Vejetha Anand – the Makeup Guru


The wedding is a very special ceremony where two people are united by love and marriage. The highlight of this heartfelt occasion is when the bride walks down the aisle elegantly with that special glow in her face. Everyone will remember how beautiful the bride looked in her wedding dress and how her fabulous make up complemented her ensemble, just like she stepped out from a fairy tale book - the fresh look that’s been polished and brushed by the creative flare of make-up professionals like Vejetha Anand in a makeup cost that is reasonable enough not to put strain in the wedding budget. Read on to find more about Vejetha Anand makeup cost.

Vejetha Anand – the Makeup Guru

Vejetha Anand

In Bangalore, a wedding day beauty transformation begins on the day a bride contacts Vejetha Anand. Every bride she attends to looks to be picture perfect – whether you chose dramatic, glamorous, ethereal, traditional, or elegant. With her prowess in brushes and colors she earned the title “Woman with the magic wand” by her clients. True enough, Bangalore weddings are not complete without her presence and her makeup kit. Her portfolio boasts of a decade’s worth of magically transforming a bride in a look that she always dreamt of. Branded as an entrepreneur and multi-tasking mom, her fashion shows, prominent personalities, celebrity photo shoots, and Vejetha Anand makeup cost amaze people. She has worked with the great stars in the limelight such as Sania Mirza, Raghu Mukkhergee, Anushka Sharma, and Jackie to name a few.

Vejetha Anand Makeup Cost

Vejetha Anand makeup cost and hair arrangement starts at 15,000 rupees for bridal makeups. For party make up, it cost around 6,500 rupees per person. Air brush makeup costs around 25,000 rupees. But, if you simply want a light make up, it will only cost you 8,500 rupees. These packages already include hair styling, draping, nail polish change, and make up. She can go in the bride’s preferred location upon request and also has paid trial offer. As good natured and humble as she is, every bride that her makeup brush touched will swear that she’ll take away the bridezilla mood swings with a smile and extraordinary flare. She also has lots of customers due to the referrals of brides she previously worked with.

Why Choose Vejetha Anand?

Indeed, the bride’s makeup can make or break her look. But to achieve that unforgettable aura, one should have a long preparation beforehand. One of Vejetha Anand’s power kits is her deep understanding about caring for the skin, hair, and overall bridal body care. Vejetha Anand sees importance of having a good selection of beauty regimen for skin care. It is correct that the skin has its own way to repair and build itself, but because we are talking about the big day, a complete bridal regimen that Vejetha Anand prefers are cleansing, toning, serum, moisturizing, eye cream, lip balm, sunscreen, and body lotion. A certified perfectionist, Vejetha Anand makeup cost and expertise earn the top spot in the beauty arena.To achieve a glamorous look and feel, a bride should definitely pick Vejetha Anand.

How to Work with Vejetha Anand

 After making a reservation, the bride will be invited in Swank Studio and will be greeted by her warm and friendly staff. Her bridal ninjas’ motto – “to honor and exceed expectations of clients that will blow you away”. They take the time to listen, understand the bride’s wishes, and create the look that she is aspiring for on that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Vejetha Anand makeup cost and the entire package will be explained thoroughly as well as the makeup vision for that special day. Her pre-wedding package which includes a number of massages, waxing, chocolate wraps, up to the simplest eyebrow shaping is simply unparalleled. For the makeup, Vejetha prefers to play up the eyes by putting black eyeliners and more than one eye shadow with a little bit of blush for a perfect blushing bride look.

A bride wants to be wrinkle free on her wedding day. She will not only search relentlessly for the best makeup artist but also choose someone that will help take away the stress of the wedding preparations. With good humor and genuine smile, Vejetha Anand will prep up any bride to look phenomenal and gorgeous. She is one of the few professional makeup artists who understand exactly what is needed to be done in an efficient manner. Indeed, when the bride grows old and she sits with her partner while looking back through the wedding album and reminiscing those romantic memories, they will marvel at how beautiful the bride looked in that special day because of Vejetha Anand.

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