Wedding Flowers for Every Season


What time of the year you are going to marry? The answer has a lot of significance, especially for a flower freak. Maybe the season you have planned to marry is not the season of your favorite flower, which means extra bucks in your budget. To make your event special, here we have created a detailed chart of wedding flowers by season. It will surely help you in choosing your favorites for your big day.

Wedding Flowers by Season

Spring Flowers by Colors

No season can equal the blossoming splendor of spring. With lots of rain and mud, spring brings a lot of flowers too. It offers a vast range from sizes to colors.

  • Red: gerbera, rose, sweet pea, orchid, tulip, anemone, carnation, ranunculus, tulip, altromeria, bouvardia, cala lily, Chrysanthemum

  • Yellow: Daffodils, marigold, dwarf dandelion, yellow iris, partridge pea, chrysanthemum, yellow tulip, yellow freesia, yellow ranunculus, rose, gerbera yellow stock (a late spring flower), ranunculus, Ornithogalum, orchid, carnation, Chrysanthemum

  • Purple: stock, sweet pea, veronica, scabiosa, iris, anemone, carnation, delphinium, hydrangea, lavender, orchid, hyacinth, tulip, wax flower, lilac, tulip, cala lily, allium giganteum, crocus

  • Pink: stock, sweet pea, veronica, rose, ranunculus, peony, orchid, anemone, carnation, Boronia, hyacinth, star gazer lily, tulip, gerbera, bouvardia, cala lily, lily of the valley, heather

  • White: stock, sweet pea, veronica, stephanotis, scabiosa, rose, ranunculus, Queen Anne’s lace, peony, Ornithogalum, orchid, tulip, anemone, carnation, daisy, delphinium, iris, snapdragon, viburnum, casa Blanca lily, hyacinth, lilacs, narcissus, star gazer lily, wax flower, common snowdrop, bouvardia, cala lily, Chrysanthemum, lily of the valley, star of Bethlehem

  • Blue: Siberian squill, muscari, hyacinth, glory of the snow, anemone, iris, tweedia, delphinium, eucalyptus

Summer Flowers

Hello! Sunshine. Summer is all about sunshine with cotton candy clouds. A wedding in summer would have all the great variety of sun-kissed flowers. Summer is also a blooming season. So you can have the best wedding flowers by season and year round.

  • Red: Roses, alstromeria, bouvardia, cala lily, carnation, Chrysanthemum, dahlia, gerbera, gladiolus, gloriosa lily, orchid, phlox, zinnia

  • Yellow: carnation, Chrysanthemum, coxcomb, dahlia, freesia, gerbera, gladiolus, iris, orchid, rose, stock, sunflower, zinnia, poppy, craspedia, spider chrysanthemum, alstromeria, snapdragons, solidaster

  • Purple: dahlia, delphinium, hydrangea, iris, lisianthus, phlox, stock, veronica, wax flower, statice sinuata, montecasino aster, freesia, purple alstroemeria, English lavender, larkspur

  • Pink: bouvardia, cala lily, carnation, coxcomb, cornflower, cosmos, dahlia, delphinium, freesia, gerbera, gladiolus, hydrangea, lisianthus, orchid, phlox, rose, stock, tuberose, veronica, zinnia, alstromeria, Chrysanthemum, larkspur, snapdragons, heather

  • White: daisy, bouvardia, cala lily, carnation, Chrysanthemum, corn flower, cosmos, dahlia, delphinium, gardenia, gerbera, gladiolus, hydrangea, iris, lisianthus, orchid, star of Bethlehem, phlox, rose, stephanotis, stock, tuberose, veronica, freesia, larkspur, queen Anne’s lace, snapdragons, tuberose

  • Blue: cornflower, delphinium, hydrangea, tweedia, forget me not, freesia, iris, larkspur, eucalyptus

Fall Flowers

As the leaves tumble down, fall is here. Fall season is always ablaze with various shades of autumn. It’s not just about leaves of red and gold, it’s about various elegant  fall season flowers in vibrantly hues. If you are going to get married in fall and looking for wedding flowers by season, the choices are available in unlimited colors.

