20 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers


Many people see weddings as traditional and serious occasions – but we shouldn’t forget they are wonderful celebrations as well! Don’t stress too much about your program, decors, and other details. Remember to have fun on your special day as well. One way to do so is using special unique wedding cake toppers. The cake cutting is a pretty significant part of your special night, so we need a way to make it even more memorable. Read on to find more ideas about cake décor, the Etsy designers and shops to get your favorite topper now!

20 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

Lovebirds Wedding Cake Topper by Orly Designs

Take the lovebirds idea literally and build a swing and an arch for them! This adorable rustic topper is perfect for the sweetest chirpy couple. This is a keepsake that will remain strong and sturdy through the years with proper maintenance.

"Moon and Stars" by Magical Day

Porcelain figurines depicting loving couples are very common decorations, but have you thought about using it as an unique wedding cake topper? It’s super elegant and expensive in looking, giving some class to your sweet as sin cake.

Silhouette Bride and Groom by Bridesmaid Gift Hanger

Silhouettes are exciting and sultry. They look especially pretty with a boomingly colorful cake, as it offsets the loud colors with simplicity of an outline. It goes to show that the couple will always stand out at the wedding!

Rustic Wire Cake Topper by Le Rustic Chic

Having your initials displayed in classic cupid manner is an unforgettable way to decorate your cakes. It reminds us of youth and the confessions of love we wrote on trees. How fitting.

Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Last Name by Let's Top That

If the bride has taken the name of the groom, don’t pass up the chance to be the proud owner of the name! This really signifies love and pride in being part of a new family, and is definitely heartwarming for both families.

Tree Wedding Cake Topper by Wedding Rustic Deco

Remember the days when you would write on the tree bark the fervent puppy love wishes of your adolescent heart? Well, now you can take up marriage wholly seriously, and with unique wedding cake toppers, to boot!

Hand-painted Colorful Wedding Cake Topper by Bride New

If you are looking for a keepsake you will treasure forever, a large, hand painted unique wedding cake topper is perfect for your reasons. Absolutely no-bars-held for the color choices make it a very interesting and unforgettable beautiful piece.

Deck Chair Cake Topper by Spruce and Hemlock Co.

Having a beach wedding? Why not use beach lounge chairs as toppers to symbolize all the fun that will be having together all throughout your years? Sitting side by side is how you will be meant to be forever!

State Wooden Cake Topper by Wood Wedding Dreams

Home is where the heart is. Even when you have found a new home with your beloved, you will never forget where you were born and raised. This is especially effective if you lived in vastly different places and cultures. It is a wonderful reminder never to forget where you came from!

Puzzle Pieces Wedding Cake Topper by Gingerbread Engraved

If you love to tell each other that you complete each other, and genuinely believe you are puzzle pieces that settled so perfectly together, then this wedding topper is for you! The sweet symbolism will not be lost on anybody and will make them gush.

Silver Eiffel Tower Cake Topper by Over the Top Cake Topper

Paris is the “City of Lights” and not the “City of Love,” but the romantic setting has made many a married couple fall deeply in love. Do you and your new spouse love Paris? Remember that part of your story together using Eiffel Tower unique wedding cake toppers.

Western Boot Cake Topper by Wedding Pros

If the two of you are happily married cowboy and cowgirl, it’s quite an exciting life you will lead! Show your roots and your culture through adorable boot figurines that represent your love and hometown pride.

Rustic Burlap Cake Wedding Topper by Rustic Novel

Little bunting flags are adorable and look quite mature when used properly. The burlap flags are cute and the flowers are a festive complement.

Rustic Cake Topper by Homesand Weddings

Twisted copper wire is a wonderful addition to the top of your cake, beautifully displaying a beautiful word.

Deer Cake Toppers by Wedding Pros

Deer are adorable animals to use as well. They are simple and you can tell which one is the male and female – but if you want to be more obvious, affix a bow tie and a veil, for better unique wedding cake toppers.

"Love Grows Here" Wedding Cake Topper by Alexis Mattox Designs

Maybe the lovely couple has a favorite lyric, poem, quote, or Bible Verse that reminds them of good times. Use this message and spread it to your friends and family at the wedding.

Pink Flamingo Wedding Cake Topper by Love Nesting

Flamingoes are adorable pink animals, and their unique build is perfect for quirky minimalist wedding cakes!

Gold Penguin Wedding Cake Toppers by Unconventional J

Penguins are an adorable animal, and they already looked dressed to the nines. Cast in gold, they’re also cuter and more precious looking.

Personalized Wedding Cake Topper by Cake Topper Art Studio

You could also opt to have the topper created in your likeness. It will preserve your smile in amber, a relic that will remind you of happy times. It’s quite cute and will serve memory quite nicely all of the time as your marriage progresses through the years to come.

Princess Bride Kissing Frog by Magical Day

If you are looking for humorous unique wedding cake toppers, then this cheeky figurine of a woman finally finding her prince charming in the form of a frog will appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to choose radical toppers! After all, what’s important is the story behind each decoration, that will really reach your weddings guests’ hearts!