20 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


Your wedding is approaching and you still haven’t decided on the best hairstyle for your very long hair – a hairdo that would enhance your features, stay in place and match perfectly with your dress and wedding theme. If you’re looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair, our list is the best place to start; from updos to beachy waves, ponytails and half-updos, we’ve got it all.

20 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Looped Waterfall

This unique haistyle is original, you can combine these large loops with different styles of waves – from glamorous to bohemian or even with your favorite updo.

The Faux Bob

Long hair is highly versatile, which is always a plus. So if you’re slightly bored of your long locks and want to surprise your guests on the big day, then opt for a faux bob – some will definitely gasp thinking you’ve cut your hair, but, regardless, this hairstyle is very chic and old glamour-like.

The Faux Hawk

Staying in the ‘faux’ area, here’s another style that mimics a different do: the Faux Hawk with an added braid and a lot of volume on top – perfect for an edgy bride!

Polished Retro Waves

With no frizzy hair in sight and nothing out of place, this elegant retro hairstyle is perfect if you want a flawless, polished look for your wedding day, to match your equally sophisticated wedding dress.

High Ponytail

A ponytail on your wedding day? Surely, among so many available wedding hairstyles for long hair, a ponytail may seem like a simple choice, but not this retro-inspired one with retro waves and a lot of volume!

Bohemian Messy Waves

Some prefer the polished look and other brides like the effortless styles best. If you’re a true bohemian at heart, then this hairstyle, messy waves paired with a flower crown in pretty pastels, is a stunning choice.

The Ballerina Bun

Clearly a classic choice, the ballerina bun is simple, sophisticated and always elegant. This is a refined hairstyle that will certainly never go out of fashion, so definitely no cringing when browsing through your wedding album in a few years!

The Waterfall Braid with Curls

This romantic hairstyle is perfect if you’re a fan of soft waves that aren’t perfectly in place, yet not messy either. The thin braid adds an element of effortless chicness to this breezy style.

Milkmaid Braids

You’ll need long hair to achieve perfect milkmaid braids and since you’ve already got that covered, this hairstyle deserves your attention: cute, Lolita-like and in perfect cohesion with a rustic wedding. This is also one trendy choice at the moment.

The Fishtail Side Braid

Side hairstyles and braids are two top choices when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair – and combining them in one romantic hairstyle is nothing but perfect! Opt for this fishtail side braid if you’re looking for an easy and feminine style.


There are few hairstyles that suit every single face shape, but the half-up will flatter virtually anyone, whether you’ve got a long or square face, a high forehead and wide-set eyes. This versatile hairstyle is another one of those classics that will always remain a popular choice among brides.

Soft Curls with a Twist

Instead of a braid, pick a twist in order to complete your soft curls look. This is an easy-to-achieve hairstyle you actually don’t need a hairdresser for!

The Infinity Knot

You find simple buns too boring, so you’re determined to find a special style that is still very elegant and refined. So how about an infinity knot bun? What other symbol could represent this special day better than the infinity sign?

The Braided Updo

One of the most popular styles this year is the braided updo, which can look quite elaborate and intricate with long hair like yours. Opt for this trendy style if you’ve got thick hair that needs to be tamed down.

The Vintage Updo

If you’re looking for retro inspired wedding hairstyles for long hair, this glamorous look is achieved with lots of determination and hairspray, but it is certainly worth it – especially if you’ve got an oval face and a delicate neckline.

Voluminous Waves

Sexy bombshell hair on your wedding day? Definitely! This seductive hairstyle flatters everyone and can’t really go wrong – all you’ll need is lot of hair (or lots of extensions) and a thick curling iron.

The Topsy Turvy Braid

An alternative braiding style with lots of charm and personality, easy to manage and to achieve? YES! Plus points: this bohemian hairstyle is flattering and perfect for a wide range of face shapes.

The Side Ponytail

We’ve already decided that ponytail is a great and easy choice for your big day. A side ponytail is full of romanticism, especially if paired with a floral hairpin.


One of the most regal wedding hairstyles for long hair is definitely the chignon, which is a polished updo worthy of a princess and perfect for long, straight hair and flattering to heart-shaped faces.

Tousled Waves

Romantic, feminine, effortless – this hairstyle has it all! As it flatters all faces shapes, features and even all ages, this stylish choice is gaining its spot on the forever-fashionable wedding hairstyles list.