  • Red: gerbera, roses, bouvardia, alstroemeria, amaryllis, calla lily, carnation, chrysanthemum, dahlia, Dutch tulip, gladiolus, gloriosa lily, orchid, parrot tulip, rose, sweet pea, marigold, yarrow

  • Yellow: gerbera, snapdragon, sunflower, alstroemeria, amaryllis, calla lily, carnation, chrysanthemum, coxcomb, daffodil, dahlia, larkspur, Dutch tulip, French tulip, gladiolus, hyacinth, orchid, star of bethelehm, parrot tulip, ranunculus, rose, marigold

  • Purple: delphinium, iris, liatris, lillium stargazer, stock, alstroemeria, anemone, dahlia, larkspur, Dutch tulip, grape hyacinth, hyacinth, lisianthus, sweet pea, veronica, statice, aster

  • Pink: alstroemeria, gerbera, peonies, snapdragon, stock, amaryllis, anemone, Dutch tulip, larkspur, bouvardia, calla lily, carnation, coxcomb, cornflower, cosmos, dahlia, freesia, French tulip, gladiolus, hyacinth, lisianthus, orchid, parrot tulip, peony, ranunculus, rose, sweet pea, tuber rose, veronica, aster, heather

  • White: hyacinth, calla assorted, lillium casa Blanca, lsianthus, orchid polymin, paper whites, stephanotis, Alstroemeria, amaryllis, anemone, bouvardia, calla lily, carnation, chrysanthemum, cornflower, cosmos, daffodil, dahlia, daisy (early fall), larkspur, Dutch tulip, French tulip, gardenia, gerbera, gladiolus, grape hyacinth, lisianthus, star of bethelehm, parrot tulip, peony, ranunculus, rose, sweet pea, tuberose, veronica, aster, gypsophila

  • Blue: delphinium, iris, hyacinth, cornflower, grape hyacinth, tweedia, eucalyptus

Winter Flowers by Colors

With the arrival of winter, you would witness many colorful flowers along with the cascades of snowflakes. It’s a common misconception that you would find less flowers in winter when you are looking for wedding flowers by season.

  • Red: poppy, gerbera, peony, roses, tulips, bouvardia, ranunculus, dahlias, orchid, gloriosa lily, carnation, camellia, calla lily, amaryllis, anemone, poinsettia, sweet pea, bachelor’s button

  • Yellow: poppy, alstromeria, gerbera, rose, peony, tulips, snapdragon, ranunculus, stock, Ornithogalum, orchid, iris, hyacinth, French tulip, freesia, daffodil, carnation, camellia, calla lily, narcissus

  • Purple: delphinium, delphinium, liatris, lillium stargazer, rose, dahlias, veronica, stock, iris, hyacinth, muscari, sweet pea, scabiosa

  • Pink: poppy, delphinium. Gerbera, lisianthus, peony, rose, tulips, snapdragon, ranunculus, veronica, stock, orchid, hyacinth, French tulip, freesia, carnation, camellia, calla lily, bouvardia, anemone, camellias, cosmos, star gazer lily, sweet pea, wax flower, bachelor’s button, heather, lily of the valley

  • White: poppy, calla assorted, delphinium, gardenia, Lillium Casablanca, lisianthus, paper whites, peony, rose, tulips, stephanotis, ranunculus, veronica, stock, Ornithogalum, orchid, iris, hyacinth, muscari, French tulip, daffodil, carnation, calla lily, bouvardia, amaryllis, anemone, camellias, cosmos, jasmine, narcissus, poinsettia, star gazer lily, star of Bethlehem, sweet pea, wax flower, baby breath, bachelor’s button, lily of the valley, scabiosa

  • Blue: delphinium, larkspur, hyacinth, muscari, anemone, forget me not, bachelor’s button, eucalyptus