10 + Wedding Day Advice for the Groom


As the groom you have probably heard the advice “happy wife, happy life” and you have probably been given a number of tips to ensure you have a long and happy marriage. From never going to bed angry to always saying “I love you”, you have been hearing it all, but what should you do to prepare for the big day? You’ve come to the right place for some wedding day advice for the groom to help prepare and be at your best for the wedding day!

Wedding Day Advice for the Groom


Get a Manicure

Your hands will be on display a lot on your wedding day, so you might want to consider giving them the proper attention prior to the big day. Schedule a simple manicure to make sure your hands and nails look their best for displaying your new wedding ring.


Consider Your Tan

Chances are your bride is going to have a beautiful glowing tan on the wedding day and the last thing you want is to look pasty and dull standing next to her. You do not need to go out to visit the tanning beds but you might want to consider finding a high-quality self-tanner or bronzer to apply before the big day. You will want to give whatever product you choose a trail run before the actual wedding day so you don’t end up overdoing it with the self-bronzer. A subtle tan can make all the difference in your wedding pictures.


Do NOT Go All Out the Night Before

You may be tempted to have one last celebration with all your best friends but do so with caution. Have a glass or two of wine or champagne at your reception and even head out for a few celebratory drinks for your last night of bachelorhood, but remember you’ll be paying the consequence the next day if you over do it. If you wake up with a hangover the next morning, you better have some aspirin and plenty of water on hand to be at your best when it's time for the ceremony.


Set an Alarm

The most overlooked wedding day advice for the groom is simply making sure you set an alarm, especially if you have an early morning or afternoon ceremony scheduled. This is one day you will not want to oversleep, so if needed, have your best man or other groomsmen make sure you are up at a certain time.


Eat a Good Breakfast

You want to make sure you are fueled for you big day, and since you may not have the opportunity to eat much in between the getting ready and ceremony, you do not want to skip out on breakfast. Even if you never eat breakfast any other day, this is one day you want to make an exception. Nerves can get the best of you and with an empty stomach the effects can be unpleasant and you surely don’t want the grumbling of your stomach interrupting the most important moments of the ceremony.


Have a Clean Shave

If you are going to shave the day of your wedding, then do not do it first thing when you wake up. The skin of the face can be quite puffy early in the morning so you want to give it time to get back to normal. It is highly recommended, however, that you have a professional shave done, this eliminates any accidents you might have from your own nervous hands.


Send the Bride a Gift

On the morning of your wedding, you want to have something special planned for your bride. A small gift that can be sent to your bride with one of your groom’s men. Jewelry is a great idea but just make sure it matches the rest of what she plans on wearing. You should also include a sweet note that lets her know how honored and excited you are to become her husband. This wedding day advice for the groom is one that will help reduce some of the stress and nervousness the bride may be feeling.


Dress in Your Best

This is not just referring to the tux, tie, and cufflinks. You should be wearing your best of everything from your socks to your underwear! Your bride is surely wearing her best of everything so you might want to consider returning the favor.


Know Where the Rings Are

While you will not be the one holding onto the rings, it is never a bad idea to make sure whoever is responsible for holding it is with it. Before you leave for the ceremony and even once you arrive at the ceremony, make sure you know where the rings are. The last thing you want is to have to delay the start of the ceremony because the rings were accidentally left at another location.


Know the Schedule

As the groom, you need to make sure you know where to be and when to do one thing, so you will want to make sure you know the order of events that will be taking place on the wedding day. From the start of the ceremony to the post-ceremony pictures to when the toasts begin and when to cut the cake, you do not want to keep asking your new wife what is supposed to be happening next.


Stay Hydrated with Water

While one or two beers before the ceremony can be OK to help combat your nerves you do not want to be stumbling into the ceremony venue on your big day. The best wedding day advice for the groom is that you should stay hydrated with plenty of water, and this goes for the entire day. Yes, you can sip on some champagne during the reception but you don’t want to overdo it. The last thing you want is to remember your wedding day as a huge blur of events and not to mention the hangover you will suffer from on the next day.