Wedding's Alcohol Calculator


It’s hard to imagine a wedding celebration without alcohol because it’s come to be such norm to toast champagne, savor wine, and sip cocktails during the reception. Entertainment is almost always accompanied with spirits, just to lift our spirits. Almost everyone is in the mood to drink during these kinds of occasions. That’s why you might put yourself in an embarrassing situation if you run out of alcohol! While you can never be too sure about what the exact amount of alcohol you should buy for your wedding, a simple educated estimate will be very helpful. Get your pens and paper out and whip up your own wedding's alcohol calculator for your special night to be smooth sailing.

How to Calculate Wedding Alchol

It can help to track your wedding's alcohol calculator project on pen and paper. Here is a process you can use to help you start how to consider buying alcohol for your wedding reception.

STEP ONE: Figure out the number of people in your guest list

Be sure to bug your wedding guests about the RSVP on your invitations, so you can make a nearly accurate guess for your wedding alcohol amount. Getting an accurate number of guests who will come will also be easier for your dinnerware and glassware rental. 

STEP TWO: Decide on what kind of alcohol your reception should get

One way to do this is to think about the people you have invited, and create ratios about the amount of alcohol you will buy. If this is for the reception, champagne for every single person at the wedding is a must for the toast. Aside from that, think about who would like popular drinks like wine, liquor, and beers. That should cover the minimum needs at a wedding reception to appease all kinds of drinkers.

If you would like to be accurate, do a survey. You can call up your friends and family and ask about what they would prefer, or even hand out a simple electronic survey that they can easily answer online. This is a bit different and may actually take more time, but if you’re really prudent then this method is helpful. Of course, people will drink whatever they like on the day of the reception, so you have to ready for that as well.

STEP THREE: Decide on what kind of bar setting you will have

Having a bar that your guests can order drinks is the usual set-up in modern weddings. And the types of bars do matter.

  • A full bar, completely stocked with all kinds of alcohol, has an operator in charge of buying the alcohol. This is a very expensive option, unless your entire guest list is made of heavy drinkers, a limited bar almost always makes more sense to pursue.

  • A limited bar will help you cut down on planning, costs, and drunk guests. You will be responsible for stocking the bar, but at least you have good tabs on the costs and have less wasted alcohol.

STEP FOUR: Calculate the amount of alcohol needed

Now that you have the number of guests, and the ratios of the alcohol drinkers in your guest list, you are able to figure out the number of guests for each kind of alcohol. And another thing you need to be clear about is the servings each bottle could offer. The general guideline for servings per bottle is as follows:

  • A 750 mL bottle of wine can have 4-5 servings

  • A 750 ml bottle of Champagne can have 12 servings

  • A 750 ml bottle of liquor can make 20 drinks

  • A 330 mL bottle of beer is for one person per hour

  • A Keg can hold 165 servings

Each guest usually get one serving each hour, now you could calculate how many alcohol you need based on the time of your reception. Use one of the wedding's alcohol calculator we recommend in next part will make things much easier. 

STEP FIVE: Buy some extras just in case!

All this planning is sure to not be accurate, so be smart and stock up a little bit more than needed, so that you will never run out of alcohol and keep your guests happy!

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