20 Most Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas


The key accessory of any bride, aside from a flowing white gown and a lovely veil, is the bunch of blooms she carries with her during the ceremony. Traditionally, floral bouquets are symbols of fertility and fortune for the wedded couple. They are an integral part of the bride’s look and wedding décor today. Thinking of keeping the tradition yet doing something different? This compilation of wedding bouquet ideas will spark your creativity and bring out your unique personality as you make your way down the aisle!

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Butterfly Bouquet by Martha Stewart Weddings

If you really desire to stand out, consider taking your bouquet from blooms to butterflies! This arrangement is one of Martha Stewart Wedding's creative and whimsical creations. It will definitely turn heads and even inspire wonder in your guests and it's surely going to be the most unique bouquet your weddings guests have ever seen!

Dried Wildflowers by Decofleur

Dried flowers would usually have to be processed after the actual wedding, but this arrangement introduces a new way of using keepsake methods. The dried texture is very unique, and the flowers do not lose their vibrancy and hue. It can be a great addition to a rustic or vintage wedding theme.

Draped Bouquet

This draped bouquet is no longer a rare arrangement, but it is one of the wedding bouquet ideas that are really reinvented by the flower arrangers. The trail of blooms are often a visual treat that is difficult to ignore, but the main floral bouquet should remain the real show stopper.

Dark Blooms and Rings by the Enchanted Florist

White and pink and other such variations of light shades often take center stage at weddings, so the use of dark red and violet blooms is really striking next to the white bridal gown. The innovative metal ring accessories add another level of elegance to the brooding flowers. It's a great mix of classic and modern.

Arm-spray Bouquet by WeddingChicks

Look like a beauty queen and have a long bouquet on display. This looks even better without any additional paper or ribbons. The all natural look is really chic with light colored blooms, just neatly arranged. However, the movements of the bride while she walks down might be more limited as she does not have free use of one hand - but what matters is that she is beautiful!

Brooch Bouquet by MagnoliaHandmade

This is one of the wedding bouquet ideas that might seem to be significantly more expensive than the traditional bulb of flowers route, but it really depends on the quality and quantity of the brooches used. The finished product is rather wonderful especially when it catches light during the event, illuminating the beauty of the bride with its gems and crystals.

Protea Bouquet by Karma Flowers

The Protea flower is such an interesting looking flower, but beautiful, nonetheless. Frame the wonder of this large flower by maintaining just one Protea bloom as the bouquet, with additional foliages. It elegantly strikes the balance between simply sweet and daring. Perfect for any bride who loves pastels!

Trailing Bouquet by Elena Butko

This may just be an elegant rendition of the draped bouquet, but this arrangement is a real show stopper and is really a beautiful sight. the small, mere handful of elegant flowers is offset with the volume and length of the greenery coming put from the other side. The pearls woven in the tangle of vines is an genius way of making the look much more sophisticated!

Crystal Bouquet by BridalBouquetsbyKy

This arrangement hopes to impress as it glistens wonderfully at everyone in sight. The fine crystals can easily evoke the look of a regular flower arrangement, just enhanced in terms of bling.

Oversized Bouquet by Fusion Flowers Summer School 2014

There are simple blushing brides, but there are also brides who love a bit of drama. We can imagine that they would wield the fantastic arrangement like this with pride! The sheer volume and the popping colors are striking and would definitely be one of the wedding bouquet ideas that will go down in history for extravagance!

Wire Draped Wedding Bouquet by Sharon Peaker Flowers

If you desire a little more structure with the tail of blooms your draped bouquet will have, then you can consider having them supported by a wire, which will also act as an embellishment on the arrangement. Just a small detail such as this can set your bouquet apart from the rest already.

Monochromatic Wedding Bouquet by White Magnolia Designs

There is an oddly satisfying effect that a monochromatic wedding bouquet gives for its audience. There is no need to add greenery or foliages, and you want to maintain the color of the flowers in the paper holder and other decorations. It is a simple way to make your bouquet really pop and grab the attention of everyone in the room.

Colorful Fiesta-Inspired Wedding Bouquet from Lara Hotz Photography

It is definitely difficult to keep crepe and ribbons away from the realm of corny, but this bouquet does it just right. The bold color of the chosen flowers make the rest of the decors believable. The uneven and tousled nature of the bouquet is so chic that it becomes elegant. This arrangement is the work of a genius and the sign of the bold personality of the bride.

Draped Teardrop Bouquet by Dana Dineen

This is one of the wedding bouquet ideas that sticks to the more traditional route, but still gets its inherent exciting factor through the unusual shape. The teardrop flower bouquet is easy to produce, comfortable to hold, and simply arranged, just like the usual kind. Added draping looks much more natural and elegant with this shape as well.

Pearl Wedding Bouquet by Bride Online

Pearl is one of the ocean's mysteries. The precious nature and regal connection of pearls make it a sophisticated choice for a wedding bouquet. Whether you use real pearls or beautiful beads, a pearly white bouquet is definitely and exciting way to go!

Crescent Wedding Bouquet by Flower Arrangement Advisor

This arrangement is catching on quite while to current weddings. It is only a slight change from the regular type of bouquet, and definitely enhances the avant garde feel of any wedding. The crescent shape might look tricky to deal with, but the sophisticated effect is wonderful.

Greenery Wedding Bouquet from Southbound Bride

Do you think that flowers are overrated? If you are that rare type of woman who isn't that particularly fond of blooms, then a full bouquet of what is usually used as foliage should be an interesting option for you. The mix of different leaves gives an interesting texture that makes you forget that the bouquet is "supposed" to have flowers - and it makes you seem like a real green thumb!

Succulent Wedding Bouquet by My Wedding

Do you love the chubby leaves and pastel green color that succulents have? Then using the popular plants would prove to be quite a good choice for a bride like you. Their unique look and varying colors will definitely look interesting in a bunch.

Seashell Wedding Bouquet by Romantic Flowers

Your wedding bouquet ideas should always stem from the details of the wedding itself. This bouquet obviously belongs to a wonderful beach wedding, signifying the importance of the sand and sea in their relationship. It's a really thoughtful way to tie everything about your wedding together. Like the saying goes, it's all in the small things.

Baby's Breath Wedding Bouquet from Pitiera Photography

What's this? Baby's Breath is a cute bunch of blooms that are usually used completely as fillers. If you are happy with these tiny flowers, the effect of their number is overwhelmingly cute. Let them take centerstage instead of providing support to roses! This is especially perfect for minimalist brides.