Classic Wedding Color Palettes from Spring to Winter


When it comes to choosing the colors for your wedding day, the possibilities are endless. Many brides tend to get stumped on how to choose the right combination of colors, especially if they already have one favorite color in mind. This article can help you find the right colors to create a harmonious palette for your big day. Because there are so many options when it comes to color combination, we have compiled a list of the most classic wedding color palettes from spring to winter that you can draw some inspiration from.



Coral, Tea berry, Celery and Ash Wood

For your vintage inspired wedding, this is a palette you can draw inspiration from. The effect of this color combination will be a fresh and clean look and feel. The teaberry pink offers just enough femininity to balance the ash wood and celery hues for a sophisticated and romantic setting.


Shale, Peach, Sunbeam and Gold

You have a full array of spring time colors in this palette, which encompasses all aspect of a beautiful spring day. You can swap in a colorful orange, magenta or purple for the sunbeam and these colors combinations are still great for a chic and rustic wedding theme.


Turquoise, Ocean, Marigold and Latte

For modern weddings, this color palette can offer a fresh unique display. Any of the colors can be your featured color or you can use them as accent colors against a vibrant ruby color or various spring yellows.


Cream Rose, Sage and Charcoal

For classic and sophisticated weddings, this chic palette is the perfect pairing. With the delicate blend of cream rose and the vintage appeal of charcoal and sage, you can arrange this palette to make it uniquely your own. Easily add in pops of color that will compliment this pallet well, such as fuchsia or even navy blue. This is a must on the list of spring wedding color palettes.  


Tangerine, Butter and Sage

Couples who want to go with more bold colors will be inspired with this wedding color palette. Featuring a vibrant tangerine that is beautifully complimented by the subtle hues of butter and sage creates a well balance and dramatic feel.



Olive and Mustard

The earthy combination of olive with the refreshing and bright mustard is the perfect palette for rustic summer weddings. This color combination really shines in wooden structures and is full of fun. Perfect for couples who want to add in a kick of color, but that is not overbearing.


Magenta and Taupe

If magenta is your must have color, but you don't want a lot of loud decorations, pair it with taupe. The neutral taupe tone will sparkle against to vibrant magenta in a well-balanced display. If you want this color combination to really pop, add in some green stock accents into the palette.


Blue, Dark Red and Sunshine Yellow

For a more formal wedding with casual feeling, the blue, dark red and sunshine yellow color palette can be the perfect color combination for you. To keep the atmosphere more formal, include some unique details such as madras inspired table runners and centerpieces.


Scarlet, Navy and Eggshell

This color combination is ideal for those low key weddings couples that want guests to scream celebration! You can steer away for the 4th Of July party feel by incorporating different textures or striped fabrics. Those brides who want to make a bold and fun statement will look beautiful in a sparkling pair of navy blue shoes.


Royal Blue, Sky and Cloud

This color palette can give way to a number of beach inspired décor or a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Royal blue, sky and cloud pair perfectly with any outdoor wedding setting, and can instantly brighten any wedding location. For a well-balanced look of this palette, use the royal blue as an accent or with the smaller details such as the wrap around the bouquet.



Gold, Bronze and Copper

Metallic colors are ideal for fall or autumn weddings and each in this combination is easily able to fit into many other autumn wedding color palettes. These colors will fill your space with warmth and depth that is perfect for an intimate wedding. The gold, bronze and copper color palettes can be used to dress table settings, add accents to floral arrangements, as well as many other wedding details.


Navy Blue, Sapphire and Copper

This tranquil color combination brings a crisp and refreshing feel to the reception or ceremony location. You can include an earthy green tone into this palette to make a more well-balanced palette.


Sage, Gold and Oak Buff

The lighter brown hues pair perfectly with the darker sage to bring depth into many areas of your wedding décor. This color combination can be used to create stunning invitation: using a sage colored paper with an oak buff ink and sealed in a gold envelope.


Gold and Marsala

If you have a favorite color that fits into the Marsala spectrum, which include many deep wine tone hues, you can pair this color with the classic autumn color of gold. The gold color tames the bold Marsala while still enhances the vibrancy, and really shines when used for boutonniere and floral arrangements.


Burgundy and Peach

Burgundy and peach perfectly complement one another and can offer a classic feel to your wedding. The rich burgundy glistens against the subdued peach for a truly elegant and romantic display. Add in some crisp white accents to really let the burgundy colors pop.



Sage, Silver, Green and Custom Colors

Among many wedding color palettes, this one offers a charming array of refreshing greens with the softness of sage and silver, which is a perfect fit for a Bohemian winter wedding. You can add in a variety of soft pinks or even orange hues to mix in a little more of your personality with this palette.


Navy and Sunset

A delicate mix of rich navy blue against the warm hues of sunset creates the perfect color palette for your winter wedding. Navy blue is one of the most popular colors to use for winter weddings because it can so easily be paired with a variety of colors. You can add in some sunset orange to the palette to create a truly unique and welcoming atmosphere.


Lavender, White, and Slate

Elegant, soft and incredibly versatile, lavender, white and slate offers a clean and contemporary feel to any wedding. For those who want to create a vintage atmosphere, use this color palette that perfectly balances the feminine and rustic wedding styles into one modern vintage style.


Black, Strawberry, and Sage

This bold color palette is ideal for those weddings in December around holidays. The bold strawberry, paired with the black and sage accents will give your wedding a festive feel. You can create a variety of unique floral arrangements and can create a wide range of fun décor.


Burgundy, Champagne, Cream Rose and Blush

The luscious color combination is a perfect balance of bold and neutral colors. The burgundy and blush work very well against the softer champagne and cream rose, which can give your wedding a sense of warmth and richness.