20 Best Wedding Gifts for Sisters from Brothers


Make her special day even more special with a heartfelt gift. Your sister has been with you from childhood to adulthood, she deserves an exceptional gift. For the brothers who want to do something bigger, you can finance her honeymoon suite. But if you do not have that much of budget, we bring the best ideas for wedding gifts for sisters from brothers.

What to Give Sister as Wedding Gift

Wedding gift for sister should preferably be of personal nature. Gift items with practical use are also highly recommended.

Bottles of wine in a well-arranged Basket

Wine basket is yet another great choice. A well decorated basket with wine bottles inside can be sweet and elegant, and do not forget to place a greeting card with it.


Wish her luck with something new!

As myth suggests, presenting something new to wear brings a bright future. Not sure about myth’s credibility, but I believe she would love something new; maybe earrings or a neckpiece.


Scrapbook containing childhood memories

If you are a crafty person, or know someone with creativity and talent, plan a personal scrapbook for your sister’s wedding. Get it filled with sweet images, depicting her life before marriage.


Candelabra with candles

Give her a candelabra with candles, to give her the romantic feel of a candle light dinner at home. Not a bad idea!


Fun little kitchen gadgets!

There are so many fun kitchen gadgets that can make the best wedding gifts for sisters from brothers. Mixer, coffee maker and a uniquely designed kitchen tablet dock. She is gonna love it.


Something from her Wedding Registry!

Bridal wedding registry is yet another option. Being a brother, you can search the list and find the item that suits your budget. Do not forget a personal note!


Blue ceramic serving dishes

Here's something blue! Serving dishes are quite functional item. Each time she would use them, she would miss you. It would be a token of your love and care.


Wine fridge

What could be more refreshing than chilled drinks and wine? Anyone would love to have a gift like this. Available in so many sizes and styles, choose the one for her.


Girly weekender bag

She is just going to have her honeymoon soon. A colorful and girly weekender bag would be quite handy and functional to accompany her on her on honeymoon and future trips.


A slideshow of childhood photos

A personal surprise gift like a slideshow of childhood images of you two and parents, particularly her, would leave her with teary eyes. Make sure you communicate beforehand with the person responsible so that it can be well arranged into the wedding. 


Personalized flower vase

If she loves gardening and flowers, give her a personalized flower vase. With her name written over it, it makes one of the unique wedding gifts for sisters from brothers.


Gift cards

Buy her gift cards of her favorite stores. Let her decide, what she wants to have. This is the safest way of keeping yourself away from the tension finding one.


Picnic date box

There would be many occasions when she would need this. She would adore you for giving a gift as practical as this one.


A perfume

A refreshing scent of her choice would make her feel out of this world. You must have some idea of her likes and dislikes. Keep that in focus and choose the best.


Wedding clutch

A fancy wedding clutch can make a splendid gift. Gift her a stunning clutch that would remind her of you, each time she carries it.


Personalized sister bracelet

Gift her a bracelet with some short love message, written for sister. This one is a cute idea and one of the sweet wedding gifts for sisters from brothers.


Custom cutting board

A custom made cutting board with a personalized message, would not only make her miss you every day, but it would also be quite useful practically.


A custom frame

Capture her most precious moments from the nuptial and get them displayed in an elegant frame. To make it more personalized, paste a wedding invitation card, along with the pictures.


Upgrade her space!

As she is going to move in her new house right after wedding, play your part for her new home’s décor. Gift her some decoration item like a painting, lamp shades or personalized cushion covers.


Her wedding album

Wrapped in a splendid cover, storing all her precious moments, her wedding album would surely leave her in awe and surprise (as soon as she returns from honeymoon).