The Vanguard Bride: Vera Wang Wedding Dresses


Vera Wang is a major name in fashion with a huge following and a great reputation – and part of the designer’s fame is due to her elegant wedding dresses, that get more innovative and fabulous each season. The 2016 and 2017 collections of Vera Wang wedding dresses are current, if not almost avant-garde, high-fashion and certainly memorable. Here are some of the major trends the brand is presenting in the most recent haute couture collections, from see-through styles to extreme drama and volume.

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses – Trends for the New Season

Trend 1: Transparency

Celebrities have been sporting it for a few seasons now and step by step, fashionable girls are following in their footsteps – we are talking about the see-through dresses trend with all its risqué garments, a trend present on the red carpets in Hollywood and even at fancy dinner parties. This season, the Vera Wang brand embraces this vanguard trend fully by making a clear fashion statement: transparent is IN and see-through fabrics are totally hot even on your wedding day (of course, you may not be brave enough to embrace the trend in its full glory and opt for a slip just to be safe). Sheer lace, sheer chiffon and intricate meshes are all the rage these days, especially when combined with precious details, big volumes and innovative shapes. Visible lace underwear is also in, and even present in contrasting colors.

Nightgown-like wedding gowns are another occurring element in the Vera Wang haute couture collections, as well as the pairing of sheer fabrics with voluminous bottoms and puffy trains. Most of the sheer pieces present gorgeous movement as well, mostly due to the fabrics, but also due to the skilled draping techniques. Black makes a noticeable appearance as well this season, as a contrasting element in juxtaposition with the delicate whites.

Here are some of the most impressive looks from the Spring 2016 collection that rock the transparency trend:

Trend 2: Minimalism and Flawless Cuts

Some of the best qualities when it comes to Vera Wang wedding dresses is their immaculate construction and their almost architectural shape. Clear lines, straight edges and perfectly defined curves are some of the brand’s most attractive features when talking about their bridal gowns. And since their 2016’s collections feature a wide range of minimalistic dresses, the designer had to make sure that the pieces impressed with their construction and perfect fit. Minimalism may sound easy to achieve, but it is definitely more difficult in terms of design than simple shift dresses adorned by sparkly jewels. The 2016 Spring collection by Vera Wang features pieces that lack any decorative elements, yet are organically gorgeous on their own.

Some of the most memorable garments are represented by this simple and elegant dress with a peek-a-boo detail on the bodice and this form-fitting dress with a voluminous bottom and a dramatic black belt.

Trend 3: Fairy-like Gowns

Delicate bows, airy fabrics, sheer materials, precious chiffon and the most graceful embellishments – these are some of the characteristics of the Vera Wang wedding dresses from their haute couture 2016 collections, meant to inspire brides everywhere. These dainty pieces are definitely the kind of clothes fairies from the romance-filled stories would wear, this kind of garments are suitable for very feminine ladies with an affinity to all things magical and whimsical. Some of the pieces from the latest collections feature delicate flower petals, displayed almost chaotically and yet effortlessly-chic at the same time. It is perfect for brides who love a little mystery and a fairytale vibe for their big day or simply as an inspirational platform for brides in search of innovative styles.

Here are some of the best examples that showcase the designer’s fairy-like trend:

Trend 4: Major Drama

Many designers try to recreate drama when they design wedding dresses and that is because many brides are keen on making an impactful entrance in a spectacular dress. Vera Wang definitely managed to bring the drama to its loudest volume as she created her Spring 2016 collection, where many pieces are as dramatic as it gets. Asymmetry, the blackest of all blacks, enormous volumes and long trains made of yards and yards of chiffon are just some of the elements that create the dramatic effect of Vera Wang wedding dresses. Unexpected combinations, such as sheer + low-cut necklines and ample sleeves also pump up the theatrical aesthetic.

The peek-a-boo (also seen as part of the minimalistic trend above) effect makes another appearance in this exquisite strapless black dress with a voluminous feather skirt (see below) – with a modern bodice and a dramatic bottom, this dress is definitely suitable for a bride who wants to break all rules when it comes to her wedding attire.