Wedding Do’s and Don’ts


Planning a wedding is supposed to be the happiest time in a bride-to-be’s life. Yet, as many women have experienced, the stresses of getting that perfect day off without a hitch are enough to turn even the sweetest of ladies into a Bridezilla. Easing the burdens of planning is easier than you might think with these wedding do’s and don’ts from some of the industry’s experts.

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Wedding Do’s

There is an overwhelming amount of wedding do’s and don’ts out there for brides. These must-do tips will simplify planning, ease up on the chaos, and help bring your special day to life in a way that is as epic as your love.

DO Have the Ceremony and Reception in the Same Place

Have you ever heard those terrifying stories of guest or the bridal party getting lost on the way to the reception? It happens! You can save time, money, and the potential loss of guests by having the whole she-bang in one place.


DO Have Photos Done Before the Wedding

As long as you aren’t hung up on the idea that it’s bad look for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding, this is the optimal time to have pictures taken. Everyone will be looking perfectly prepared and vibrant – making for the best photos. As an added bonus, you can move right to the reception and get the party started.


DO Get Married in the “Off” Season

Depending on where you live, there is a season for weddings. This is the peak time when more people are getting married and therefore the costs of everything from catering to the florist to the venues will be inflated. Save some dough and get the venue of your dreams by choosing an off-peak date.

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DO Ask Parents to Share a Piece of Marriage Advice

A lovely and heartfelt way to involve parents in the wedding is to ask them to share a piece of advice they have learned over the years. This is sure to be an extra special moment for everyone involved.


DO Have a Short Service and Reception

One of the wedding do’s and don’ts that gets a sideways look is the idea of a shorter ceremony and reception. During the ceremony, you and your guests just want to get to the party. Keep your ceremony under 30 minutes and let your reception average three hours. This way, everyone is gone with plenty of time left for you to get started on happily ever after.


DO Have Someone Keeping Track of Key Guests

Mothers of the bride and groom, groomsmen, bridesmaids, the bride, the groom – there are a lot of people who need to show up as a crucial part of the wedding. Arrange someone outside of the bridal party (paging BFF) to help keep these key guests on point with the schedule.

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DO Plan Hair, Makeup and Tanning in Advance

Brides want to look their best on their wedding day which is why it is important to make sure these minor details are in place. Start UV tanning a few weeks before the wedding if you want that sun kissed glow. Have two or three run-throughs with your makeup and hair – even if you are doing it yourself – to make sure it looks the way you want and know how much time will be necessary to achieve perfection on your special day.


DO Use Social Media to Your Advantage

The modern bride can get a fresh look at her wedding through cloud apps and the use of hashtags. Invite guests to upload their photos to your wedding app cloud account or to use a comical hashtag like #ShowMeTheMoney for Mr. and Mrs. Money so you can easily locate those photos not taken by your photographer.


DO Find a Gown That Fits Your Body

Too many brides get stressed out trying to lose weight before the wedding. Be realistic and find one that flatters the figure you have. It can always be taken in if you lose weight before the wedding.


DO Make Rounds to Your Guests

Your guests want to feel important – so make rounds to say hello and thank them for coming before sitting down to eat with your new partner in life.

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Wedding Don’ts

In terms of wedding do’s and don’ts, the things you do for your wedding are just as important as those things you don’t! Here are some things to avoid on and while planning the big day.

DON’T Have an Open Bar

We all have those friends who get a little too crazy when free booze is involved. Curb your guests drinking and keep things calm by offering a limited bar.


DON’T Try to DIY Everything

Pinterest might have you believing that wine bottles and Popsicle sticks can give you a fairy tale wedding, but it’s a lie. Stressing yourself over DIY crafts is unnecessary when there are plenty of affordable ready-made items.


DON’T Plan a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings sound lovely but they are also costly and difficult for most of your guests to attend. Unless you are trying to keep them away, try to plan something close to them.


DON’T Be a Bossy Bride

You want the people who are part of your wedding to be available to help you and make your day bright. Don’t let the stress get to you and be an alienating bossy bride.

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DON’T Include Bridal Registry in Your Invites

This day in age, most people have everything that they need before getting married. It is not mandatory for guests to bring a gift and it’s seen as tacky to include registry info on the invites. Instead, let guests contact your parents, maid of honor, or best man for the details.


DON’T Forget to Delegate

Brides tend to try to do-it-all for a wedding. Be sure to delegate tasks to the bridal party and groom so that no one is under too much stress.


DON’T Invite People Who Aren’t Close Family/Friends

Weddings make us feel obligated to invite those distant family members or make us want to invite as many people as possible for the gifts. Don’t be that couple. Invite those you actually want to share your special day with. It will be more affordable and even more special for the happy couple.

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DON’T Feel Obligated to Follow Old Wedding “Rules”

Today’s couples are skipping traditional vows, tossing the bouquet, and even the dollar dance. Set your own course and let your wedding be as unique as you are.


DON’T Skimp on the Honeymoon

The honeymoon is the one vacation of your lifetime that it is just the two of you in wedded bliss – make the most of it. Do something you probably won’t get to do again.


DON’T Forget to Look into Renting Suits

Most men don’t own a tux which is why renting is the best option. Be sure to check around for prices and looks, as well as have your guys go for a final fitting one week before the wedding.

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