Wedding Gift Baskets for Out of Town Guests


Your out of town guests make more sacrifices than most of your local guests. From travel arrangements, hotel accommodations and taking off additional time from work, they make a lot of effort to attend your big day. So you must want to show them how much you appreciate all the extra efforts they have taken: one way to do these is with wedding baskets for out of town guests. Keep reading if you want some great tips and inspiration for a truly unique way to tell your out of town guests thank you.

Tips for Preparing Wedding Gift Baskets for Out of Town Guests

The "Basket"

You don't need to use an actual basket; instead, you can choose a tote bag, gable box, color bags or any other variety of vessels to place all the goodies into.


Include some bottled water so your guest won't have to pay an additional fee for the mini bar water at their hotel. You can also include some miniature bottles of champagne or locally brewed beer to welcome them.


After all the traveling, your guest will appreciate a few snacks in their gift basket. Popcorn, chips, fruits cookies, and crackers are all great option to include in wedding gift baskets for out of town guests.

Wedding Information

Just in case your guest forgets the wedding itinerary at home or forgot to print out a copy to take with them, this is one thing you will want to include in their baskets just in case. They will have all the information from locations to contact numbers that will help them relax more after their long day of travel.


Providing your guest with a local map is a great idea that will allow them to easily take in the sites during their stay. You can also give them some recommendations for restaurants, bars, hair salons and more to let them explore the area with more ease.


Include a little keepsake to remind your guests of their stay. Some great souvenir ideas can include key chains, travel mug, postcards or anything else that is significant in your local area. This will not only remind them about their stay but also about the wonderful time they had while celebrating your wedding.

Some Essentials

Including some items to help them cure a hangover like aspirin and vitamin C packets can be incredibly useful. Sun tan lotion, lip balm, and bug spray are also good items to include in wedding gift baskets for out of town guests since they are commonly forgotten and can be a huge lifesaver.

Thank You Note

Including a thank you note in your guest's baskets is an easy way to make your guest feel appreciated. Simply thanking them for the sacrifices they made to share in your special day can go a long way. These can be short and sweet just to let your guest know how grateful you are.

Guests with Kids

If you know your out of town guests are traveling with kids, you will want to include a few special items just for the kids. Coloring books and crayons are always a favorite for younger children while older kids can be better occupies with playing cards, board games or books.


Some other useful items you might want to include in your baskets can include things that are specific to your wedding theme or destination, like a beach towel and sunglasses for beach weddings. Lint rollers and sewing kits can also be a huge lifesaver for your out of town guest.


The wedding gift baskets for out of town guests should be personalized to each guest but most can include the same general items. The main point is to tell the thank you and make they know their efforts are not unnoticed.