Wedding Ceremony Script: Samples and Tips


Planning a wedding is hard work – and when we’re talking about your own wedding, aka the most important day of you entire life, then the stress is double. Handling all aspects of a wedding is no random task and it requires a lot of research, patience and dedication. While some tasks are fun and brides and grooms look forward to achieving them, others are a little more challenging and much less fun – and opting for the right wedding ceremony script is part of the latter category.

Wedding Ceremony Script: Samples

When it comes to wedding scripts, you have two options: you can choose an existing format and the traditional route without any space for improvisation, or you can create your own, either from scratch or based on existing scripts. However, there is a wide range of ceremony types out there, from nondenominational to Jewish and Christian (to name a few), so picking the right scripts to represent you and your partner’s beliefs is more than essential.

Christian Wedding Ceremony Scripts

There are various denominations within the Christian faith that each have individual and highly personalized scripts and formats for wedding ceremonies. The best way when trying to choose the most suitable wedding ceremony script for you and your partner is to speak directly with your minister, pastor or church officiant in order to make the right choice. In many cases, the script or the format of the wedding ceremony procedures will be included in the church’s hymnal, but an officiant will be able to let you know ho much this format can be adjusted and whether alterations and variations can exist. Here are a few samples of Christian wedding ceremony scripts to get you started:

Sample of Lutheran Wedding Script

Sample of Baptist Vows

Sample of Protestant Wedding Ceremony Script

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Scripts

When it comes to picking the right Jewish wedding ceremony script, the first thing you need to consider is that there are various types of Jewish ceremonies and each denomination has their own format and specific wording. 

Here are a few samples to help you decide what works best for you:

Sample of Jewish Wedding Script

Sample of a Nontraditional Jewish Script

Interfaith Ceremony Scripts

If you and your love are of different religions, you can certainly celebrate both of your religions.If you are having an interfaith ceremony, there are numerous ways to personalize your script and your vows as well in order to perfectly combine you and your love’s faiths.

Sample of an Interfaith Script

Nondenominational Ceremony Script

If you and your partner do not follow want to celebrate any particular religion but still would like to mention God in your ceremony, then the wedding ceremony script that fits your needs is definitely a nondenominational one. Basically, this type is the most permissive when it comes to both wording and format. You are free to be inspired by traditional formats and insert religious elements, but you can also put your own spin on it.

Sample of a Nondenominational Ceremony Script

Secular Ceremony Script

The differences between a nondenominational ceremony and a secular one are noticeable. While a secular wedding does not feature religious or religion-related wording, a nondenominational type can and often does feature religious references.

In both cases, the couples usually follow their own rules and formats when it comes to the wedding ceremony script and these can include anything from stories and fun or sweet traditions and jokes that portray the couple. Check out the samples below in case you are searching for the right script.

Sample of a Traditional Secular Wedding Script

Sample of a Secular Same-Sex Wedding Script

Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Ceremony Script

If your denomination and faith allow it, then writing your own wedding ceremony script is a great alternative in case you are dreaming of a one of a kind, personalized wedding. Here are a few tips to get you prepared on this challenging task:

  1. Find your style – Would you like your ceremony to sound nostalgic, romantic and make everyone teary-eyed? Or are you more in tune with jovial styles and sweet jokes? Regardless of what you choose, make sure the style and tone of your script matches perfectly with your couple’s personality.

  2. Create a story. Just like any paper you will ever write, a wedding ceremony follows a certain structure, a narrative, a story. Find the steps in your story and make them flow, thus creating a cohesive piece. It is not called a wedding ‘SCRIPT’ for no reason!

  3. Feel comfortable with the components of your wedding ceremony script – there are various parts that create a complex wedding script, from the opening and the address to the ring vows and the pronouncement, followed by the kiss. You can choose to forgo the classic format and move things around, as well as simply customize just certain components and choose a classic format and wording for the others.