10 Gifts for Old Marrying Couples on Their 2nd Marriages


It's your friend's second marriage and now you have to find the perfect wedding gift! But are the typical place settings, appliances, and serving platters really the best option? Of course not - so then what are some of the best gifts for older couples on their second marriage?

Gifts for Old Marrying Couples on Their 2nd Marriages

Couples Activity Gift Card

If you know the couple getting married has enough stuff, then a great option is getting them a gift card to take a couples dance class or a cooking class. Even a museum membership can be a great gift to let them spend some time together and maybe even introduce them to a new hobby or passion.


Does the couple have a favorite sports team? Is there an upcoming concert you know they both would love to attend? Whether they are the opera and ballet kind of couple or the football and hockey types, getting them a single performance entrance or season tickets can be a phenomenal wedding gift.

Modern appliances

While the couple may have all the necessities in their home, they may not have any of the additional modern items like an espresso machine or indoor grill. When they have the basics covered, you can look for more fun appliances you know they would never buy themselves but would love to have.

A Gift for the Whole Family

If the couple has children from previous marriages, think about a gift the whole family can benefit from. Tickets to a nearby ski resort, a family friendly dinner cruise, or even tickets to a sports game as gifts for couple getting re-married is one that will be appreciated by the whole family.

A Little Get Away

Most couples that get married a second time tend to skip the honeymoon after the wedding. Consider booking a room for them at a nearby bed and breakfast or a day at the spa, both of which could be a relaxing treat for them.

Make a Donation

If you know the couple has a favorite cause, you can make a donation in their name. You can also find a number of small projects that you can donate to in their honor, like giving clean water to a developing country or sponsoring research for cancer.

Household Additions

While they may have all the basics covered, consider getting them additional perks for their new home together. A hammock for their yard or a gift certificate for the home supply store if they are planning some new renovations are just a couple options for some great gifts.

Customized Gifts

Customized gifts can really celebrate the couple's new life together. These can range from address labels with both their names on it, a welcome mat for the front door, or maybe even something fun like a customized game of monopoly. Some of the best gifts for second time around couples are the ones that simply celebrate them and their new union.

Monthly Membership

Does the couple love chocolates, wines, or fresh fruits? You can get them a year membership that will deliver a monthly gift to their doorstep with their favorite foods or beverages. You can also buy them a membership for their favorite magazine subscription if they aren't really the wine connoisseur type.

Customized Pictures

You can also get them a gift that they can use on their wedding day like special champagne flutes, or have one of their photos placed in a beautiful frame, or give them an album for all their wedding pictures.

Other Choices

If the couple is moving into a house where they will have the benefits of a yard for the first time, then buying patio furniture or a barbecue that they can enjoy in their new yard is a great idea. Choose items that can bring them a daily reminder of not only your thoughtfulness but also of their wedding day.

Bottom Line

The most important thing to remember is to find a gift that honors the two of them getting married. Avoid anything that would reference their previous marriages. Finding the perfect gifts for a couple going to the altar for the second time will take a little more thought, but this will make your gift all the more meaningful.