Saying YES with Style – 15 Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Rings


Finding the perfect engagement ring for your soulmate can be a draining and difficult job, even more so if you are looking for vintage engagement rings. There are lots of styles out there dating from different times, as well as vintage-like rings or pieces that feature vintage diamonds and stones. With such a variety of styles, cuts and even colors, it can feel a little overwhelming when shopping for the ideal piece of jewelry. We’ve cut it down for you to a few amazing pieces that no woman could possibly say ‘NO’ to.

Saying YES with Style – 15 Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Rings

The Charlsie Ring

Who could not love this positively enchanting and mysterious piece of art? With its purple center where a gorgeous amethyst lies and its cushion shaped top, this Edwardian ring is definitely a unique choice, perfect for a lady who loves old fairytales and has deep love for all things purple. Dating from the 1920s and with intricate gold details, it’s a hard-to-miss piece.

From Brilliant Earth

The Art Deco Ring

Staying in the beginning of the previous century area, here is another marvelous design that captures the true aesthetic of the architectural Art Deco style that influenced all areas from buildings to fashion and jewelry-making.

From Etsy

The Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

This sturdy ring is brilliance at best, with a pop of color! With its princess cut center and gorgeous blue sapphires, it is a perfect choice for a lady who loves a unique design and blue hues.

From Helzberg

The Victorian Moonstone Piece

Vintage engagement rings are always in demand, but Victorian rings are some of the top favorites, as they are timeless, feminine and princess-like. And what girl doesn’t dream of rocking a massive beauty from the 1890s such as this one? Its middle features a lovely moonstone, surrounded by single cut diamonds.

From Erstwhile

The Shelli Ring

Another brilliant and timeless piece with a design that is the best of two worlds: the old and the new. On the more minimalist side – for a vintage piece, that is – this ring has a rhodium plated setting and a classic round diamond. With its subdued beauty and subtle elegance, this piece is perfect for a lady who sports a delicate and casual-chic style.

From Brilliant Earth

The Rose Morganite Ring

Some girls love their pink! And if your love is part of this joyful group, then look no further – this ring is as pink as it gets! With its rose gold diamonds and Art Deco elegance and symmetry, not to mention, its rose gold finish, plus morganite and baguette stones, you’ve got a mesmerizing piece of jewelry on your hands!

From Etsy

The Martha Ring

Another piece that presents Art Deco inspirations – this ring, characteristic to European aesthetics, features different sized bead prongs, plus no less than four diamonds, making it elegant and sophisticated.

From Brilliant Earth

The Annello Ring

With a moissanite center surrounded by natural white diamonds, this piece represents the halo style best and looks like the picture-perfect of vintage engagement rings that combines the old with the new.

From Overstock

The Rose Swirl Engagement Ring

A rose gold beauty featuring a classic element: the swirl. With its rounded shape and curved design, this engagement ring is ultra feminine and lovely in both color and cut.

From Helzberg

The Grace Ring

Now this is one bright and colorful engagement ring – and if your partner is on board with color, opt for this explosion of pastel hues! With its poetic background (inspired by the three Graces), this ring is somewhere between a pink and a lavender hue, and includes details such as sapphire leafs in its intricate, romantic design.

From Trumpet & Horn

The Victorian Ring

An antique ring for your love – what can trump that? This Victorian piece of art is spectacular, featuring a halo design and an oval cut diamond with a yellow gold finish and small diamonds for extra bling on the sides.

From Etsy

The Midcentury Opal Ring

When talking about vintage engagement rings, we cannot complete a list without mentioning at least one opal stunner. And this piece right here is exactly what we were talking about. Combined with vanguard and minimalism – with its cabochon cut, this mid century piece is definitely unique, but gorgeous at the same time.

From Isadoras

The Gold Tiara Ring

If you love would get bored at the sight of a classically cut engagement ring, then this one is definitely a quirky, yet fabulous alternative with a clear princess reference: the tiara ring!

From Trumpet & Horn

The Emerald Cut Ring

A clean design? YES! A classic, yet modern emerald cut? Check! Minimalistic and always in style? Definitely! This ring has it all: the new, the old and the forever-on-trend, perfect for a modern girl who loves a vintage touch.

From EraGem

The Aquamarine Cushion Ring

Not all girls are set on a classic white diamond, that’s for sure. And when it comes to gorgeous vintage engagement rings, the possibilities, the designs and the colors are endless. Check out this aquamarine piece with a cushion cut, dating from the hippie 1970s!

From Isadoras