Best Ideas of Wedding Gifts for Parents


Parents have always been your strength, through all those years, in good and bad. Even from the planning aspect of your wedding to the final day’s arrangements, they have a vital role. In this time of joy and celebration, the newly wed couples must never forget to thank their parents. Your wedding gifts for parents would not only be a token of appreciation by you, but would also symbolize the strong bonding even after you get hooked.

29 Best Wedding Gifts for Parents


A Getaway Deal

How about a weekend getaway deal to the most favorite destination of your parents? After the whole exertion and fatigue of wedding, they are surely gonna love this.


Necklace and Cufflinks

For moms, a stunning piece of jewelry like a bracelet or crystal necklace is the right option. Pair it with stylishly made cufflinks, for fathers. Even personalized cufflinks are a great option.


Personalized Champagne Glasses

A gift as glamourous as a pair of personalized champagne glasses, is what I love the most. Get the elegant champagne glasses, get it personalized with some love message or their names.


Relationship Journal for a Mother

Want to gift something emotional? A relationship journal by you to your mother is a really touching idea. Share your childhood memories and all other happy moments. It would leave her with teary eyes.


Accessories for Trip

The gift you give, should be functional enough to make them happy. Buy some nice accessories for their trip. These may include bath salts, pair of pajamas or personalized satin robes for mothers.


Personalized Wooden Clock

A wooden clock, on their bedside, with a love note, their names or your name, would always remind them of you.


Your Wedding Album!

Your wedding album can also make one of the best wedding gifts for parents. They are going to adore all the memories saved inside it.


Personalized Pen for Dad

Pen can easily be personalized. And can be a great gift for dads. A pen engraved with dad’s name or a love message, both are fun ideas.


Jewelry Case

A daughter is always fanaticized by a Mom’s jewelry. And would love to wear, as a kid. Give her a travel jewelry case, designed with various small pockets.


Cosmetic Bag

A cosmetic bag is one of the most important traveling accessories for any woman. Gift your mom with some nice personalized bag with her name embroidered over it.


Personalized Keyring for Dad

Daddy would surely be glad to get a fancy, personalized keyring. The keyring could have a small love note for dad, that would be enough to let him know your love.


Blast from the Past

Gift your parents an elegantly framed wedding pic of their own wedding. A memory from their big day would definitely make, one of the best wedding gifts for parents.


A Stunning Tie Bar for Dad

Whether dad of bride or groom, a tie bar especially made for Dads, is yet another great idea. It could be both without or with a personalized message like, WORLD’S BEST DAD.


Vintage-inspired Laced Hankie

An elegantly-designed vintage lace and embroidered hankie for a mother is definitely a great wedding gift. To make it more personal, get the one with some love message embroidered over it.


Mani/Pedi for Moms

As a couple, you may buy a mani/padi gift cards for both your moms. Especially right before the marriage, it would be quite suitable for the situation too.


Matching Shoes for Dads

Gift FOB and FOG, the wedding shoes, matched with the groom’s party. Though dads are not a part of groom’s party traditionally, but still, it would look great, if they wear the matched ones.


Oak Tree

An oak tree is the symbol of strength, endurance and wisdom. Gift your parents with a miniature oak tree. When its planted and grows up, it would remind them of this special occasion.


Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame

Fill this 8-inch digital photo frame with stunning pictures from your wedding or the ones containing your best childhood memories.


Family Tree Pillow Set

A personalized family tree pillow with the names of all your immediate family members, can be another great gift for your parents.


Pocket Watch for Daddy

Engraved pocket watch for FOB or FOG would make an ideal wedding gift for both sets of dads. With a thankyou note, it is surely a great option to go with.


Mother's Pocket Watch

Look for some gorgeously designed pocket watch with personalized messages for your mon too. It is a lovely gift for sure.


Personalized Platters

Grab these fun looking personalized platters to make them happy. Personalized with short messages and some with images, are both modern as well as fun.


Tickets to Theater or Opera

After all the fuss and tiring wedding routine, parents would love to have a day out in some theatre, opera or for a movie. Grab them the tickets of what you think the best.


Something for Home Improvement & Decor

You can simply present them with some gift item for home. It may include a satellite bowl, led candles, utensils set, wine cork candles an eye glasses holder, candle holder and photo frame.


Parents Day at Spa

Arrange them a nice day at spa with some refreshing herbal massage for the couple. And then a nice candlelight dinner for the two.


Personalized Collage Cylinder Vase

These custom vases can make one of the best wedding gifts for parents. It can feature your best photographs. Any parent would love to have a gift this unique.


Embroidered Tie

Show your love to your dad with a classy tie with a small embroidered love note for him. Wearing it on your big day would enhance the magic of this unique gift item.


Brush Strokes Plates

A well painted brush stroke plate with personalized mother and father message would always remind them of your love.


Parents Mug Set

Available in so many designs and styles, present your parents with some cute mug set. Each time they would have coffee, they would think of you.


Best Mom Ever Tote Bag

On her next vacation, let your mom carry this stunning tote bag with a precious love note, representing your feelings.