20 Wedding Ceremony Traditions You Can Skip


There are a number of traditional wedding customs you may feel the need to follow, but do not hesitate to break some rules a little. Your wedding day should be a reflection of your relationship and personalities and this can be made apparent from a number of the details that have to do with your wedding. From the gown to the décor, you have the freedom to completely customize your wedding day in any fashion you choose. You can really make your wedding unique by throwing a DIY wedding and do away with many of the old fashioned wedding traditions.

20 Wedding Ceremony Traditions You Can Skip


Need a Veil

The long flowing white veil is often a staple for most brides to include in the wedding attire, but this is slowly fading out. Opting for an intricate or simple headpiece is becoming more commonplace. More and more brides are having their hair beautifully styled or left down on their wedding day.


Wear White Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is symbolic for its white or ivory color, but this is one tradition many brides are breaking from. If you still want to white classic dress, then think about adding in some pops of color with a sash or with your shoes. Brides who want to go the nontraditional route can find an elegant wedding dress in champagne, pastels or even black!


A Formal Wedding Program

Elegant fonts and a detail description about your wedding ceremony on formal cards are quickly being replaced with more fun and personalized alternatives. Although you should include the important information about your bridal party and your traditional ceremony, you can add in some fun details as well. Give your guest something fun to do with their programs like a crossword puzzle or a Mad Lib.


Not Seeing One Another Before the Ceremony

Traditionally, the bride and groom are often kept out of each other's sight until the highly anticipated moment when the bride walks down the aisle, but it is merely a superstition. Most couples are opting to have a "first look" photo opp. The wedding photographer gets in place and captures the reactions of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time before the ceremony.


Throw Rice

Rice was often the staple which guest will grab a handful of and then throw as the bride and groom made their exit from the ceremony, but today there are a number of alternates you can use. For so many wedding ceremony traditions, this one definitely can be ignored. Instead, hand out bells for your guests to ring, or ribbon wands or even paper airplanes to throw!


Matching Wedding Bands

Traditionally, couples would spend a lot of time trying to find the right matching set of wedding bands to exchange on their big day. Now, wedding rings are being chosen based on individual preferences. If you like the white gold but he likes the yellow, no need to waste time arguing over what color to get, instead, have an inscription made on the inside of the ring that makes them a set.


Female Bridesmaids and Male Groomsmen

Most brides and grooms will limit their bridal party to men on the groom's side and females on the bride's side, but why limit yourself? If you're a bride with a best friend who is male, it is absolutely acceptable to ask him to be your maid of honor over your other female friends. You can still coordinate their look and style to fit in with the rest of the bridal party, but there are no gender rules.


Cocktail Hour

Most weddings follow the traditional wedding ceremony ritual of having the cocktail hour after the ceremony and before the reception. Actually, the order of your ceremony events can go a number of ways. Why not offering your guest a pre-ceremony refreshment hour? Some couples even have the ceremony take place in the middle of their cocktail hour.


Bridesmaids Need to Wear Matching Dresses

Many brides have chosen to find one dress in the same color and style that all their bridesmaids need to wear, which has led to many unhappy bridesmaids. Instead of choosing the same specific dress, choose one cohesive element and allow the ladies to choose the best dress for their shape and personalities. Choose a color, jewelry or fabric type for them to stick with.


The Father Walks the Bride Down the Aisle

The father walking the bride down the aisle has been long standing occurrence among wedding ceremony traditions. Some brides, however, feel they are closer to other relatives and give them the honor of escorting them down the aisle. You can even walk down the aisle solo or start your journey together with your soon to be spouse by your side.


Separating Your Guest on Two Sides

In the past, it was common practice to have the grooms guests sit on one side for the ceremony and the bride's guests on the other. Now, there are a number of options you have with seating floor plans and arrangements, which, instead, allow everyone to decide where they want to sit without designated an area to each party.


Only Having One Flower Girl and One Ring Bearer

Traditionally, there is usually one flower girl and one ring bearer that walks down the aisle, but this is an outdated tradition many are doing away with. You technically do not need either as a part of your ceremony and other couples have made the flower girl and ring bearer a bigger part of the ceremony. Have a mini parade of flowers girls and even include your dog in the festivity if you want to.


Holding the Ceremony in a Church

Many couples have opted for setting their wedding ceremony in the church and if that has been your dream, then stick to it. For those who were never the church goers, you have plenty of other options. You can find a ceremony venue that has meaning to you as a couple and this can be the backyard of someone's home, your reception venue or on the beach.


Toss Bouquet

This may be one of the most popular wedding ceremony traditions. However, if your bridesmaids don't want to do it or you are not into this idea, try other alternatives. From dancing to charms in wedding cake, from throwing petals to tossing other theme based objects, you can just try one special thing as you like. Click HERE to get more bouquet toss alternatives. 


Registering for Fine China

Most couples would make fine china or kitchen items as the top wants for their gift registry, but some may already have set with their kitchen needs. You can register to upgrade some kitchen items, but why not register for items you will use more often but are not in a hurry to purchase for yourself, like sports equipment, luggage or wall art?


The Diamond Engagement Ring

The diamond engagement ring has been the most prevalent way to show off your engagement and if diamonds are your favorite then keep with the tradition. For the brides who want something a little more original, break away from this tradition. You can easily have the diamond swapped out for your favorite stone: an emerald, sapphire, or even antique jewelry is becoming a hot pick for the engagement ring for modern weddings.


Traditional Wedding Vows

In the past, couples tended to repeat the same vows as many other couples have done during the ceremony, today however, you can hear a variety of vows being said at the ceremony. Many couples are choosing to write their own vows or putting their own twist on the traditional vows.


Subtle Accessories

Many brides in the past have limited their jewelry and accessories to simple pieces that did not draw much attention. Now you can put on some brightly colored shoes, add a statement necklace or eye catching earrings. You can save the accessories until the wedding reception if you feel it may be too bold of a statement during the ceremony.


Uncomfortable Seating Arrangements

It is common for your guests to sit in pews or folding chairs, but this is not always the most comfortable option. Instead of sticking with this wedding ceremony tradition, think outside the box with your seating options. Are you having a country themed wedding? Why not use hay bales covered with quilts? Or, set out some cushion pillows on the pews for your guest to use during the ceremony.


Lighten the Candle

Among various wedding ceremony traditions, there are a number of rituals and costumes that most brides and grooms think need to be strictly adhered to. But if you don't want to, incorporate some new ideas. For example, instead of classic candle lighting, add love letters written by the bride to the groom and by the groom to the bride into a bottle of wine, and agree to open the box on a specific wedding anniversary. Just be creative!