Sizzling Wedding Entertainment Ideas for Guests


Wedding is the D-Day for bride and groom and they enjoy their special day. But what about the attendants? Some of them might get bored. You would never like your guests to nap extemporaneously during the ceremony. You have to plan some nice wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests involved during the whole event. Here are some to keep guests on their toes.

Lawn/ Yard Games

What can you do to entertain your wedding guests? Keep your guests moving with these outdoor games.

Bocce Ball

Playing bocce ball with all the guests as teams is great fun. Throw those bigger bocce balls as closer to the pallino (the target) as possible. Getting closer to pallino will get you reward. No guest can feel bored playing it.


Scavenger Hunt

It’s an entertaining reception game where guests, who volunteer for it are supposed to find some already hidden items in the surrounding area. The one who finds the most, gets some special gift. Maybe a kiss from bride. Or you can use an iSpy Scavenger Hunt card, and ask the volunteers to take pictures of what’s listed in limited amount of time. Here are more details about how to play this game.



It’s a yard game that will keep the guests of all the age groups entertained and moving for hours. It’s easy to play which brings a friendly competition. Two to four players can participate at a time. All you need is a leveled ground.


Giant Jenga Game

Placing and playing with those giant tumble tower is great fun for all. Player has to choose one specific block and move it skillfully by using physical and mental strength. No one can feel boredom while playing it.


Corn Hole

It’s probably the most popular and funny lawn game at the moment. The player has to toss the bean bag on the dummy board. The one who throws the bag in the hole will get more points.


Sack Race

Don’t leave your guests for long photo sessions only. Make them hop this day with a funny sack race. Watching your guests hopping in that potato sacks weirdly, would be great fun for all. Bride and groom should also try.

Musical Entertainment

Here are some music-inspired wedding entertainment ideas.

Make them Dance

Make them dance on the beat of music. Dancing in couples or in group, it would be fun both ways. Get a dancer to train your guests for dancing. This combine dancing will surely give them an unforgettable experience.


DJ’s Delight

Call some DJs, musical band to entertain your guests with live music performances. You can also arrange some Mariachi band specially if you are arranging a Mexican-themed wedding. A wandering mariachi band among the guests would surely entertain them.



Don’t let your guests just sit idly for hours. Involve them in some lip syncing on their favorite hits. Karaoke is the trendiest of wedding entertainment ideas today. Turn the last couple of hours of your reception into a live music show. Below is a fun game shared by a kind reader:

In a recent wedding event that I attended, bride and groom arranged this funny activity to entertain the attendants. They used to call the names of any two people sitting in the audience. This wedding guest’s duo (strange for each other) was supposed to sing a song picked by bride and groom. The wedding guests sitting in front had to decide the winners by their votes through claps and applause. It was quite entertaining overall and kept all of us engaged.


First Dance to Surprise them

Add this special entertaining factor where the bride and groom practice a choreographed dance performance secretly and surprise all the attendants at the end of the ceremony. Surely a cool idea to wake those napping guests up and enjoy.

Wow your Guests

Make your guests feel wow with some cool ideas for them.

Guest Box

It’s the trendiest idea these days. Instead of writing down your comments in guest’s book, use a guest box with a video cam inside, placed in some corner where guests are supposed to record their video message for the newlywed couple.


Confetti Bar

A super cute table at your reception filled with sequins and multicolored confetti where guests are supposed to fill little bags with confetti using scoopers. Its great fun showering these confetti on the couple and all over. Will look great in pictures too.


Food Trucks

Rent an ice cream, donut or any other dessert’s truck for the guests other than the dinner that you have planned. They would surely love this idea and will be refreshed instead of keep sitting on their chairs.


Photo Booth

Silly yet entertaining wedding pictures can create a great memoir for you. Create some unique backdrop where the newlywed couple and all the wedding guests even your grandma and grandpa can have those super-cute and entertaining pictures of them.


Fireworks Display

Give your wedding event a fabulous end. See off the guests with a spectacular show of fireworks in the outdoor. The fireworks would surely refresh the tired attendants. There is no better way to bid adieu.

Kids’ Corner

Normally kids do not enjoy traditional weddings. Adults can enjoy the event if the kids are better engaged in some activities. A side room for kids to tucker out with crayons, papers etc. with a baby sitter is a cool idea.

Artist’s Intrusion

If you want to try some more unique wedding entertainment ideas for your guests, hire some artists like a caricaturist to draw them or a magician, palm reader, tarot card reader etc. to keep your guests refreshingly involved.

Mobile Petting Zoo

To give a more entertaining touch to your event, you can hire mobile petting zoo. Animal services are easily available on a call. And it will surely entertain your guests and kids in the wedding.

Spice It Up with Challenges: Shared by Our Reader

At my wedding, fun was at its peak when groomsmen got me kidnapped and what they demanded in return, were some really funny demands from the groom. My husband had to undergo all those silly demands to get me back. What he did made us all laugh our head off. Firstly, he was asked to kiss as many as five grannies sitting in the attendants. Hubby did that happily. The funniest of all was the garter belt challenge where my husband had to put on a garter on a groomsman’s leg. The next was to put his boss in handcuffs. Which he did quite nervously. There were many other similar demands. Over all it was great fun and kept guests involved and laughing. You can also try many such unique wedding entertainment ideas to prevent it to be a snooze fest wedding.