Stunning Ideas for Wedding Ceiling Decorations


An artistic ceiling decoration of your wedding reception plays an important role in setting the tone of the event. With all other decorations, wedding ceiling decorations are equally important. Not only because it looks great, but sometimes the wedding venues have rough-looking ceilings that need to be covered up. For that you must look for some creative and unique wedding ceiling decoration ideas.

Ideas for Wedding Ceiling Decorations

What we share here are mere ideas and inspirations. To make them more appealing, follow the wedding theme and color. Before finalizing any idea for ceiling décor, you must inquire the owners of the venue about the limitations or restrictions for decoration.

Ceiling Draping with or Without Lights

Using ceiling draping is the most traditional way of ceiling decoration. Satin, shimmer organza, gossamer or other silk fabrics are used. These drapes can be accented with many accessories, including twinkling lights, especially for evening reception.


Wrapped Hula Hoop

No need to spend on the chandeliers, go for the DIY method of wrapped hula hoop. These can be wrapped with flowers or with foliage, for a barn rustic wedding.


Ribbon-decorated Ceiling

No decoration is complete without silk ribbons. For ceilings décor, they are commonly used as streamers. Ribbon chandeliers are also getting trendy.


Chinese Lantern Hula Hoop

Colorful Chinese lantern hanging with hula hoop gives a very playful aura to the reception hall. For non-traditional and casual weddings, this could be the perfect choice.


Chandelier Type Lights

A luxurious chandelier is quite a pricey option, not suitable for a budget wedding. Hanging delicate sparkling lights from a hula hoop can give the same gleaming and dazzling effect in lesser price.


Foliage Garlands

For a barn rustic or garden wedding reception, fresh foliage garlands can be opted for. Artistically arranged garlands enhance the mood of the rustic wedding theme.


Floral Ceiling

There are hundreds of ways in which you can do the wedding ceiling decorations, using flowers. Garlands, hanging flowers in several ways or above all in the form of a floral wedding chandelier.


Buntings for a Colorful Event

These buntings could be used with or without drapes. If it’s a nighttime wedding reception, using darker shades is better and get them accented with small led lights.


Fun Hangings for Wedding Ceiling

With this idea, you can simply utilize the everyday objects like mason jars, tin cans, votive, lightbulbs as ceiling hangings. You can also accent them with flowers or lights.


Artistically-Arranged Branches

Uniquely arranged and well decorated branches can set the tone of a rustic or barn wedding. Foliage, floral accents or led lights, all are wonderful options.


Funky Wedding with Balloons

Add the pop of colors to a festive or carnival wedding with a colorful balloon ceiling. Check your artistic skills and get them accented with lights, drapes and tassels.


Hanging Crystals for a Royal Wedding

Get a princess feel with hanging crystals on wisteria covered ceiling. It’s an idea perfect for creating an aurora of romance.


Candle Light Ceiling

An elegant night reception can be made elegant with candles, suspended in the air. The idea is perfect for a winter wedding.


Ceiling of Umbrella

For a garden wedding, create a colorful DIY wedding ceiling decorations with colorful umbrellas. With all the colorful decoration of the event, these umbrellas make the best accent as ceiling.


Ceiling of Gold Leaves

For a romantic fall season wedding, an eye-catching view with gold sprayed fall leaves, hanging from the ceiling is just stunning.


Star Paper Lantern

Turn your wedding into an enchanting starry night with star paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling. These are perfect for a night ceremony as well as for a star and moon wedding theme.


Pretty Pom Poms Ceiling

Colorful pom poms in clusters or as  garlands give a fab look to the event. To give a more dramatic feel, you can use accents like drapes, lights or Chinese lanterns.


Wicker Balls Decoration

Yet another unique idea of ceiling decoration. Hanging them with ceiling especially with LED lights in it make an innovative wedding ceiling idea.



Give a rustic and romantic ambiance to your reception with a variety of lanterns, geometric lanterns, Moroccan lanterns or bottles with candles hanging from your ceiling.


Ceiling of Parasols

Using colorful parasols for wedding ceiling decorations add a touch of playfulness to any wedding. Those who love uniqueness, this is one of the best options.


Royal Look with Chandeliers

Chandeliers are probably the most traditional method of ceiling decoration. For luxurious weddings, hanging chandeliers with accents like drapes, flowers or greenery can be tried.


Just Lights

For winter night weddings, using lights to decorate the ceiling is quite trendy. There are numerous ways of using these led lights. Use them as garlands or hanging straight from the ceiling.