20 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas


From dresses to flowers and from venues to the cake – modern weddings require lots of attention to the details. And these days, no wedding is complete without this particular element: the guestbook! Whether you want something simple or something totally over the top, you need to pick a guestbook that merges perfectly with your wedding theme and style. Not sure where to start? Here’s our curated list of creative wedding guest book ideas your guests will actually want to sign:

20 Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

The Time Capsule Guest Book

A little tin box or a wooden container, keeping safe your wedding wishes from the loved ones? Add to that the instruction of opening it one year later to the day for an extra element of excitement on your first wedding anniversary.

Vinyl Guest Book

You and your loved one are fans of music – so much so that you would love to incorporate a musical element in your party décor. And what better way is there than opting for a vinyl guestbook, where guests can leave their best wishes?

The Quilt with Messages

Being crafty defines you and you certainly love a good DIY project? Then a quilt guestbook may be a fun idea for you: let your family and friends sign and offer you their best on something you’ll use and hold near every day!

Plates and Platters

If you already opted for a vintage style wedding with lots of romantic details, then this is one of those wedding guest book ideas that need your attention: plates and platters can serve (literally) as your platform for best wishes and advice.

Vintage Postcards

And since we’re already in the vintage / nostalgic area, then how about some gorgeous old postcards on which guests would be inspired to write meaningful messages?

Message in a Bottle

A classic, but creative idea at the same time. Get a large glass bottle and some shabby paper for an authentic effect and invite your friends to write their advice and congrats in this unique way!

The Jenga Block Guest Book

Another hip version of a guestbook: the jenga blocks! This great two-in-one deal can be, at the same time, a game you can play and a memory lane to enjoy with your loved one after your wedding day.

The Picnic Table

Another functional guest book idea: get or create a small picnic table and allow your guests to customize it with their best wishes. Enjoy a nice picnic brunch while reading the messages from your wedding day!

A Guest Book of Stones

One of the trendiest wedding guest book ideas comes from the organic area: stones! Earthy, natural and even free – all you need is an equally natural wooden box and an invitation for your guests’ signatures.

A Guestbook of Seashells

One particularly gorgeous guest book setting can be achieved with the help of seashells – and they work even better if you’re having a beach wedding or an ocean-inspired theme.

The Date Jar

A jar, ice-cream sticks (or regular cards), a pen and an instruction print are all you need to obtain this creative alternative to the classic guest book.

The Polaroid Guest Book

This mixed-media guest book idea is more complex, but highly entertaining both for you and the guests. Let your family and friends capture some fun moments and write their best wishes on their photos.

The Map Guest Book

Either painted or vintage from an old atlas, the map guest book looks pretty and serves the purpose of a traditional guest book – and it is especially fitting if you and your love like to travel.

The Traveling-Lovers’ Guest Book

One of the perfectest wedding guest book ideas for the traveling couple is opting for postcards from around the world instead of a classic notebook. Guests can pick their favorite destination to write their congrats!

The iPad Messages

A video message instead of a written one? Why not? Enjoy the perks of modern technology on your Big Day, too!

Love Letters to the Newlyweds

Little envelopes, equally cute cards and a sweet message from your family and friends – what more could you ask for?

The Puzzle Guestbook

Puzzles can be a great option if you want to offer your guests an additional wedding activity. Combine that with sweet notes from friends, and you’ve got an ideal way to save memories.

The Advice Box

If you want something more than simple signatures or congrats and best wishes, then you might be tempted to give this idea a go: the advice box! Instead of repetitive messages, your guests can write pearls of wisdom from their experience in order to help you and your love on this new journey.

Hearts in a Jar

Another one of those romantic, yet always classic wedding guest book ideas: using little hearts instead of paper cards for lovely messages. You can opt for wooden ones in order to obtain a display-worthy guest book.

The Birdcage Guestbook

This romantic idea looks pretty in any type of wedding and serves the classic purpose of a guest book, with an extra dosage of charm and romanticism.