30 Best Wedding Bun Hairstyles


A bun is the most traditional and timelessly in vogue hair updo for brides. In those crucial 7 to 8 hours of wedding, you have to undergo many conditions like breeze, sun, humidity, sweating and above all, dozens of hugs by the guests. In all these cases, maintaining the hairstyle is not every bride’s cup of tea. We recommend wedding bun hairstyles for you to such situations.

Best Wedding Bun Hairstyles

Bun hair updo is applicable for both long and medium hair. Naturally straight and healthy hair are more suitable for a bun. Those with shorter hair, can also use hair extensions, if they love the braided look. Do not forget to accessorize it with some jeweled headpieces or fresh flowers. Check out some of the best bun updos for brides-to-be.

Side Updo

This one is for a fashion savvy bride with long hair. Front side part of hair travels back to the messy side updo. The style adds a retro elegance and sophistication to your look.


Rose Chignon for Long Hair

For your gorgeous long tresses, you don’t need any roses. Try this unique rose chignon to get a traditional yet stylish look. Only an expert hand can handle the complexity.


Fresh Roses in Messy Bun

Get your messy bun accented with fresh roses. It gives a boho-chic and natural appeal to your look. This low bun with wavy locks is best for destination or garden weddings.


Bun with Jewel Accessory

Complicated mixed braids buns are rightly made with long hair. To give it a touch of glamour, use jeweled hairclips or hair bands. To have a softer look, try a spiral lock in the front.


Simple and Sleek Low Bun

For the brides with long and straight hair this softly made low bun adds both style and innovation. Jazz it up with some jeweled hairclip. It would surely elevate the simple look.


Top Messy Bun with Braided Crown

Messy buns add a chic appeal to the bridal look. It’s perfect for bohemian brides. This messy bun is given a touch of difference with a braided crown all around it.


Rose Accented High Low Bun

A puff in the front adds a slimming effect to the face of a plus-size bride. Wavy locks in this high low messy bun are best accented with a small rose.


Big Ballerina Bun

Ballerina or top knot is the trendiest of all wedding bun hairstyles. It's a big bun resting on the crown of the head, with tight hair.


Messy Bun for Spring

Tied low on the back, it’s a softly pulled back bun with braids. To accessorize it a number of small flowers can be used. This updo gives a softer look to the eyes and cheeks.


High Bun with Jewel Crown

For the fashion forward brides who adore a Hollywood-inspired glamorous hairstyle, try this stylish high messy bun. A jeweled crown beautifully compliments the bun. The updo guarantees a diva-like appearance.


Top Knot with Straight Bangs

For sassy brides, this hair updo is a big YES! The straight bangs add a chic appeal while a top knot gives it a traditional aura. The style would suit the girls with straight and long hair.


Side Bun with Braids

This style is also applicable for short or medium length hair. The low bun on the side and the side braids coming over it, add a playfulness to it.


Donut Updo with Braids

Suitable for medium and long hair, it is tied to the crown of the head. A doughnut ring is used to shape it up. Incorporating it with chic braids on the side gives a more appealing look.


Beehive Updo for Shorter Hair

Add an antique charisma to your bridal look with a beehive updo. The funky style completes the look perfectly. Addition of loose bangs or jeweled band gives you a softer look.


Top Bun with Side Swept Bangs

Trendy top bun can be tried with various styles. Side swept bangs give a funkiness to the look. If you are a trendy yet casual bride, try this look.


French Braid Plus Bun

For a bohemian-inspired bride, a top messy bun is wonderfully elevated with a chic French braid on the lower part of the head. A touch of floral accent makes it perfect for an outdoor wedding.


High Messy Bun with Hairclip

Showoff your stand out style, with a high messy bun. Under the bun, a dazzling clip gives it a modern appeal. The updo is suitable for both long and medium hair.


Sleekly Tight Low Bun

For formal weddings, this simply elegant low bun on the nape of the neck is quite suitable. Brides with medium to long hair can try this updo. For the brides with shorter hair, extensions are always an option.


Bubble Bun

For an elegant bridal look, a bubble bun is one of the perfect wedding bun hairstyles for long hair. Tightly tied hair are paired with a big bubble bun on the crown of the head.


Twisted Chignon

This twisted chignon on the low neck area is accessorized with a jeweled headband. The updo can be made with both long and short hair.


Braided Messy Bun with Baby Breath

Just adore this mixed braided updo. It gives a rustic feel. Waves of golden hair in the braids are charmingly filled with baby breath flowers.


High and Low Bun with Veil

Many would disagree, but it actually looks fab. A traditional bride who wants a veil, can try any high or low bun. Veil can be worn on the top of the bun as well as under it.


Rolled Up Bun with Mini Bouffant

The sassy hair updo is quite trendy. For brides who want simplicity and style, this one is the best option. A slight bouffant with side sweeps has dramatically perked up the look of a rolled up bun.


Twisted Low Updo

This one is the amalgamation of modern with slightly traditional feel. Twists from the front are sweeping back to the twisted low bun. It would make you a gorgeous bride.


Tight Multi Braided Bun

Not one nor two. You can actually try multiple braids for your wedding updo. Fashion forward brides who want something unique, try this to get a standout style.


Side Bun with Flower Crown

This hair updo is perfect for a boho bride’s garden wedding. The stunning wavy locks are adorning the messy side bun. Top of the head is embellished with a romantic flower crown.


Loose High Bun with Bangs

This high messy bun with loose wavy locks gives a gorgeous look to bride. This style can be made from short to long hair. The front bangs and organza flower hairclip add more.


Simple Low Bun with Headpiece

This is the simplest and one of the most stunning wedding bun hairstyles. Loosely tied hair are paired with a low bun on the nape of the neck. A glitzy headband accentuates its beauty.


Tight High Bun with Pearls

A tightly tied high bun is beautifully elevated with various sizes of ivory pearls. It would give a glamorous look to the bride. The hairstyle is perfect for evening ceremony.


Vintage-Inspired Updo

An updo, classiest of all on our list, is a simply tied low bun. A vintage inspired jeweled headband adds beauty to it.