20 Unique Wedding Registry Items


The wedding registry can be one of the most fun aspects of your wedding planning. You create a wish list of all the things for your new home and life together, but once you begin with that, you can find it can become an overwhelming task. Many couples have ended up with mismatched plates, or more serving plates that are useless. Luckily this list will give you some unique wedding registry items that can replace some of the traditional items and reduce the stress of the registry.

20 Unique Wedding Registry Items


This is one that will get the future husbands excited about the gift registry process. Including grilling accessories to go along with the grill on your registry also ensures you have all the necessities for summer barbecues.

Wall Art

You may be thinking about all the various art you want to display in your home, but most couples always push buying these items off. Including wall art on your registry allows you to ask for the items you want but are less likely to buy for yourself.

Bakeware: from Oven to Table

Perfect to pull out of the oven and take to a dinner party or to set up on a buffet table for your own get-together. Skip the excess traditional plain glass oven dishes and registry for an oven to table bakeware instead. They come in a variety of sizes and colors!

Holiday Decorations

Often overlooked items include having some nice decoration for the holiday season to place on the mantle or hang on the tree. They will make your home feel more festive and inviting when the holiday seasons come around.

Lawn care items

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers and snow machine can be a huge relief to have without worrying about purchasing for your new home. These unique wedding registry items are another inclusion the groom will love to add to the wish list.

Games for Outside

If you are the social couple, that will be having a number of get togethers at your home, then why not add in some fun items to your gift registry? Include some outdoor games like a crochet set or horseshoes that can make your dinner parties more fun.

Basic Tools

Every couple needs the basic tools, so include some power tool sets and other equipment that will make doing those projects you are planning for your new home easier. Power drills, wrench sets, and even a tool box are some items you will want to put on your gift registry.

Wall Garden

Growing your own herbs can be a great way to not only save some money but add in a unique display in your kitchen. A chalkboard wall garden mounting to the kitchen wall next to the sink or window allows you to mark herbs, which is a unique wedding registry item.

Bar Cart

A bar cart can be a great addition to many rooms in your home, it is also an item you typically will put off buying for yourself. A vintage bar cart can be a great item to include on your registry wish list if you enjoy entertaining guests at your home.


If you are going to register for a nice bar cart, why not also register for some items to stock on it? You can register for a monthly wine delivery or for an anniversary collect, which is one of the unique wedding registry items that will give you something to look forward to on your five and ten-year anniversary.

Recreational Gear

If you are adventurous and outdoors type of couple, then include some items you can use on your camping trips, hiking adventures or any other outdoor activity you and your soon to be partner take part in. Hiking backpacks, tents, and fishing gear are some great items to put on the wish list.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is often one of the last things couples will buy for their new home, but it is useful. You can include a nice patio set and lounge chairs on your registry to get these items crossed off your new home to-buy list.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances

Maybe you have the most basic appliances, but why not ask for an upgrade on some of the things you already have? A modern coffee/espresso machine, chic new toaster, or the ultimate standalone mixer are all great upgrades you might want to include on your registry.

Customized Wine Glasses

Many couples will ask for various glassware on their registry and you can ask for something more personal instead of just the standard wine glasses. Include a set of wine glasses that have your initial monogram on them for a more customized set of drinkware.

Glass Pots

While traditional pots and pans are always a must have, include a few variations for something more unique to use in your kitchen. A glass pot is one item you can include on your registry that you most likely wouldn't buy yourself, but is a fun item to own.


Whether your new home will have wall to wall carpeting or just a few area rugs, a vacuum is often a necessity. This is one gift you will be happy to not have to worry about purchasing when you are trying to get your new home in order.


You will be receiving a lot of gifts, not just from your wedding but also the bridal shower, so you will want some places to store all of your unique wedding registry items. Whether you ask for storage bins or storage units for the many rooms, this is one overlooked but useful option to include on your registry.

Honeymoon or Travel Fund

It is not uncommon for brides and grooms to set up a honeymoon fund to help pay for their dream getaway. If you are not planning on a honeymoon, you can still set up a weekend getaway fund, so the two of you can enjoy a peaceful mini vacation for a weekend.

House Fund Contributions

Have you two been house hunting and could use the extra funds to help purchase your dream home? Many couples are choosing to set up a house fund to help them pay for all the fees for buying their first home together.

Charity Registry

One of popular but unique registry items is to have guests make a donation to a favorite charity or cause in your name. If you have a cause that you are actively involved with, this can be a great way to contribute to it.