Décor with Love: Wedding Decoration Ideas for All Brides


Love can definitely give us a fairytale. But after you meet the man of your dream, a new chapter of your fairytale will start to unfold once you walk down the aisle. And you know what’s even better? You can make the beginning of your journey even more magical with the help of the right wedding decoration ideas. Whether you love going minimal or not, these inspirations will surely help you stay on track as you plan for the wedding of your dreams.

Décor with Love: Wedding Decoration Ideas for All Brides and Grooms

Say I Love You with All-White Flowers

Keeping it pure and fancy is never a million lightyears away, thanks to white flowers. If you want to add subtlety and class on your tables, try mixing and matching white and gold to make your dream reception come to life.

For the Love of Going Floral

Want to heighten that fresh, outdoorsy vibe in your wedding reception area? Try adding more flowers to your centerpiece and chandeliers to amplify that fresh, feminine feel. And yes, let’s not forget to add a bit of white drapes in all the right areas.

Let’s Make Some Noise

Shout out your love for each other in the most rustic way by using some decorated tin cans! With this in your wedding car, you won’t have to keep your romance tuned down. Doesn’t it bring back old childhood memories?

Turn that Barn Upside Down

Have you been dreaming of a barn wedding? Wish granted! With a bit of ceiling design that is in line with your wooden furniture, you can make your traditional barn wedding extraordinarily beautiful. Rustic inside and out, your reception is bound to be perfect.

Light Up Your Night

Turn up that warm, cozy vibe on your wedding day with the help of light bulbs, wooden furniture and lighted letterings. With a view like this, you and your guests will surely feel like you are in paradise.

Add Sparkling Chandeliers in the Picture

Think going all white won’t do the magic trick for you? Why not try adding chandeliers as a main feature of your reception area? Whimsical and elegantly vintage, this is one of the best wedding decoration ideas you can recreate for your wedding!

Add a Touch of Class on Your Centerpiece

While others may not focus on their plates and cutlery, putting the attention to these simple kitchen items can make your table more elegant. So don’t forego the simple details as they might make your wedding day sparkle and shine.

Let’s Make the Table Fresh and Vintage

Going vintage doesn’t mean you need to ditch the idea of adding fresh flowers in your table. Just look at this inspiration and you’ll understand what we mean.

Drape Thy Ceilings

Not really into flowers? Try adding drapes and lights on your ceiling instead! Homey and elegantly rustic, this wedding design idea can make your memories even more treasurable.

Show Your Love for Everything White

You think white wedding decoration ideas are boring? This inspiration will prove that you are wrong. With the right mix of curtains and white flowers, your centerstage will look absolutely stunning.

Fall in Love with Her Majesty

Majestic—that’s only one of the words that can perfectly describe this striking wedding inspiration. So if you really want to feel like a royalty, take advantage of the power of arcs.

Keep It Outdoor

Your outdoor venue doesn’t have to look ordinary, thanks to nature’s help. Just add a bit of plants on your décor and you will surely be in for a treat.

Keep the Chairs Fancy

Again, the chairs don’t really need to be plain and simple, especially if you want to add drama to your wedding day. Just look at this chair arrangement for inspiration!

Light Up Thy Paths

Thinking of adding more decors on your outdoor wedding? A few lanterns and floral designs can make your guests look twice!

Keep Your Aisle Dainty with Petals

Flower arrangements have a huge impact on any wedding decoration ideas. Whether you are setting up an outdoor or an indoor wedding, picking the right flowers can make your dreams come true.

Nail the Drapes

Adding more attention to your ceiling can make your dream wedding look extravagant, and that’s what this inspiration is certainly all about.

It’s All About the Right Lights

Need I emphasize the benefits of using the right lights? Just look at how magical this photo is and you will surely get my point.

Magic on the Sands

Ever thought of having a beach wedding? Let’s make all your wishes come true! With a bit of lanterns, wooden design, floral arrangements and lighting, your wedding reception will absolutely look dreamy and magical.

Indeed, adding magic to your wedding day is never a stressful task with the help of the best wedding decoration ideas. So don’t be afraid to explore and make your wedding your own version of a fairytale.