10 Easy, Feminine and Elegant Wedding Updo Hairstyles with Steps


When it comes to wedding hairstyles, nothing says ‘elegance’ and ‘refinement’ more than a delicate and feminine updo that shows off your neckline and enhances the gorgeous details of your jewelry or dress. Simple, braided, messy and effortless or sleek and polished – regardless of the style you choose, wedding updos and buns have the power to make you look like a veritable modern princess. Here is our top 10 of the best wedding looks!

10 Easy, Feminine and Elegant Wedding Updo Hairstyles with Steps

The Twisted Bun

Starting off our list with one of the easiest options for your big day: the twisted bun! Perfect for beach weddings or casual affairs, this hairstyle will take you no more than 10 minutes to master. 

  • Start off by texturing your hair with your favorite products.

  • Split it into two equal parts. 

  • Literally tie a knot with the two sections of hair. 

  • Turn the left section to the right and pin it with the help of 2-4 bobby pins, making sure it is secured tightly.

  • Do the same with your right section by pinning it to the bottom left. 

  • Take out a few strings of hair to accentuate your features and you’re done!

The Side Bun

This easy hairstyle deserves its spot on our list as it is highly glamorous, a little retro and definitely charming. Whether you are opting for a messy one or a polished one, the chic effect is definitely guaranteed. 

  • Grab a thin elastic and create a low side ponytail on the side where most of your hair falls. 

  • Twist your ponytail tightly, messily or even like the previously-mentioned twisted bun way and secure the ends with bobby pins. 

  • Take out a few wisps of hair for a boho look if desired.

The Sleek Rolled Tuck

This is a definite highlight on our ‘updo hairstyles with steps’ list, as it combines two of our favorite things: elegance and simplicity. 

  • The first thing you need to do is a sleek low ponytail. 

  • After you secure it with a thin elastic, proceed to pulling the hair right above the elastic into two parts, thus creating a loop for your ponytail. 

  • Put the ponytail through the created space, then flip it upwards again and remember to pin it right above the initial loop. 

  • Leave a few inches of hair out, then by taking the ends of your hair, loop it again and pin the center by doing a clockwise move. 

  • Twist the remaining amount of hair counter-clockwise and pin it all down with the help of bobby pins.

The Braid-Wrapped Bun

This one is a classic hairstyle that would suit best an elegant, streamlined wedding ceremony and reception. 

  • Use a thick rubberband in order to secure all your hair on top of your head tightly. 

  • Leave out a ¼ section of your hair, then start creating a simple ballerina bun with the rest. 

  • Once you’re done, braid the remaining section fishtail-style.

  • Use a clear elastic to tie the braid and use bobby pins to secure it around your ballerina bun.

The Hair Bow

This super cute and delicate version of a bun is definitely adorable. 

  • Start with a middle ponytail and divide it into two equal sections. 

  • Pull one side up and around in order to form a bow and pin it down tightly. 

  • Repeat the same movement with the other half and pin it. 

  • Pull down the hair end in order to form the center of the box and pin them down.

The 1960s Ponytail

If you’re into the retro look, then this one is for you: a very chic retro-glam look like Brigitte Bardot for your big day! 

  • Start by creating lots of volume at the base - tease your hair and add hairspray to secure it in place. 

  • Make a ponytail, but remember not to pull the hair tightly at the top in order to have lots of volume. 

  • Loosen the top section even more by pulling the hair from the crown area, then smooth it all with a comb. 

  • Wrap a piece of hair from the back around the elastic to hide it and done!

The Bohemian Twist

When searching for updo hairstyles with steps, this one surely deserves your attention. 

  • Twirl sections of your hair from top to bottom and bring them to the other side, alternating sides.

  • Aim for at least 4 twirled sections for a boho effect.

The Triple Braided Bun

  • Section the hair in three parts.

  • Secure the middle part at the back in a low ponytail with the help of a thin elastic. 

  • Braid the back ponytail, then turn it into a knot and secure it at the back with bobby pins. 

  • Repeat the same with the side sections, but skip the initial ponytail part – just braid the hair, then make a knot and secure it.

The Messy French Twist

  • Start by using dry shampoo for extra volume.

  • Proceed to back-combing your hair at the crown. 

  • Add some texturizing paste, then pull your hair back and roll it around your fingers. 

  • Secure it all with bobby pins from both up and down and finish the look with lots of hairspray.

The Braided French Twist

To finish off our ‘updo hairstyles with steps’ list, here’s a gorgeous twist on a French classic: 

  • start by giving your hair lots of texture with styling products, then tease and pin the crown part. 

  • Bring the sides upwards and make sure they overlap each other over the pinned part. 

  • Braid in desired style the rest of the hair. 

  • When you’re done, bring up your braid and bend it, then pin it tightly.