20 Inspiring and Affordable Wedding Chair Decorations


No wedding is perfect these days without unique wedding decoration ideas. Chair swags and embellishments are complimentary additions to the venue. Decorating chairs with vibrantly colored ribbons or swags are getting common.  Make your seating arrangements stand out with these ideas for wedding chair decorations.

20 Inspiring and Affordable Wedding Chair Decorations


Lace Chair Decorations

Wedding chair bows are the most traditional decorating items. Elegantly embellished lace sashes with pew bows look adorable when tied artistically on a simple chair. Choose classy and elegant hues matching your wedding theme to get a picture perfect look.


Satin Chair Decorations

Adding a simple ivory color, satin sash tie back, with long tail trailing down to a dark hued chair covering, can transform the whole feel and look. It gives an elegant look and it’s perfect for formal wedding, also budget friendly.


Tulle Chair Decorations

Adorned with a simple white tulle, and a flower to tie it, the chair has got a divine look. Use of white tulle, is in accordance with the theme. You can choose any other color that goes with the theme.


Organza Chair Decorations

A simple organza sash bow can create statement-making chair backs. These affordable organza sashes are available in so many colors and styles. Metallic colored organza sash over white wedding chair coverings gives it a classy and elegant touch.


Ribbon Chair Decorations

There are so many ways of wedding chair decorations, using vibrantly colored ribbons. Get a chic wedding look just by attaching theme-colored ribbons with chairs using ribbon knots, bows and ornate brooches. Using ribbons is also quite cost-effective.


Bow Chair Decorations

A simply tied bow on the covered wedding chair can easily add the touch of elegance and class. Variety of fabrics are available. You can go with a simply tied bow or can embellish it with a diamante brooch.


Butterfly Chair Decorations

If your wedding has butterfly theme, you can beautify your chairs with ornate butterfly clips of silver, golden or teal or whatever color your theme matches. A simple chair sash gets an exquisite look with a sparkling butterfly clip.


Ruffles Chair Decorations

Ruffled chair sashes are the talk of the parties these days. Ruffles can be mixed with plain chair sleeves or you can also give an all ruffled glamourous look to your wedding reception. Ruffled sashes are quite easily available these days.


Indoor Chair Decorations

Indoor wedding decoration requires different techniques. You have to incorporate many factors to transform a generic space into a dreamy one. Chairs indoor, should be decorated using satin, sheer fabrics, ribbons and fresh white flowers to give it that romantic feel.


Spring Chair Decorations

Wedding set in spring season is all about flowers. Use of flowers brilliantly jazzs up your wedding chairs. Romantic pops of colors that flowers create are simply outstanding. Flowers can be hanged as large flower balls or in bottles, as vases.


Summer Chair Decorations

Summer wedding is all about cool and fresh colors. Use cool hues like green, blue, aqua and so on for wedding themes and wedding chair decorations. Use of fresh colored swags and drapes on the chair will give a fresh feel.


Fall Chair Decorations

A fall wedding decoration requires more nature-inspired ideas. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, use of natural elements in decoration is quite trendy. Décor the chairs with dry leaves, fruits, branches and a lot more unique ideas to get that fall feeling.


Winter Chair Decorations

There is so much that you can do to decorate the chairs in a winter wedding. A cozy indoor atmosphere can be created with fresh green pine tree branches, ornamented with lights, pine cones and even fur is used to decorate the chairs.


Rustic Chair Decorations

Are you having a rustic themed wedding? Add a rustic vibe to your wedding chairs by using fabrics like hessian and burlap. These fabrics can be used in various styles like simply tied knots or romantic rosettes by spinning it.


Garden Chair Decorations

Use lighter hued chair coverings in garden. The chairs can further be embellished with corsages of flowers. It will enliven the whole event. Adding leaves with these flowers would not only look cool but will keep the cost down.


Beach Chair Decorations

If it’s a beach wedding, wedding chair decorations with beachy items like seashells and starfish ornaments are a must. Tied with burlap, ribbons, a satin sash or tied in a pew, these sea ornaments are perfectly suitable for a beach wedding.


Flower Chair Decorations

Perk up the plain backs of the chairs with colorful and fresh flowers. There are so many ways you can utilize these flowers, in the form of corsages, balls, posies, garlands or romantic floral vines trailing down the chairs.


Mason Jar Chair Decorations

A mason jar is a nice accent to decorate the wedding chairs. Especially suitable for rustic or farm wedding themes. Elegantly colored flowers are placed with a bit of water in these jars and hanged on the sides of the chairs.


Green Chair Decorations

Stunning visual cues from nature, like wreath of leaves with or without fragrant and delicate flowers can be used to add style and uniqueness to the simple wooden chairs. Or green leafy vines trailing down the chairs is another trendy idea.


Cone Wedding Chair Decorations

A simple cone filled with colorful flowers can be hanged on the side of a chair. It’s a simple yet elegant idea for wedding chair decoration. These cones can be made from paper, burlap and lace and look fabulous with flowers.