20 Unique First Dance Songs for You


If you and your partner have never loved a song, it can be a challenge to choose just one for your first dance as newlyweds. You could just go with a soulful classic like “At Last” from Etta James and be like the thousands of other newlyweds that danced to this song. But, chances are you want something more original and unique that can truly encompass you two as a couple. Below is not just a list of the best first dance songs, this is a list of truly unique first dance songs that can be the perfect reflection of your personalities as a couple.

20 Beautiful and Unique First Dance Songs


Billy Bragg and Willcoo - California Stars

Mixing a bit of folk, country and classic rock, Wilco and Billy Bragg create a beautiful tempo for your first dance. For couples who do not want the dramatic overly romantic song, this should be one of your top unique first dance songs.


Bon Iver - Holocene

With an enchanting musical introduction and the unique voice of singer Justin Vernon, this first dance song will definitely set the mood for you as newlyweds.


You+Me (Pink) - No Ordinary Love

No Ordinary Love was originally released by Sade, but Pink covered the song with her duet group You+Me. Beautifully remade to give you goosebumps.


Seinabo Sey – Poetic

With a powerful voice and lyrics, this is one first dance song you will want to give a listen to. Poetic offers a great drum beat that is not too slow and not too fast to make a lasting impression for your first dance together.


Michael Buble - Crazy Love

Michael Buble's voice is just soothing and Crazy Love is the perfect song to describe the love you two feel for each other. It is not the typical slow swaying song, meaning you can get a little more creative with your dance moves as well.


UB40 – Can't Help Falling in Love

UB40 redid this Elvis Presley's classic, giving it a modern beat that includes horns and a Caribbean tempo. Can't Help Falling in Love offers couples the perfect lyrics to describe what their wedding day is all about: falling in love.


Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne - To Love Somebody

Damien Rice and Ray LaMontagne's vocal combination really makes this Bee Gees' original song to be one of the truly unique first dance songs. The acoustic version really brings focus to the words and beautiful melody.


Little Big Town - Bring It on Home

If country is your musical preference, then this song is the perfect choice for your first dance. It encompasses what means to simply be there for one another.


Matt McAndrew - God Only Knows

Not many couples would think to use this version of Beach Boys' classic, but Matt McAndrew puts a unique twist on this first dance song. The Beach Boys' original is also a top choice but just give the remake a listen as well before you decide.


My Morning Jacket - Where to Begin

My Morning Jacket is widely known for their ability to compose beautiful musical masterpieces and Where to Begin is one of them. With a captivating melody and sweet lyrics, this is one first dance song you will want to consider.


David Bowie - Heroes

It's amazing how this is not one of those overly chosen first dance songs, because with Bowie's hypnotic voice, beautiful lyrics and perfect musical accompaniment, this can't be missed on our list of unique first dances for your wedding.


Adele - Make You Feel My Love

Adele's voice is magnificent with Bob Dylan's re-make. You will be challenged to find a song more perfect for your first dance than this one, which truly tells the story of what it is to love someone.


Daft Punk - Something About Us

With its modern slow techno beat, this is one choice of truly unique first dance songs for couples who think outside the box. With it subtle disco beats, this is one song that will let your personalities shine on the dance floor.


Ellie Goulding - Your Song

Ellie Goulding puts her unique twist on this Elton John's classic and enhances the romantic lyrics in a new way. Her silky voice transforms the song into an even more beautiful love ballad.


David Gray - This Year's Love

Beautiful piano chords, beautiful lyrics and the rich voice of David Gray make this one of the unique first dance songs. This love song typically flies under the radar which makes it a unique choice.


Mat Kearney - All I Need

Simple, raw and beautiful is how you could describe this song choice. The song perfectly puts into words how loving each other is all you need.


Jon Bon Jovi and Lea Michele - Have A Little Faith in Me

This song truly encompasses what a relationship should entail – that is simply relying on each other even in the most difficult times. The lyrics are beautiful and this is the perfect song to spin around on the dance floor as newlyweds.


Cannan Smith - Love You Like That

This is another unique country song that may just be the perfect first song choice for you. With a bit of a rock country beat and romantic lyrics, it can be the perfect representation of your personal love story.


Ed Sheeran - Kiss Me

Ed Sheeran's voice is hypnotizing and with the beautiful lyrics, Kiss Me is one of the most unique first dance songs that will tug at the heart strings. This is simply the epitome of a love song and will most likely bring about tears of joy in everyone's eyes.


Ben Harper - Fade Into You

Ben Harper puts a beautiful twist on this Mazzy Star's original song. A beautiful piano accompaniment and his rich voice make this a unique and beautiful love song classic.