Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Flowers


The wedding cake is the masterpiece of the decoration, it needs to be gorgeous and showstopper. Many brides go crazy trying to find the perfect wedding cake and it really is not an easy task. However, we have an idea for you, why don’t you try wedding cakes with flowers?

Tips for Getting a Wedding Cake with Flowers

The wedding cake is one of the highlights of the wedding; your guests will forget about the music from the first dance, or the color of the bride’s shoes, or the groom’s tie. However, they will never froget how the cake looks and tasts like. So think about a gorgeous and stunning cake.

It won’t be that hard. The first step is to find a style of cake that you love, that will take you minutes because you will see some very inspirational wedding cakes in our 18 Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Flowers list. And we have some cool and helpful tips about choosing the right type of flowers on your cake for your wedding day:

  • Fake flowers. Using fake flowers for the cake decoration is easy, you can simply pick the color and style of the flower that blends perfectly with the rest of the wedding decoration.

  • Real flowers. Real flowers will look stunning but you will have a little more work to do. With real flowers, you need to find out which ones are currently in the season to save you a fortune, choose the one that complement with the theme of the wedding and just then check available colors. Remember, the stems need to be wrapped in something like cellophane or stuck in floral picks. Why? Well, you do not want flavor or any residue from the plant on your wedding cake, do you? To save the trouble, you can choose a type of flower that is safe to eat.

Fabulous Wedding Cakes with Flowers

After all these tips and ideas let’s take a look at our beautiful wedding cakes so you can get inspired.

You can go with the traditional and choose a white wedding cake with white roses and add a bit of green with some plants and it will look beautiful, this is the perfect cake for a boho farm wedding.

And what about this cake on the right? Very romantic and beautiful, it reminds people of the new Cinderella movie.

Wow this cake on the left is really a piece of art, stunning! While everyone is thinking about beautiful big flower that would stand out more in your cake, this one is all about twigs and little cute flowers.

And a dark naked cake can be the perfect fit with a cool set of roses on the top. Simple but beautiful, right?

Talking about naked wedding cakes with flowers, check these cakes. The first one has different colored layers, the purple and blue shades go together well. You could include your wedding color in your cake just like this. In addition, how about put your flower piece in the middle of the cake instead that in the top? And adding some colorful frosting in a mess up way can look beautiful too.

I wasn’t that crazy about dark shades on the wedding cake until I saw these two. I mean, the first one with the bottom shaped as purple sugar flowers and the other part with chocolate frosting and pink roses is exquisite. And the second one is a white cake with some dark purple flowers, purely amazing!

Lots of brides love pink, and here are some cute and innovated ideas for your wedding cake.

Are you tired of traditional and naked cakes? Do you want something different? What about shape macaroons into a cool new cake? Modern, right? Don’t forget to decorate it with flowers. 

And how about this textured cake on the right? Tiny and cute.

As mentioned before, for wedding cakes with flowers, you don't have to use real flowers since it might cost you more money and energy. Here are some cakes with fake sugar flowers that looked amazing.

And do you want another great idea? To use flower prints! I mean, draw flowers! Look how stunning the result is.