Wedding Dress Shopping Tips – Do’s and Don’ts


If you are looking for wedding dress shopping tips to get the right dress, you’ve come to the right place. When you have a practical, objective basis for choosing a beautiful dress, you’ll get to your goal much easier – and faster!


Do your research

Top one of our wedding dress shopping tips is this very practical activity, and it is a good place to start. Have you ever looked through a magazine and admired the bridal gown displayed upon the page? Rip that page from the fold and make an inspiration board! Put together not just your favorite designs, but your preferred fabrics and distinguished designers in that collection. Another tip and word of caution – make sure to limit and make all the postings relevant. In other words, be careful to make sure your collection of pinned inspiration is not just one big, incomprehensible mess! Whenever you add something, discern if it complements the set theme.

Do have a budget

A bridal gown is a luxury – you can buy a typical off-the-rack dress, but to get a design that appeals to you and makes you feel beautiful (which is really the goal of your hunt), you need to spend a good amount. They can be astronomically expensive, and very dependent on the materials, details, and designers. If only money were no object, then you can get the perfect gown easily and quickly. However, if your belt is on quite tight, then be prepared to sacrifice a few of your desired wedding gown parameters. Knowing how much you can spend, it would be easier to hack through lots of beautiful white gowns, take a peek at the price tags first!

Do come to the boutique prepared

Make your wedding gown hunt a simulation of your real special day. Put on some make-up and do your hair reminiscent of your ideas for your blushing bride face. Bring all of your earrings, necklaces, other accessories and heirlooms that you might want to adorn yourself with. Of course, don’t forget to wear the proper underwear for the fittings – skin-toned, seamless underwear that will adapt perfectly to any of the dresses you are trying on. It doesn’t hurt to pretend that these wedding dress shopping tips are not just guidelines but rules!

Do find a tailor or dressmaker

Even if you have an inexpensive, off the rack dress that your are completely happy with, you need to make it fit you to a T. With a tailor, you can get a custom fit without the custom price tag. An amazing pair of hands that can handle a needle and thread are all you need to feel like a beautiful, lovely, yet still sexy bride. Depending on the gown that you brought in, you will be able to make as many adjustments as you like without spending a fortune on an original designer piece.


Don’t shop online

This day and age, online shopping has evolved into one of the most used methods for retail. Mechanisms and measures have been put in place for online shopping, shipping, and delivery to be as smooth and fast as possible. However, the difficulty with simply browsing pictures of your desired item is the risk coming from not knowing what the product is like first hand. Surely, you would want to see your wedding dress in person before you bring out the big bucks for it.

Don’t go shopping alone

It is always good to have a second, or even a third opinion on an important decision. You should also ask others, married or otherwise, about their wedding dress shopping tips. Better yet, let your closest member of your family or group of friends’ help you decide what’s hot and what’s not at the bridal couture selection. Hearing out what they have to say could potentially save you a lot of money and a world of regret. It’s safe to know what other people think about that dress you are to pick without revealing it to the world. However, only pick a select one or two – too many cooks spoil the broth and just give you a headache.

Don’t rely on one trip

While these tips mean to make your life much easier, don’t expect that your search will dramatically be cut into one trip. Owe it to yourself to maintain traction in your favorite malls and boutiques and scavenge for the perfect gown. Plan the trips accordingly and give yourself thinking and breathing time between each stunner that you come across. All it takes is time.

Don’t be in a rush

Don’t panic if you feel like it’s been a while and you still haven’t found that special dress. There’s still a world of wedding gowns out there you haven’t explored. You can persevere with several wedding dress shopping tips, but if it’s not there, it’s not there. Consider borrowing a wedding dress or getting your own wedding dress sewn together. What is important is you feel confident and beautiful in your special dress.