Wedding Decoration Costs and Tips to Cut Down It


Decorations are a key component to tying your entire wedding day together. They help create the mood, add in ambiance and enhance the beauty and romance in the atmosphere. Many couples choose a theme for their wedding and the right decorations and flowers will make this theme a success, or a flop. But, what are wedding decoration costs? This is one thing you will want to know before making a final decision on your theme.

The Average Costs of Wedding Decoration

The total costs of wedding decoration can vary a lot. On average, according to, the average cost is around $1,800.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

Average Cost: $134

Aside from the groom and groomsmen, the parents of the couple should receive boutonnieres and corsages as well as the grandparents in attendance. Anyone who has a small part in the ceremony such as ushers, ring bearer, and readers should also be given one.

The Bridal Bouquet

Average Cost: $140

The bridal bouquet tends to be a main focus of the bride’s attire aside from her dress. Silk flowers, ribbons, jewels and other embellishments can be added to the boutique to make it truly unique. They can be customized to correspond with wedding colors and scheme but, the more lavish the bouquet is, the higher the price tends to be.

The Bridesmaids Bouquets

Average Cost: $180

Each bridesmaid, as well as junior bridesmaids, should have her own bouquet but many brides are choosing to keep them quite simple and limited to just a few flowers or wear corsages instead of traditional bouquets. Bridesmaid’s bouquets can be easily customized to match any wedding theme or décor.

Ceremony Décor

Average Cost: $235

Ceremony decorations can include pew decorations, aisle decorations, altar decoration and entrance decorations. If you are having a ceremony in a location outside of a religious center, then you will have to consider chair décor as well, and let’s not forget the cost of having your wedding programs beautifully designed.

Ceremony Flowers

Average Cost: $300

The flowers you have displayed at your ceremony location tend to be large and elaborate arrangements, which contributes to the high price. Flowers around the altar and arrangements at the beginning and end of the aisle are also common features that can be tall, creating a stunning frame to capture the bride, groom and the rest of the bridal party as they make their entrance and exists.

Flower Girl Flowers

Average Cost: $85

The flower girl tends to have plenty of flowers surrounding her on the big day. From a small corsage to an adorable flower headpiece that can match the bridal party bouquets, this is one often forgotten factor of wedding decorations costs.

Flower Petals

Average Cost: $90

You want to make sure your flower girl has plenty of petals to toss down the aisle for the bride’s big entrance, but flower petals can also be a simple way to decorate shelves, mantels, stairways and other empty spaces that could use a little color if they look too bare.

Reception Décor

Average Costs: $300

Most of the decorating attention is given to the reception venue, whether you are planning a simple outdoor gathering or an elaborate grand hall affair, reception décor can add up to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Bar décor, lighting, dance floors, linens and restroom amenities are all some of the little details that need to be considered when decorating your reception space.

Reception Flowers

Average Cost: $350

Flowers are a prominent feature in the reception venue décor and depending on your wedding theme, these can be simple and sweet with a rustic touch to luxurious and massive for those chic and traditional themes.


Average Cost: $370

Centerpieces will be the focal point of each table for your guests and they can average out to cost $50 each depending on the height, flowers and additional details you want to include.

Tips on Cut Down the Wedding Decoration Costs

While flowers make up a majority of the expenses in your decorating budget, there are a number of ways you can cut these costs almost in half. Read on for some great tips to save your big amount on flower décor and more, while still sticking to the theme of your dream day.

  • Use the bridal party bouquets to decorate your head table by having some simple vases ready to place them in.

  • You can save a significant amount of money in your wedding decoration costs by having various centerpieces. Not every table needs a tall elaborate centerpieces, alternate between tall and shorter ones.

  • Consider ordering your flower from a wholesaler and then pay a florist simply to do the arrangements. 

  • Stick to simple arrangements that you can do yourself, a few single stem flowers in a vase can create a dramatic display. 

  • Take advantage of after-holiday sales to benefit from huge discounts on various decorations like ribbons, table runners and candles. 

  • Also, know when not to shop. Flowers will always cost more between February and May because of Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and prom. 

  • Let your ceremony decorations also be your reception decorations. There are many items you can re-use from the ceremony to the reception. 

  • Ask about what is included in your venue rate, most often lines and chair covers are included but this can account for a large price increase. 

  • Your event space may also be able to provide you with some plants, votives and other simple decorations that can be a perfect fit for your theme so don’t hesitate to ask. 

  • Many couples think that choosing to use silk flowers will save them money, but sometimes they can actually cost twice as much. Compare prices before opting to go with silk flowers. 

  • When done in abundance, candles can have a pretty impactful effect and they are inexpensive. 

  • Get double use out of your escort cards but also having them serve as the wedding favors. 

  • If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add in color to your space, rent colored napkins and have your centerpiece sit on top of them in the middle of the tables. 

  • Ask friends to help with various items involving the decorations, this can save you a lot of money in your wedding decorations costs. 

  • Consider creating one focus piece, like a ton of branches neatly wrapped in a large vase, it may seem like a simple idea but it can make a big impact. 

  • Swap out the flower centerpieces with colorful in-season fruits or veggies. A bag of apples can cost 75% less than one flower centerpiece. 

  • If you want to stick with a modern look then consider using greenery over traditional flower décor. 

  • You can almost forgo having to worry about wedding decorations costs if you are getting married around the major holidays since most event spaces will already be decorated. 

  • Use large-scale photographs you like printed at a local copy shop and backlit them in your reception space for a unique and original money saving idea. 

  • Save yourself some stress by asking if you can decorate the space the day before, this way you can rest assure everything is set up and ready for the big day and you will be able to enjoy the day more.