Top 20 Wedding Anniversary Cakes


A wedding anniversary party is almost as romantic, important and emotional as your wedding party, and there is nothing better than celebrating with family and friends, right? Let us help you to choose the perfect wedding anniversary cake! The cake is not only one of the most delicious parts of the menu but it’s also the centerpiece of your decoration, and it can be in so many different styles.

Top 20 Wedding Anniversary Cakes

Modern and Different!

You can have a very different and modern wedding anniversary cake when it’s not actually a cake. Cupcakes are trending since forever and don’t seem like it is going anywhere, so how about put them all together in a cake shape? Or better yet, macarons! The number 1 macarons cake is so beautiful, elegant and modern that even without a wedding anniversary party, we would want it!

Classic Flowers

Back to the basics, there is no wedding without flowers, and in your wedding anniversary party and cake, you might also want to bring back that romantic vibe, so it is not just another party. Cakes with flowers are normally the first choice, and not because everyone would expect that, it is not the perfect choice. It is safe, it’s romantic, it’s wedding like, plus is so beautiful! Moreover, if you do not want to use real flowers just use the shapes.

W + H (Wife + Husband)

Using the initials of the Wife and Husband, it is not so unusual either. It always crosses the wife’s mind to use it in the wedding anniversary cake, but many actually give up the idea thinking it could look really childish. However, you can look like a teenager in love and still have a very elegant and charming cake. Oh come on, this tree shaped cake with the lovebirds initials is so romantic and cute, who does not want that?

Naked and Trending

Naked cakes are everything now, everybody wants, everybody knows that it is trending, even who hates it is now forced to love it, because it is everywhere! It’s different because it does not have much frosting or anything, so flowers or fruits are the best decorations.

Dates and Year(s) of Marriage

You can decorate your wedding anniversary cake with numbers. The first thing would come to your mind would be the number of years you and the love of your life have been together, which is a great idea. Look how classic, elegant and beautiful is this 50th anniversary cake is! However, a cool and different idea is to decorate the cake with the date of the marriage, cute, right?

Textures Are the Bomb!

If you are doing a more elegant and sophisticated wedding anniversary party, you should think about a cake with a different texture. It is not as thoughtful or romantic as the others are, but it goes with the mood of the event and is really beautiful. Look at those two!

Themed Party, Themed Cake!

Parties with themes are everything, and it is so much easy to decorate, plus it is so much fun! So have fun peeking the theme and choosing everything based on it. You can go with themes like peter pan and travels like in the pictures or you can go with others ideas, like cartoons or movies that the couple loves.

Words Are Better than Dolls!

It is almost a tradition to have dolls at the top of a wedding cake, and you can do the same on your wedding anniversary cake, but better yet is to have words on top. Look at those ideas! You can also go with: forever, anniversary, love, happily ever after and more.