Creative Guest Books: The Lovely Wedding Frame with Wooden Hearts


A few years ago, classic guest books with hard covers were the norm for weddings, but things and trends have changed quite a bit since then. These days, the more unique and innovative the guest book, the better – from surfboards as signing platforms, to fingerprint trees and vintage postcards, the possibilities out there are endless. And if you are looking for a charming way to preserve memories, wishes and signatures from your big day, then you should definitely consider a wedding frame with wooden hearts.

Creative Guest Books: The Lovely Wedding Frame with Wooden Hearts

Should You Opt for One?

If you selected a rustic wedding theme and style, then you have to go with it from A to Z and opt for a guest book that comes from the same organic, nature-inspired area. And a lovely frame made of wood with wood hearts definitely qualifies! Secondly, if you are trying to figure out whether this type of guest book is the right one for you, ask yourself: do I want something that will eventually end up at the bottom of a drawer somewhere or do I want a guest book worthy to be displayed and admired at all times? If you chose the latter, then the heart-filled frame is the one for you!

How Does It Work?

Basically, this type of frame is not just an ordinary way to gather all the wishes in one place – it is an actual piece of art! Each guest will write down their own advices, thank you notes and wishes for the new couple on a small heart, then slot it into the box. The little hearts will stack up on each other, creating an unpredictable and one of a kind design with a lovely handmade effect.

You can choose to add your names (or simply your initials) and your wedding date in the middle of the wedding frame with wooden hearts or customize it in different ways, but whatever you do, it is simply a must to display in your newlyweds’ home after your nuptials. Since it doubles as a piece of art, you can preserve your memories and decorate your home with the same versatile piece.

Will the Cheeky Messages Stay There for All to See?

When it comes to displayable guest books, there is one worry that might go through your mind – lots of drinks, laughs and party modes can lead to disastrous combinations when it comes to writing messages for the newlyweds, aka cheeky notes that would shock grandma or raise your aunt’s eyebrows. So, in case your close friends wrote you some naughty messages meant to be seen only by you and your new hubby, then no worries – you can simply remove the glass of the frame and flip the risqué hearts!

Go Shopping!

If you’re convinced that a wedding frame with wooden hearts is just what your wedding was missing, then take a look at these lovely pieces, meant to fit right in your rustic-style wedding! But before you purchase your favorite piece, remember that you need to take into account the number of guests that will attend your wedding – since there are lots of sizes available out there, you want a proportionate frame that will allow all to write their wishes; and even if it doesn’t get filled up by the end of the wedding, it will still look perfectly adorable!

1. The White Frame

Looking for a white guest book? Wedding frames with hearts may be rustic, but they don’t have to be all natural-colored. This pretty frame includes little wish hearts in various wood shades, ranging from orangey-beige to pale. And if you want to customize it, then you can send in your details to be written down on a fixed larger heart.

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2. The Large & Sturdy Frame

This large wedding guest book features a thick and sturdy frame where your names will be written, plus a gorgeous purple backdrop for the dropping hearts – choose this style if you have a large wedding and expect 200+ guests at your event.

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3. The Turquoise Background Frame

If you opted for a beach wedding rather than a rustic one, then aqua or turquoise is definitely among your wedding colors. Check out this super bright and stylish wedding frame!

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4. The Additional Poster

Once you opted for a wedding frame with wooden hearts as your official guest book, it might be a good idea to formally invite your guests to sign your guest book as well. And how exactly can you do so? By purchasing an additional poster with an invitation / instruction! Since this style of guest books may be unknown to some, opting for the extra poster invite can guarantee that you will collect more signatures and wishes from your guests.

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