The 30 Best Wedding Gifts from The Groom to The Bride


The exchange of gifts between the bride and groom is getting quite trendy. It’s a tradition, but an optional one. The groom may buy any gift that he feels is practical for the bride. The cost may vary. It’s not the price but the emotions behind the gift that matter. There is no cardinal rule for when to give a gift to the bride. Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner, on wedding day or after it, all depends on the gift’s type and the groom.

Wedding Gifts from the Groom to the Bride

Below you’ll find some of the best gift ideas for the groom to help you pick the best wedding gifts for your bride. Choose the one that suits her personality and style.

A Keepsake Box

A wooden or metal keepsake box with a personalized touch can make her happy. It’s perfect for love notes, jewelry, wedding garter or any other accessory.


A Sexy Robe

A sexy satin, floral, or lace robe - even a boudoir robe - would make a practical gift on the eve of the wedding.


Something Artistic!

Flex your artistic muscles and gift her a wonderfully made piece of artwork. Try a painting for the bedroom or a sculpture with some symbolic meanings (of Love).



Every girl loves jewelry. Something thoughtfully chosen, like a stone studded necklace, earrings or bracelets, are all great choices.


A Handkerchief

Add a touch of romance to a simple handkerchief by embroidering it with her name or initials. She may need it on the wedding day to wipe away those tears of joy.


Gift Items for the Honeymoon

Give her something practical for the honeymoon. Maybe traveling gear or a camera to capture all those precious moments.


A Signature Scent

A refreshing perfume is one of the most romantic wedding gifts from the groom to the bride. Know her style and gift her a floral or a sweet smelling scent.


A DIY Scrapbook

Create a romantic scrapbook that contains all the items that reflect your journey together. It could have the love notes, tickets from trips, movie tickets, photos, or whatever you have.


Personalized Champagne Glasses

Buy her a pair of personalized champagne glasses to ensure that from now on, each day would be special with lots of reasons to celebrate.


Something Surprising

Surprise her by having you and your groomsmen perform a choreographed dance. This unique gift would surely leave her in tears.


A Slideshow of Loving Messages

Yet another one of the surprising wedding gifts, compile a video of love messages from all her near and dear ones. Play the slideshow on the rehearsal dinner or reception. She would definitely adore this.


Several Gifts Throughout the Day!

The wedding day is a stressful time for most brides. Relieve her stress with small gifts throughout the day. These may include a bouquet, her favorite drink, coffee, candies and so on.


A Customized Mug

A mug with a love message or note is one of the most nicely affordable wedding gifts from the groom to the bride.


A Beach Tote Bag

Soon you’ll be embarking on your honeymoon together, and for a tropical destination, nothing could be better than a chic tote bag.


A Wifey T-Shirt

Give her a customized T-shirt with “wifey” written on it. She will love to wear it.


Personalized Cosmetic Bags

No woman can deny the importance of a cosmetic bag. Get her one that has been personalized with a love note or her name.


A Wifey Pajama Set

What could be better than a nice and comfy personalized pajama set? Available in various designs, she will love this gift.


A Personalized Bride Beach Towel

One good choice is a personalized beach towel with words like Mrs. or bride. Your honeymoon is the best time to surprise her with one such wedding gift.


A Picture Frame

A picture frame containing your best wedding pic can make for one of the best wedding gifts. She would hang it in her bedroom as a token of your love.


Religious Gifts

If you belong to a religious family, gift her items like a rosary, a cross locket necklace or a copy of The Holy Bible.


A Journal Notebook

For the more introverted men who are not quite expressive with their love, Give her a journal notebook filled with writings about how much she means to you.


A Personalized Ceramic Wedding Plate

A ceramic plate will look fabulous in your lounge. Gift her a personalized one with a sweet and cute messages.


Customized Glass Cards

A glass card or shield with a personalized message is a great option for a gift from the groom to the bride.


An Engraved Pendant Necklace

Engraved pendants are quite trendy and girls love to wear them. Buy the one with a love note that expresses your feelings in the best possible way.



Pick out some lingerie for her. With so many designs and styles, pick one that you have always been dreaming for.


A Candle Holder

Try gifting her a uniquely designed candle holder for her dresser. A luxuriously designeda candle holder would win her heart for sure.


A Card Holder

If she is a business woman, gift her a nice looking card holder for her desk. It’s a unique and affordable idea.


Wedding Morning Breakfast

Feeling stressed is quite common on the wedding day. You are not with her in person,but a surprise breakfast would surely boost her spirits.


A Jewelry Box

Gift her a romantic jewelry box before the wedding day. It’s a must-have for every bride.


A Beaded Clutch

A stylish clutch given on the eve of the wedding is the perfect choice for gifts from the groom to the bride.