20 Great Wedding Favors for Destination Weddings


You want to say “Thank you” to your guests for joining in on your day of celebrations and give them a memento to remember the day as well. Wedding favors can be simple bags of candies to household items your guest will get more use. But when you are having a destination wedding, you don’t want to just give your guests something else to try and squeeze into their luggage. So what are the best wedding favors for destination weddings your guest will be overjoyed to receive? We’ve created a list of some great ideas you should consider!

A List of Wedding Favors for Destination Wedding


Tote Bags

Tote bags and beach bags are often the most popular favors. You can leave the empty or have the canvas tote bags filled with various items that your guest will find super thoughtful and useful. They also take up little space in luggage or can be used as a carry-on bag for your guests’ return trip.


An “Oops” Gift Basket

It wouldn’t be surprising if most of your guests forgot a number of the most basic necessities. Create a thoughtful gift basket of all the little items your guest may have forgotten and they will be sure to love you even more for it. From a toothbrush to lip gloss and even some small snacks and puzzle games, this is one favor your guest will get plenty of use out of.



Sunglasses make an awesome wedding favor, especially for destination weddings. Sunglasses are also one of the most commonly misplaced items for anyone, so many of your guest will be thanking you because they have probably just lost their only pair. Have your names and wedding date etched into the arms of the sunglasses for a more personal touch.


Luggage Inspired Favor Boxes

Whether you want them to be able to take away cookies from the dessert bar or you place a miniature bottle of booze in them, the luggage inspired favor box is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


Miniature Scrapbook or Photo Album

This is a great gift for your guest to be able to create their own memorable book from the trip and your wedding day. A miniature photo album is one of the perfect wedding favors for destination weddings because it gives you something your guest can display in their home to remember the joyous time on a regular basis. Also, unlike simple picture frames, your guest will be able to fill the album with multiple pictures so they won’t have to just choose one to display.


Upscale Hangover Kit

You all will be celebrating throughout the entire wedding trip and while some of your guests may be able to bounce back from the festivities most probably won’t, and that’s what makes these favors so great. You can include a number of items in the hangover kit like water, aspirin, eye masks, mints and vitamin C.


Luggage Tags

You all are traveling, so it is a given that your guest will get use out of a luggage tag. What is incredibly resourceful about these wedding favors is they can double as your escort cards as well!


Flip Flops

The ladies will especially be grateful for this wedding favor. Flip flops are great because they take up little room in luggage so your guests will have no problem packing them for the trip home and just about all of your guests will put them to good use. You can have the flip flops customized to feature your wedding date and even leave imprints of hearts in the sand.


Local Beverage

Many couples will throw in a miniature adult beverage for their guest, but to keep up with your destination theme, find out what the favorite local liquor or beverage is. Print out a sweet personal note attached to each miniature bottle and your guest will have a fantastic keepsake from your wedding day.



Many of your guests will be excited to let everyone know all about their fantastic trip, so why not give them something they can put to use right away? Present them with a small stack of locally themed postcards that they can keep as a keepsake or write their adventures on to send back to loved ones.


SPF Lip Balm

Create personal labels for a cute and handy wedding favor that will be greatly appreciated for those beach or tropical destination weddings. You can get rather creative with these simple wedding favors for destination weddings, so think outside the box!


Playing Cards

You can give your guest something to put to good use for their long trip back home. A deck of playing cards will definitely help your guests survive any unexpected delays on their return trip and they are so small that they can easily slide into any one carry on bag.


Shot Glasses

This is often one of the most common wedding favors for destination and local wedding alike. But, you can really make these more personal by not only including the wedding date but also incorporating something that will remind your guest of the destination long after they’ve returned home.


Destination Themed Bottle Opener

Whether it’s in the shape of a palm tree, flower or flip flop, this can be a cute and highly memorable wedding favor your guest will surely get some use out of. You can have these customized to include names and dates which make them a little more personal.


Hand Fans

The last thing you want for your guests  is to make them uncomfortable during the ceremony and if you are having a tropical or Caribbean destination wedding, the humidity and heat can be a major drag. Let your guest cool off with a handy hand fan favor. Whether you create a fun design of your own or have some fancier fans engraved with the date, this is a useful gift that also can double as a great home décor item.



Who doesn’t love a koozie? These are super simple favors that can feature your name, wedding dates and even a cute or funny saying. This is one favor your guest will enjoy and get some great use out of for many years.


Beach Aid Kit

Grab some miniature bottles of sunscreen and aloe Vera, and print out your own personalized labels for an ingenious wedding favor that many of your guests will be relieved to receive. You can also forgo the personal labels and just present them in a pair in a nice gift bag with a thoughtful thank you note.


Beach Towels

If you are having a tropical wedding, a beach towel can be the ideal favor to give your guests. Have your wedding date and location printed on them for a wedding favor your guest will be happy to use on their next vacation!


Fancy Local Inspired Key Chain

You can hit up some of the souvenir shops as soon as you arrive at your wedding destination to find some incredible unique key chains that can be the perfect memento for you guest. If you are having an incredibly intimate wedding with only a few guest, this can be a great way to choose something that is perfect for each individual guest.


Personalized Glassware

While you might want to opt for a sturdy plastic glass, a great option for a tropical destination is a personalized margarita, martini glass or beer mug. This is also a super easy do-it-yourself project if you or some friends have some artistic capabilities. Just remember to have boxes and bubble wrapped for these wedding favors for destination weddings.