its spot in our selection of unique engagement rings. The cut black diamond, combined with the white diamonds, creates the ideal contrast, and the edge undoubtedly contributes to this proportioned look.

Where to shop: Anna SheffieldETSY

Stunning Emerald Ring

What is more stunning than an emerald ring? It illustrates elegance, and a timeless fascination – traits that won’t fail to impress you.

Where to shop: Anna Sheffield ETSY

Champagne Diamond

This unique champagne diamond is pure beauty, sparkling from every angle. The round-shaped diamond, which mirrors a faded shade of pink, is the ideal pick for the romantic bride, who imagines herself walking down the aisle in a luxurious vintage-inspired dress.

Where to shop: MDC DiamondsAnna SheffieldUneek Jewelry

Ruby Vintage Ring

Nothing mirrors royalty and elegance the way in which a vintage, 100 percent unique ruby ring does. Vintage rings do have a certain appeal, carrying a hidden part of the past, and having a doubled value for each bride who finds inspiration in this period. What says Will You Marry Me better than such a ring? Probably nothing, apart from an emerald, or another type of diamond, of course.

Where to shop: EragemAnna SheffieldBrilliant Earth

Princess Cut Diamond

This astonishing ring has earned its spot on our list of unique engagement rings.The certified diamond, together with the excellent attention to details features a truly authentic choice.

Where to shop: Ken & Dana DesignUnique SettingsTacori, Diamond Wave

Diamond and Blue Sapphires

Who doesn’t want to be surprised with a ring that illustrates an old time charm with touches of sapphires? The stunning round-centered diamond surrounded by sprinkled blue sapphires creates a winning combination. What makes the ring even more gorgeous is that it’s engraved with sublime details.

Where to shop: Ken & Dana Design

Princess Shaped Diamond

The princess-cut diamond shape is, by all means, one of the most famous and beloved of them all. It’s classy, timeless, and has a luxurious appeal for every bride-to-be.

Where to shop: Rogers & Hollands, Green Lake Jewelry

Retro Shape

If your style is rather unconventional, and rarely does your taste appeal to the fashion of the hour, opting for a retro-inspired ring can be the ideal alternative for you. If such a ring fits your personality like a glove, make sure you let your future spouse know!

Where to shop: ETSYGreen Lake JewelryUneek Jewelry

Pear-shaped Diamond Cut

This pear-shaped ring has a particular charm you won’t be able to resist as soon as he pops the question. The style of the ring is elegant, yet different and chic. What more could you ask for?

Where to shop: Ken & Dana DesignsSylvie Collection

Three-stone Engagement Ring

By all means, this ring, decorated with stunning embellishments, is more than perfect for the bride-to-be that enjoys being spoilt by luxurious presents. Everything about this ring is breathtaking, as you’ll be when he asks you the big question.

Where to shop: Zales, Krikawa

Modern Sparkle

We couldn’t have left out this outstanding jewelry from our list of unique engagement rings. The clear lines, and authentic style account as inspiration from the modernist era.

Where to shop: Danhov, Krikawa

Shooting Star

What ring is more perfect to symbolize your commitment to your partner than this ring in the form of a shooting star? Certainly, this isn’t something you see at every corner – it’s authentic, original, outstanding and unique. The perfect combination for an edgy personality.

Where to shop: MDC Diamonds, Krikawa

Heart-shaped Ring

Unquestionably, if you’re given a heart-shaped ring, it’s hard to refuse a proposal, if not impossible. This model is equally classy, and the heart-shaped detail gives it a little bit of edge and originality.

Where to shop: MDC Diamonds, Danhov

Flower Engagement Ring

If you’re a flower aficionado, then there is no doubt that this ring will be next to your heart! What’s better than combining flowers with diamonds?

Where to shop: MDC Diamonds, Booming Beauty Ring

Split Halo

This engagement ring comes with a round center diamond, surrounded by other diamonds. This ring is the pure definition of brilliance, and will make every bride-to-be sparkle.

Where to shop: Diamond Wave, Blooming Beauty Ring


We couldn’t have missed including such an exquisite diamond ring in our collection of unique engagement rings. This piece comes with a particular effect – the twist, and it asks for our attention.

Where to shop: Blue Nile, Blooming Beauty Ring

Wine and Leaf Ring

This stunning design is characterized by small leaves, which will wrap your finger. The small white diamonds, paired with the emerald center stone is an unmatched combination.

Where to shop: WeddbookKrikawa

Triple Shank Engagement Ring

This unique and spectacular diamond design will please the heart of every bride-to-be that adores exquisite gems in fantastic shapes.

Where to shop: Sylvie, Danhov

Pink Is Always a Good Choice

This is a classic, elegant design, with a bit of edge granted by the pink sapphire halo. The antique cushion silhouette makes the ring even more stunning.

Where to shop: Ritani

Edgy Design

This is one of the most attractive designs on our list of unique engagement rings. This princess shaped diamond, combined with the perfectly-cut lines says I do like no other.

Where to shop: VashiTacori