Wedding Flowers Ideas


Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your special day. They show off your theme as well as your color palette. Wedding flowers also express your own personal style. Floral arrangements can even be overwhelming because you want to set yourself apart from everyone else. This is where the stress relievers, better known as wedding florists, come in.

Your vision is the starting point for all florists. From your gown to venue, they use everything to create a bouquet that is a beautiful as your wedding. But for those crafty brides out there, here are some wedding flowers ideas to make your special day even better.

17 Fabulous Wedding Flowers Ideas


Floral Backdrop

Want your beautiful dress to truly stand out? Try a back drop of flowers from your color palette and greenery for your wedding photos and ceremony. Add some hardware like broches to add a stark contrast to your feminine dress.


Fountain of Blooms

Fountains are another way to make your wedding bloom with beauty. Add beautiful cascading flowers to the fountain. For night time weddings, add lily pads topped with scented tea lights for a nice calming atmosphere.


Tented Greenery

Imagine you are having a beautiful outdoor wedding. Everything is perfect except for the ugly beams that are holding tent up. Hide them with some lovely ivy and wrapping it around the beam. Accent it with color palette flowers. Perfection.


Blooms of Light/ Floral Chandeliers

Floral chandeliers are a great wedding flower idea that will give your guests more space on the table while still making a beautiful statement. Hang flowers from your color scheme or white roses upside down from the lackluster chandeliers present.


Floating Flowers

Did you decide to have your wedding in a botanical garden with a lovely pond? Create an amazing statement with floating flowers on a bed of lush moss. Surround your display with floating tea lights gently hugged by blooming flowers.


Just Hangin’

Hanging potted plants is a wonderful way to accentuate a charming lattice wall. Wind red ivy around the wall to create an aesthetically pleasing wall of greenery. Bonus: You can reuse the plants as part of your home décor.


Flora Everlasting

Cotton bouquets is one of wedding flowers ideas that will stand the test of time. Cotton bouquets can withstand any weather and do not need to be preserved after your wedding day so they can be passed down.


Colorful Centerpiece

A bright mix of warm-color blooms in an opaque vase become a traditional wedding mix of blooms perfect for any classic wedding centerpiece. Select flowers of a wide range of colors and you can even add fruits to decorate! For a cute way display, shape them into the bride and groom’s favorite things!


Floral Cake Display

A cake is an integral part of a wedding so make one out of flowers such as roses and carnations. Put florist’s foam on a simple cake stand and decorate with flowers. Or you can also add a few layers. Have fun with it and make a display that is “good enough to eat.”


Branching Out

Branch out from the usual blooms and cut flowering shrubs and tree branches for centerpieces. Arrange in a glass jar filled with water to create beautiful branch art. Add your own flavor with colored water to match the wedding.


All Natural

Want fresh wedding flowers ideas? In nature greenery and flowers live in perfect harmony, why can’t they do the same at your wedding? To create this centerpiece, place florist’s foam in the base of the urn then insert greenery, such as spruce or cedar then fill in the open spaces with dahlias and hydrangeas.


Float Like a Butterfly

Want to make a statement at your wedding? A butterfly bouquet makes a beautiful statement that will flutter as you glide down the aisle. For a how to on how to make your very own butterfly bouquet follow Martha Stewart.


Keeping It Simple

If you have a small wedding budget, the farmer’s market is great place to find some beautiful flowers that will not hurt your pocketbook. First and foremost, check to see what vendors are there and what types of flowers they have. If it’s not far, you may want to bring buckets or containers of water to put your flowers in for the drive back home. Another major thing to remember is to arrive early so you get the best selection. Flowers sell out fast at farmer’s markets so get there at least 20 minutes early to get the best selection. Lastly, keep an open mind. You will end up extremely disappointed if you have your heart set on certain flowers but they are not available.


Born to Be Wild

For the bride who is wild at heart, line your aisle with lush wildflowers tangled in a wooden flower frame to create an amazing eye catching display. Mirror the untamed beauty with a full cascading bouquet of wildflowers. Reuse these flowers to frame the seating cards that will double as a piece of memorabilia for your guests to take home after the wedding.


Flowering Confections

To get a cake that is the talk of the town without breaking the bank, get plain fondant cakes and decorate them with flowers. Cupcakes look cute with a single cut rose in the center while bigger cakes require rings of flowers on the layers.


Waterfall of Flora

Fionna Flora had the right idea to make a wedding statement when she made a cascading bouquet. Follow that example and make a bouquet of air plants and hydrangeas. This looks great with a long flowing gown.

Follow these wedding flowers ideas and your wedding will be blooming with elegance and beauty.