Wedding Gift for Parents from Bride and Groom


You've had your parents for your entire life and things should be no different on your special day. They've seen you through the rough high school years and have gone to nearly every sporting exercise you have had in both high school and college. Since they have given all their love and attention to you throughout the years, it is important to appreciate them by giving them an appropriate wedding gift. This is the best time to show your gratitude to them before entering new life.

Wedding Gift for Parents from Bride and Groom

An appropriate wedding gift for parents takes time and effort to decide upon. Here, we have compiled some great choices you might want to consider.

Wedding Day Accessories

Give them things they will need to have on your special day. You can give your mom a personalized hankie for dabbing her eyes with. Bracelet, necklace and earrings are all good choices. For your fathers, try giving them personalized cuff links or a nice bow tie they can wear to your wedding.


A Framed Photo of the Family

Take out a special photograph of the entire family and have it transformed into a painting or just have it framed for their wall or mantle. You can give one photo to both of them or one of each of them with you alone along with a special sentiment.


A Slide Show or Video

Get together all the old family photos and make a slideshow out of them. Put them together with songs that remind them of the old days. Try to do a surprise viewing at the reception or give it to them on a tablet or iPad.


An Album of Their Own Wedding

Get some vintage photos of their wedding and dating days and create an album they are sure to appreciate as a wedding gift for parents from bride and groom. Choose only the most special photos to include in your album.


Put Mom's Dress on Display

If the wedding dress is to stay intact, think about putting it on display at the reception. This is like a living commentary on your mother's life and lets her know that you think her wedding dress was exceptional.


Use Their Special Song

It is a great gift to your parents to use their special song as part of your own wedding. Make it part of your first dance with mom or dad. It will bring back memories of their own wedding day, so be prepared for tears and laughter


Use Their Signature Cocktail

If mom or dad has a special drink they always drink, use it as one of the choices at your own wedding. Name it after your parents and it will be sure to be a fan favorite on your special day.


Use Their Cake Topper

If your parents have saved their cake topper, think about using it as your own cake topper as the wedding gift for parents from bride and groom. It will tie in your two weddings and will make them remember fondly their own wedding.


A Part of Mom's Dress

If you can take apart some of mom's wedding dress, include it as part of the handle for your bouquet. A special treat is to have a miniature picture of their own wedding tucked in among the flowers in the bouquet.


Give Them a Personalized Wedding Album

While this can't be given the day of the wedding, it makes for a nice surprise later when you include shots of mom and dad in a wedding photo album of your special day. Make it personalized, so they recognize that it is just for them.


Home Improvement Ideas

Your parents may have put off doing some home improvements because they've been busy gearing up for the wedding. Think about giving them a gift card to a home improvement store or hire a contractor or gardener to help them get going on those projects they've let slide because of your big day.


A Weekend Getaway

Think about renting a private little cottage for them or buy them reservations at a deluxe hotel they've always dreamed of going to. Add a nice romantic dinner for them for an added touch of love.


A Spa Day

Buy them a spay day for two. Include some kind of activity they can do together, such as a couple's massage or a romantic lunch or dinner. This will be a great wedding gift for parents from bride and groom that both will appreciate and get relaxed and enjoyed.


Tickets to Something Fabulous

Now that the wedding is over, they may want to enjoy themselves during an evening out just for the two of them. Get them opera tickets, concert tickets, or tickets to their favorite sporting event.


Plan a Family Outing

Your parents may miss you after the big event, so planning some kind of family outing will be a gift they will be sure to remember. It will remind them that you haven't left after all and that you still plan on spending time together.


Abovementioned gifts are just some choices; you can also click the link HERE to find the best one you like.