Ready? 15 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for You!


One’s honeymoon will likely be one of the most special times that will be shared with one’s newly married spouse. A honeymoon should be special, memorable, and full of love, laughter and joy. After the stress and strenuous task of planning a wedding, planning a honeymoon may seem daunting – just thinking of a destination to embark upon on your special trip can be extremely difficult. Then this article may be able to help, as within it there will be a list of some unique honeymoon destinations for you to consider.

15 Unique Honeymoon Destinations You Would Like to Choose



Kenya has many beautiful honeymoon destinations, with sandy beaches and crystal clear water, flourishing forests, peaceful privacy, picturesque scenery, and fine dining and accommodation, along with the mighty sight of mount Kilimanjaro. For these reasons, this may be the perfect destination to spend your first trip as a married couple.


Six Senses Hideaway, Vietnam

With the Qing Chen Mountains on the doorstep of this resort, the picturesque scenery is sure to make the perfect backdrop. This resort includes an open-air spa, Tai Chi classes, and sunset cruises with canapés and champagne. The rooms feature hand crafted wooden bath-tubs and personal wine cellars, and most have their own plunge pools and sun-decks.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a modern city full of incredible architecture. With an abundance of high-quality hotels, finding the perfect establishment should be easy. Beautiful restaurants and street food will ensure that you are well-fed. 

Note: Whilst Dubai is one of the best unique honeymoon destinations, it is an Islamic country, meaning that bathing suits, alcohol, and kissing are limited to hotels.


Lake Hotel, India

This hotel was built with romance as the key consideration in regards to aesthetics and design. Located in Rajasthan, India, this hotel offers complete luxury, with each palace room featuring period specific mosaics, artifacts, lavishly sculptured furniture, magnificent silks, and exquisite artwork. This hotel is sure to offer you everything that you need to ensure that you have an exceptional honeymoon.



This may seem like a somewhat obvious choice for a honeymoon, given the romanticisms attached to Rome, Venice, and the Amalfi Coast, no honeymoon destination list could be completed without including this beautiful country. With fine wine from the region and delectable food of local origin, you are sure to be filled with happiness, love and joy.


Blancaneaux Lodge, Belize

Located in the Maya Mountains, removed from civilization, quality time with your loved one is assured. With food prepared from the eco-friendly farm, and consider the amazing activities that you can carry out together (horseback riding, hiking, and trips to Mayan ruins), you can see why this destination is an amazing choice.


La Rioja, Spain

The northern wine region of Spain is one of the best unique honeymoon destinations for newlyweds. With miles of luscious green vineyards stretching across the landscape, the scenery is sure to be surreal. The Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture features original Picassos, wine bottles from ancient Rome, and a stunning café overlooking the splendid vineyard.


The Caribbean

The Caribbean is the perfect destination for loved-up newlyweds. Clear water, sandy beaches, fresh seafood, snorkeling hiking, horse riding, or cycles through the surreal, stunning surroundings ensure that your honeymoon will be full of fun, joy, and memories that you will retain forever. Or simply relax in the soaring sun on scenic sandy beaches.



Fiji is a collection of gorgeous, tropical islands residing in the South Pacific. Romance is assured with the amazing surroundings offered to recently married couples who frequent the dazzling islands. If you choose Fiji for your honeymoon destination, be prepared to experience white-sand beaches, scuba diving, coral reefs, clear water, palm trees, and joyful times.


Costa Verde Plane Hotel, Costa Rica

This vintage 1965 Boeing 727 plane has been refurbished into a stylish, luxury suite that sits within a tropical rainforest. Luxury is assured in this secluded gem of a suite, and it will be sure to imprint loving memories that will last as long as your love for your newly married spouse.


Istanbul, Turkey

This historic city offers the perfect adventure to newlywed couples, with an abundance of culture, scenic beauty and delectable food. You will not be short of things to do on your loving trip, with activities ranging from white-water rafting to a trip to Byzantine fortress for a fascinating history lesson.


Airstream Vintage Caravan Park, France

Whilst to many people, a caravan park doesn’t really point to romance, this vintage French resort is not your average caravan park. With beautifully designed, individual caravans, it is one of the most unique honeymoon destinations you can choose. And as it is located in the south of France, there are abundance of things to do.


Park City, Utah

The location of the Sundance Film Festival, as well as the 2002 winter Olympics, those looking for a skiing honeymoon would be wise to consider Park City, Utah. With ski slopes ranging from beginning to advanced, and delicious food and live music establishments, a honeymoon here is sure to be filled with fun and joy.



This sun soaked holiday destination offers the perfect location for newlywed couples. With endless possibilities in regards to activities, including the immaculate beaches of Cabo San Lucas, the stunning ancient ruins of Tulum, among other exciting and endearing possibilities. Along with amazing local food and drink, you are sure to have an incredible honeymoon experience.


The Boot B&B, New Zealand

An extremely unique destination, you and your spouse can reside within a stunningly designed boot, reminiscent of the infamous nursery rhyme. You will literally be the couple who lived in a boot, which can be a great story to tell your loved ones, and a great experience for you both to share together.