Creative Wedding Giveaways Ideas – Top 20 Items to Preserve Memories


You want your wedding to be special and unique, full of magic and joy – and, most importantly, you want everyone to enjoy it to the max and create amazing memories. And what better way to preserve those memories with the help of creative wedding giveaways ideas? There is a massive range of wedding favors out there these days, so finding unique giveaways can be a challenge in a saturated market. Check out our curated collection of lovely giveaways that any wedding guest would love to take home!

Creative Wedding Giveaways Ideas – Top 20 Items to Preserve Memories

The Witty Hangover Kit

If you’re looking for wedding giveaways on the fun and witty side, then this hangover kit is a perfect choice! With some much needed meds, instant coffee and a few vitamins, it’s just what your guests will need after some crazy wedding partying!

The Perfect Match

Matches are the perfect match when it comes to creative yet useful wedding favors – check out these girly pastel pink matches in the prettiest box, just perfect for a wedding that features this pretty color.

A Musical USB

Some of the most amazing wedding giveaways ideas come from the musical field, since they can offer that sought-after romantic vibe with just a few notes or lyrics. A USB is not only a useful device, but perfect to preserve your favorite wedding songs.

Playlist CDs

Another musical idea that’s equally charming: wedding playlist CDs! Offer your guests these lovely CDs with your playlist and pack them up in vintage packaging for an extra dosage of charm!

Cute Parasols

A summer wedding is not complete without a few ways and items that can help your guests combat the heat, whether it’s the case of shades, fans or… parasols! These adorable little umbrellas are perfect in case you are opting for an outdoors summer wedding, be it the case of a beach ceremony or a reception near a wedding tent.

Homemade Soap

There are a few handmade items you can offer your wedding guests in order to make sure your wedding is as personalized and as unique as possible – and one of those items are perfumed soaps that are made with love!

Chocolates and Kisses

There are few other symbols that represent a wedding better than a kiss! And who can say no to chocolate? Combine kisses and chocolates in the most successful way by offering your family and friends a pack of these lovely treats!

Olive Plates

A great way to make sure your guests will remember your wedding is to offer them something they can use daily. And an olive plate for appetizers or breakfast time does just that!

S’mores Ingredients

Who can say no to a good old s’more? Offer your friends and loved ones a little pack including the ingredients for the best s’mores out there! Perfect when the sweet tooth kicks in!

Global Bottle Openers

Ideal for the traveling couple, these bottle openers are another one of those wedding giveaways ideas that are both practical and appealing. Offer them to your guests at the end of the night as a souvenir to remember your love by!

Recipe Cards

Print out your favorite recipes in order to offer them to your guests at the end of your wedding reception. A great favor to have and use time after time!

Lace Tambourines

For the musical couple, these vintage-inspired tambourines are the perfect wedding favor. Unique, quirky and creative, perfect for a couple that wants to stand out in a sea of chocolatey wedding favors.

Homemade Lip balms

If you’re wondering about the perfect gifts for your guests considering your wedding is during the coldest season, then these lip balms will surely deserve your attention! Useful, perfumed and with sweet packaging, they make excellent choices.

Granola Packs

The health-conscious couples may want to say no to chocolates, pies and cake pops as wedding favors – so what other edible choices are out there? Granola packs!

The Perfect Blend

Coffee is another one of those wedding giveaways ideas that are loved by all – being one of the most successful edible favors regardless of event, coffee makes a great gift as it can be easily packed in lovely little jars, customized with unique labels.

Cool Shades

Another favorite when it comes to summer wedding favor ideas: shades! Don’t get blinded by all the love, so use some cool shades for protection!

Pretty Succulents

Trendy succulents have never looked as cute as in these favors: check out their small silver containers and minimalistic name tags!

Seed Packs

Make love grow with these tiny seed packs – combine your favorite floral seeds or include herbs and veggies as well! Offer them to your guests and let them enjoy the harvest in their meals.

Summer Wedding Fans

When it comes to wedding giveaways ideas that are actually needed during a hot summer wedding, few make the cut. But these pretty paper fans will definitely delight your family and friends on a torrid day!

Custom Ceramic Plates

Have your names and wedding date engraved on small ceramic plates your guests can later use as jewelry storage or as simple decorative items in their homes.